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  1. K

    Looking for new admirers

    Hi I’m Kai my Snapchat is sunflowerbunny8 I would love new people to join i post alot of exciting erotic content on my story. I’m (trans) gender non-conforming she/he.
  2. B

    Video Anyone have this video from ts4straight called "College Athlete" ?

    Anyone have the video called "College Athlete" from Ts4straight ? Or knows where i can find it ?
  3. asiaerotic

    Video of me jerking

    Here’s a video of me jerking my t girl dick ;)
  4. B

    Looking to play with a big trans cock Raleigh NC

    Always wanted to play with a trans cock in the raleigh area hmu nsa thanks
  5. D

    Post nudes

    Let's get this jerk sesh started. I'll go first
  6. D

    Post op trans

    Hey there post op trans looking for some friends and some delicious cocks please post pics if you can.
  7. D

    I'm Jessica Sweet. Rate me.

  8. FemFerris

    Trans woman 23. Recently came out

    Good evening. Recently came out as trans. Just looking to explore and chat with anyone. I’ve always wanted to get to know and form a relationship with a dom. <3
  9. N

    Whats the name of this gay pornstar in Ts4straight only fans?

    I read a thread before about this gay pornstar. Can someone identify who he is? https://www.cambro.tv/414098/ts4straight-flip-flop-f-ck-w-gay-pornstar-backstory-when-i-first-met-him-i-thought-he-was-a-model-onlyfans-xxx-videos/
  10. H


    Starting a thread of @adamcyrus5 from twitter
  11. JSS.JLk

    Top Transwoman here to answer some questions

    I am a Transwoman (who prefers to only TOP) I would gladly answer some questions. I can give answers to my experience in The Sex Industry (over 10 yrs) and I have been Fully Transitioned over 10yrs ago. I just got married to a very young guy (5/13/22) and am still active in the Sex Industry. I...
  12. runfortyfour

    Would you consider connecting with a fem boy before, through, then after their medical MtF gender-affirmation transition?

    I was born male and exclusively attracted to men, but consider myself transquestioning more than a gay man. I do not have pronounced traditional or stereotypical masculine characteristics by Western standards (perhaps—excuse the oversimplification—in part because I am mixed Asian) and my...
  13. D

    19 year old trans girl

    hey I’m kinda new to all this but I wanted to show some of my onlyfans pics ❣️
  14. H

    Raven shaddows/Fotr Content search!

    I'm looking for her content that is rare. A good portion of her early videos are missing on her Xhamster. Xtube that she had the website went away. Taking her early work with it. Also there is work of hers that she never posted on any site that im aware of. i will put examples in this post I...
  15. xLukeThomas


    Post the hottest shemales you can find!!! I want to see!!!
  16. H

    Links MTF trans new onlyfans

    Hello I’ve made an onlyfans just testing the water to see if anyones interested OnlyFans
  17. miahgenesis

    im trans and im felling gonna be alone forever

    maybe because I'm transexual and this society is not ready for people like me but I feel I'm going to be alone forever even though I'm sexy and small I'm 4'5 I'm really petite but I never had a boyfriend or a serious relationship I'm really sexual and love sex, but I want to fall in love I...
  18. A

    super big dick trans dominique rystan

    I Think he was Dominic Rystan
  19. N

    Thick long BWC only looking for crossdressers/trans/cis women or hot wives, 20 year old throbbing white cock in south suburbs of chicago

    I have a veiny thick hard BWC very heavy cummer age 20 year old, looking for CD/trans women or a cuckold hot wife or single mother looking to fuck in the south suburbs, PM me or kik me at nicksant40 PS - I am a Top
  20. miahgenesis

    I am a transwoman new here

    hello new here Wanna talk with guys from USA UK or Ireland I love Canadian and European guys too :D
  21. H

    Any trans women wanna chat?

    Any real, down to earth ,trans women on here tonight or ever, hahaha, and wanna kick this boredom?! Talk to you soon….. ?
  22. H

    Any Trans women on and want to chat??

    Any real, down to earth ,trans women on here tonight or ever, hahaha, and wanna kick this boredom?! Talk to you soon….. ?
  23. K

    Smooth Trans wanna have Fun in Antalya and London

    Hey, im 25y.o Trans. Any guys wanna have fun? I will be in London 1-4th and Antalya June 4- 12th. Hit me up PS: I have a very talented lips and smooth body. add me on snapchat: Skaiii3902 Kik: Skaiiilar
  24. M

    Man with tities

    I am a gay male that recently has lost weight but still has large breast. I don’t consider myself trans but I do love my breast and fill sexy when I gather them together and make them look like female breasts. Are there any guys that are into this?
  25. S

    Young CD slut looking to get used all night

    I am a sexy young sissy female cross dresser with a smooth juicy ass and want to get gangbanged and used all night. I am located between Englewood NJ and Harlem and looking to party all night. I am looking for guys who want to turn me out with their friends or at truckstops or anywhere else...
  26. D

    PLEASE educate me, conflicted about trans topic.

    Hi fam, I'm a gay man in my 20s. I grew up in a very small town surrounded by closed minded people, so when I got the chance to escape that hell I did and became as open, embracing and accepting as I could. Moving to a major city for school I finally accepted myself and my mental health...
  27. say995

    As a gay man,can you accept to have sex with a transgender woman and even get topped?

    It's like a question staying in my mind forever.I notice there seemingly more and more alleged gay performers and content creators have sex with transgender woman and mostly they are bottom.I don't know if they just collaborating or simply lying about sexuality.Either way regarding to me is...
  28. P

    Trans Sounding and Urethral Play

    I love this topic! Wondering what else people are seeing out there… Here are a couple of my favorites:
  29. R

    Favorite Transman (Polling)

    Let's vote who is the hottest FTM pornstar!
  30. C

    Looking for

    Does anyone have the links to all her videos? She's my fave transwoman and I love her videos especially with him. Found 4 of her videos but they're private and could not be viewed by the general public. Checking if you have the links, please? Thank you so much.