1. M

    Liu Chang AKA Liu Gang (Asian Trans loving guy)

    I absolutely adore this passionate guy! He gives 110% every scene and he loves it! Liu Chang and Liu Gang are the only name I could find for him, are there any other names he preforms under? Does he come from "straight" porn? Has he done any "gay" scenes?
  2. S

    Angélica Castro

    Does anyone have her full Onlyfans? She's on Fansy now but I'm not sude about it....
  3. S

    Teddyirma/Teddyasia/Asia La Porca/ Asia La vacca

    Hello everyone! Once upon a time there was an Italian trans girl named Teddyirma, her real name is Asia Fang. She had a wonderful Blog full of her sextape. Does anyone have some of those videos? Thank you
  4. miahgenesis

    I am a transwoman new here

    hello new here Wanna talk with guys from USA UK or Ireland I love Canadian and European guys too :D
  5. H

    Any trans women wanna chat?

    Any real, down to earth ,trans women on here tonight or ever, hahaha, and wanna kick this boredom?! Talk to you soon….. ?
  6. P

    Trans Sounding and Urethral Play

    I love this topic! Wondering what else people are seeing out there… Here are a couple of my favorites:
  7. C

    Dick xxx

    Rate my dick
  8. Blades25

    I'm Dating A Trans Person: Am I Homosexual?

    Hello everyone! The title of the topic is not a question for me but a question from a relative of mine who has been dating a transgender girl for 6 months. He knew she is trans from the beginning, he admits he started non to have a relationship but to "have an experience" and then he fell in...