1. V

    Photo Id this guy

    Can anyone help me Id this guy? I've been seeing pictures of him for many years, but I've never found his name. Some Tumblr reposts make me think he used to post there. He has these two photos with pages written "not fake lol" and "ehren". I think he is hot as fuck.
  2. W

    Tracy Luther (thetracyluther / readytoplaygod)

    Anyone have more on him? Because wow
  3. Q

    Can somebody help me find this guy

    Hey people! I've seen many similar posts around here so i thought i could give it a shot. Some years i saw a video of a guy dancing really sexy. The guy had a striped sweater and a hat on. (Image added). I finally found the video again and it seemed to be a tumblr video. I guess it actually is a...
  4. S


    Does anyone know anything of him? He used to have a blog on Tumblr but I don't know if he had any other social media!
  5. Run_DMC93

    Photo Tumblr closing adult content (upload yours here)

    As many of you may have seen already, Tumblr has decided to ban all adult content from its site starting on the 17th December 2018, to further it's appeal to a large audience. Keep this thread active by uploading your favourite photos and videos that you have seen on Tumblr over the years!
  6. D

    Tumblr alternatives

    So with Tumblr officially banning porn and using an algorithm to auto remove all porn starting 12/17. What will the new alternative. I loved having my 1000s of like posts and all favorites I reblogged. Soon it will all be gone. Any other apps out there that allow porn in a endless scroll...
  7. DarkOverlord

    My tumblr

    Log in | Tumblr Here is a link to my Tumblr if you like to browse a gay porn/male form appreciation blog. My own pics and vids can be searched under #me. I’d love to hear what you think of my little corner of the web. Has anyone else got a Tumblr of similar content I should be following?