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    Long Shot - Help Find Vid/gif

    Ok so long shot here but does anyone from the tumblr days remember a post of a gif where a guy medium dark skin (possibly Latino or black?) with black hair and goatee. In the gif he is walking out of a room in what I assume is a home - he is naked post shower with a (blue?) towel around his...
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    Artifacts Of Tumblr

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    Henry hamasaki tumblr

    Who managed to download his clips from tumblr before he took his page down? He and his brother, Damien Hamasaki have the hottest blogs on tumblr. I somehow got 1 of Henry’s clip and would love to see more.
  4. het2roflexible9

    Photo Formerly allmonstercocksblog.tumblr.com

    I will be uploading a bunch of my pics and videos from my ever so popular tumblr that was torn down by The new Christian run Tumblr. So keep checking back here to see some of the most AMAZING pics and vids of some of the most jaw dropping dicks you've ever seen. Thanks