1. E

    Help ID this South Asian or Turkish guy

    Found on YouTube but with no name. The channel is based in India/Pakistan but image search suggests he may be Turkish.
  2. A

    Can Aksu

    Beautiful Turkish man. I didn’t see a thread of him so I made one. I particularly like his chest. Don’t think there’s much on him besides what he posts on tiktok but I just wanted to appreciate his body.
  3. sojourner01

    Photos & Videos Ibra Maz (IG: ibramazz)

  4. M

    Sssap on cam4

    Hey everybody! Can someone do me a favor who has videos/can download videos of this man? His links: His cam4 account Webcam archiver Off-cams Males-cam Thanks ❤️
  5. Peter_haller

    Photos & Videos Egeukan Ig and Tiktok

    Este chico tiene un buen cuerpo, es turco, suele hacer bailes con tonos eroticos pero que dejan volar la imaginación. Si tienes fotos o videos de el no dudes en postearlos. This boy has a good body, he is Turkish, he usually does dances with erotic tones but that let the imagination fly. If...
  6. B

    Photo Someone know who is this guy?

    I have this pic in my album, but I have always wanted to know who he is :sob: He's so handsome.
  7. P

    Fatih_ked @ insta

    Hot Turkish Bodybuilder from Muinch
  8. A

    Kerem Alışık Fakes, Edits, AI, And Illustrations

    A thread dedicated to Kerem Alisik who played Ali Rahmet Fekeli . https://twitter.com/KaynerLord/status/1659592302774435849 Fekeli proud to be your sub husband
  9. G

    Photos & Videos Wael75 (4) / Wael_habibi75

    He Is on many hot Arab threads but doesn't have one of his own despite being around since 2019 He is Lebanese and works at an hospital near Paris. He is known for dirty sex with ((hot) Black and) Arabs fucking him. That being said most of them are paid or unaware of being recorded. Here is a...
  10. C

    Furkan cakmak

    Another turkish influencer who's nudes I neeeeeed to seeeee. Something tells me he's packing a big one such a fucking gorgeous man
  11. C

    Ertugrul kotan/samet kardesler/oguzhan sahbaz

    Unlikely! But anything on these turkish influencers? They're so hot I can't cope and need to see the nudes
  12. Whatever001

    Help ID this streamer

    Does anyone recognize this streamer? I tried searching this image on google but no name pops up
  13. Welshcupid44

    Josh Cem (I Kissed a Boy s1)

    His Onlyfans drops tonight 7pm UK time - set your alarms to get subbing boys. PS. his follows this thread and others so no leaks only discussion please
  14. B

    Turkish snap

    Turkler, snaplesmek isteyenler eklesin Bulgelv90
  15. Whatever001

    ID this streamer

    Who is this guy, what's his name and does anyone have xxx pics or vids of him? Thanks
  16. V

    Aras Bulut İynemli (Turquish Actor)

    Aras Bulut İynemli (born 25 August 1990) is a Turkish actor. Considered as one of the most talented and highest paid Turkish actors, he is best known for his performances in As Time Goes by (2010–2013), Magnificent Century (2013–2014), Insider (2016–2017), The Pit (2017–2021), Miracle in Cell...
  17. L

    GloryholeBerlin / @Tomwaits18 (on twitter)

    justfor.fans/GloryholeBerlin This guy is just absolutely amazing. He blows any horny Arabs, Turks and blacks in his Berlin apartment. The guys are really hot and apparently also straight. Unfortunately, you won't find that much of his videos. If you have videos, feel free to share them here. I...
  18. L

    ASMR Mehmet OnlyFans

    Turkish ASMRtist "ASMR Mehmet" has recently opened an OnlyFans account, featuring fully nude male massages, and he even hinted that his future content will include sex videos too. I thought I'd make a thread for us all to discuss his content, both on YouTube and on OnlyFans! He's seeming like a...
  19. L

    Emircan ASMR OnlyFans

    YouTube ASMRtist Emircan (https://www.youtube.com/@Emircanasmr) has JUST started an OnlyFans page (OnlyFans) today! Emircan is a gorgeous Turkish barber/masseur, with incredibly hot guests on his channel. He hasn't explained in detail what kind of content will be on his OnlyFans - whether it's...
  20. Liberace 69

    Help ID Turkish Twink

    Can anyone help me find this Turkish Twink please who's the top the other pornstar is Yklorena if that helps Thanks
  21. Liberace 69

    Help identify Turkish Twink

    Can anyone help me find this Turkish Twink please who's the top hes fucking pornstar Yklorena also Turkish
  22. F

    Onur Bay

    Gorgeous turkish actor
  23. O

    Turkish Male celebs feet

    Aras Bulut İynemli big feet
  24. UmutIkaya1

    Burakoezk IG/ Buraklan TikTok

    German/Turkish Insta model and Tiktoker Burak. Since he's always promoting to join his "private story" on Snapchat I was wondering if anyone got anything on him.
  25. B

    vlad - @ccaligulaa on twitter

    This Turkish hottie started OF a few weeks ago. He has a huge dick. Anyone subscribed? His OF: OnlyFans twitter: https://twitter.com/ccaligulaa
  26. E

    ID this Middle Eastern bodybuilder

    Anyone know who this is?
  27. Y

    onur seyit yaran (turkish actor)

    he is so hot, would love to see more
  28. Silverskin

    Furkan Er - Turkish Bodybuilder

  29. B

    Burak Özçivit, Turkish Actor

    He's a famous actor from Turkey, it's weird how he didn't have his own thread, so here it is!
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