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  1. J

    Can someone identify him?

    https://twitter.com/davidbzrra_/status/1664449717697142784 Brazilian tweet with a bunch of replies but apparently everyone already knows who this is and refuses to say. Can someone help me out here?
  2. rife01

    Zak Maoui (GQ UK Editor)

    Zak is such a cutie.
  3. Maikel

    Logan Pettit (and Tayte)

    I thought I'd start a thread for him since he is so hot but he don't really appear in any of his husband's OF. His insta is @loganpettit and his husband is @accidentallyaaron
  4. P

    Leo Heredia

    Any nudes of this gorgeous South American hunk?
  5. 400luxxx

    Photos & Videos Angel Robles

    Pseudo-modelo mexicano (del que hay muchos rumores corriendo aca en el estado de sonora, de donde es el tambien :eyes:)
  6. R

    Brandon Antonio - actor/singer/dancer on bway

    SOOO this very cute actor made his Bway debut a few months ago and I NEEEED to know if anyone out there has any pics/vids :D Just found out about him a few weeks ago. Instagram TikTok YouTube Andd it looks like he is also doing some sort of stripping fundraiser for BC/EFA? Anyone see anything...
  7. 3

    Help identifying twink with ripped six pack abs - model from FamilyTwinks.com

    Need help ID-ing the twink from this video: "Twink Grandson With Ripped Abs Sex With Hunk During Stay Over" Twink Grandson With Ripped Abs Sex With Hunk During Stay Over He's suuuuper fucking hot and I'd love to find more of him. The website is www.familytwinks.com, but I didn't see him in...
  8. heisenbergwhite1

    Blake Manning

    Extremely hot American tiktoker / model, turned 18 on April 15th and hasn't posted anything since then yet.
  9. H

    Conor's world - @conorsworld

    hey guys, anybody has something on this guy? He seems a damn cute little twunk. He also has twitter @conorsworld. Maybe somebody from here subscribed to his Onlyfans? Is it worth it?
  10. L

    Don's Audition in Spunkworthy

    I have a crush with Don. How can't you not like him tho He is cute, got hairy body (I love the decent amount of that hair on his whole body), tattoo on bis chest is just a good art and suitable place to put it on, smooth butt and of course that 8 inches long and a thick 6 inches around of that...
  11. S

    Need help with ID-ing this hunk

    I received several unrelated random videos from a friend and this was one of them. We have no idea who this hunk is. Any help?
  12. I


    Anyone got anything new on this big dicked, thirst trap twunk?
  13. D

    Maxime Gentges (belgian gymnast)

    He is pure perfection
  14. S


    Anything on him?
  15. L

    Got anything on this really hot twink? @fabzlan @vzltwnk

    He’s rlly hot n got a Twitter but doesn’t really show much on it. Anyone got anything on him from his of? Plsss
  16. L

    Photos & Videos Gerardo Panzo

    Hello, so around oct 2021 i discovered this hot hunk called "Gerardo Panzo", he's from mexico and had videos fucking a twink but i never got them, if anyone has more media from him please reply, i only have these 2 photos.
  17. C

    Ben Thompson (British Model)

    This guy is stunning. From the UK. His Instagram is: Ben (@ben.thompson3) • Instagram photos and videos Anyone have anything on him?
  18. Jody_w

    Renato LJ

    This Brazilian guy has such a beautiful face and body. Comes across like a nice guy...just living a lovely life with his boyfriend and dog in Sydney, Australia. renato__lj on Instagram. Anyone got any more?
  19. D

    Hamish James

    Ooph this random bodybuilder dude is hot
  20. P

    Photos & Videos Agustin Bajda - Tiktoker Boliviano

    Alguna filtración o algo hot sobre el ??
  21. 3

    UFC Fighter - Cameron Saaiman - South African Dreamy TWUNK

    22yo UFC fighter from South Africa Love him! Please share what you have!
  22. G

    sethpetersonxxx and connerblakely

    Do someone has the full videos from his onlyfans
  23. JockWorshiper

    Vinny Foti, ex reality star

    Anyone else have updates on him? He has an OF, curious how he’s doing. His prime days on tv he looked really good.
  24. T

    Pjotr Rozinga

    Instagram: @pjotr.rozinga
  25. B

    Links Can someone ID this hunky top fucking a tatted bottom?

    Who is this muscular top? He's so hot! Asian Big Dick Deep Penetration Gay Muscles Tattoo tattedphysique Porn GIF by joseph090
  26. B

    Links Can somebody ID this hot top fucking bareback?

    Who is this hunk? He's so sexy Bareback Big Dick Gay Porn GIF by codyrey_erotica
  27. Shirleyurjoking

    Please ID these two hotties

    Anyone know who these two are and where i could find the rest of the video? It's incredibly hot
  28. 3

    Mikey Musumeci - Ripped Italian BJJ Twunk

    Mikey Musumeci - 26 Years old from NJ, USA Jiu-jitsu athlete, 4X World Champion Also incredibly ripped and cute as fuck. Love him!
  29. 3

    rivermxxn / river_mxxn Skinny 19 yo Twink w/ Huge 9 inch Cock

    Probably one of the hottest, biggest dicks I've seen this year, on a cute 19 year old twink body with abs. So far his OnlyFans content is pretty much the same as Twitter, but maybe he will increase the quality in the future. Twitter: @rivermxxn Onlyfans: @river_mxxn
  30. C

    Help ID this fat assed blue eyed hunk

    Saw this pic in the “give me a v” thread and he is sooooo fine and I gotta know who he is