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  1. potato1919

    Isaias, TT @Sighsaias // IG @Sigh_Saias

    SO Surprised this guy hasn't gotten his own thread yet!! ‍ What a man :weary_face:
  2. A


    OnlyFans Anyone have anything on him? Sexy hairy twunk and from what i know is verse
  3. U

    Links Who is this hot guy?

  4. 3

    Photos & Videos MMA/BJJ Fighter Kody Steele

    Another very cute twunk with an amazing physique.
  5. 3

    Photo UFC Fighter Alexander Hernandez

    I totally have a thing for this man, very twinky and young-looking, but also absolutely ripped and muscle-bound. If anyone else shares finds him hot, feel free to post!
  6. U

    joshuasaunders__ Bodybuilder

    Anyone have anything on this hunk? Instagram is joshuasaunders__
  7. A


    OnlyFans https://mobile.twitter.com/HotSwitchy Pretty sexy guy and hes had an onlyfans for a while, idk about what he posts but his twitter is nice though
  8. B

    Video ID this hot Asian twunk being fucked

    Can somebody ID this hot tanned Asian twunk being fucked by a white daddy for me please? Thanks!
  9. P

    itsbenhood on instagram

    Anyone got anything on this guy? He's really hot https://www.instagram.com/itsbenhood/?hl=en https://twitter.com/itsbenhood/media Heard he has a alt twitter, anyone know it?
  10. L

    Help me identify this handsome guy

    Does anyone know who this is? He's so fucking handsome D:
  11. B

    Photos & Videos LUKE ABBY (hung ph)

    new york/berlin based horse hung little twunk photographer&director VERYraunchy ♥ https://www.instagram.com/lukeabby/
  12. R

    Mikey O’brien

    @mikeymaybeme on instagram and tik tok. College wrestler turned viral weightlifter with a crazy body and thick thighs. anyone have anything on him?
  13. Evds

    21M bisexual first post

    Hey everyone. Im 21 yo bi guy. I love going to the gym and showing off of course. Follow me on twitter [at]athleticboy10
  14. A

    Cheshireboy onlyfans

    Does anyone have anything else on this guy? His twitter has a bunch of photos but doesnt often post vids to twitter and keeps them all on his onlyfans
  15. W

    ID Request: Help find more of hunky young twink Prince from Studpups?

    There's a porn website called Studpups.com. It's mostly solos, with a small number of "two guys" videos that don't seem to involve a lot of sex. The site seems to be the latest project of the guy behind StraightCollegeMen.com, if you remember that site. The vast majority of its videos are...
  16. Melchoir1776


    I’m obsessed with this guy. Anyone else?
  17. S

    Links Dnkkplan: does anyone know this guy?

    I used to follow this dude on Instagram, but his acc suddenly disappeared. Also, I’m not sure if he’s a fake, since there was another instagram acc with amounts of followers that used his pics as well. Long story short, he is so hot and I’m wondering if anyone knows wether he’s a fake or not...
  18. A

    Deric Netzer

    Does anyone one have any porn videos or pics of this guy @ntzer ??? He looks like he absolute hammer
  19. D

    Random Twunk Intro

    Well, 've been here for some time, and just realized I've never introduce myself Just looking for new friends, love to meet new people... (Im terrible at this)
  20. B

    Need Help Identifying

    Does anybody know if he’s done porn before? He looks familiar but can’t remember who he did it for or what his name was.
  21. bigboaster

    Jaytwnk (jasenmansfield) - Cute Ass Twunk

    Discovered this cutie from the twt gays thread and decided he deserved his own thread too. No onlyfans page (yet....) but hopefully he makes one. I would def sub real quick. https://www.instagram.com/jasenmansfield/ https://twitter.com/jaytwnk
  22. LenB33

    Photo Bories Yong Aka @borics_younkk On Insta

    I'm slightly surprised that no-one on here seems to have discovered this Malaysian muscle cutie. I love his huge pecs and broad shoulders, but I'm also very into how he can be handsome and intense, but also very sweet and cute in how he presents himself. He's a stocky, muscular pocket twunk...
  23. N

    Vangroenn On Instagram (@vangroenn) Fashion Photographer

  24. Jacob Ericson

    Photos & Videos 9teen Boy Gay Fuck For Big Dildo

    Does anyone remember this video? If so, do you know where to find it? I have a link from xvideos but the video has been removed and I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone seen it on Twitter or elsewhere? Or does someone know who it is? I’m grateful for anything guys!
  25. S

    Photos & Videos Doggyboys/boysfox/teenboysstudio

    Hi all, Apparently there's no thread on this gay porn studio yet so I thought it would be good if we could share some content here.
  26. O

    Video Id This Twunk

    Anyone know who this is? Twinks & Twinks with Dads: Cute twink caught in… ThisVid.com
  27. S

    J00st Schmidt Twunk On German Radio

    Anything on him? He's 24, gay and radio host for SWR.
  28. U

    Links Who Are These Twunks/twinks?

    sexy young boy Does anyone knows their name? La mejor Mamada | Instagram: @robinxbi
  29. R

    Dinkmc95 Aka Din.kimochi95

    One of the hottest guys I've ever seen but his Twitter is full of INTENSE fisting videos that I don't think are of him. Does anyone have any nudes of this cutie? His IG is @dinkmc95
  30. R

    Lewis Noden 2.0

    Anything new on him? ♥️