1. pharaoh44onearth

    "Undressed" (the hot global tv show)

    Hey all, I'm sure many of you have heard of the show "Undressed" there is an italian one, a UK one (which i realllllly wanna see and can't find anywhere outside of amazon prime where u must pay but i am also in portugal lol, any help), there is an australian version and a french to my...
  2. pharaoh44onearth

    Does anyone have any eps on Undressed UK? anyone a fan of the show?

    Videos and pics here to see what i mean I can't find any episodes online of the TLC UK one featured in these videos though... but fk there are tones of hot guys like these on it... aired around 2016\2017 i think
  3. 1

    Dressed Vs Undressed

    post me the most beautiful guys of instagram and Twitter, dressed version and totally naked version ... selfie or portrait no matter! The hottest guys only ... thanks