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  1. Youngcub98


    I found this hot guy on webcam site "Stripchat" and I was hooked. He is and police officer I think or works in a police department as he is in his uniform often when online. He is Arab, and 22 y/o, he can speak Spanish and Arabic. He is very hairy, and has like a dad bod, very pretty face...
  2. cookiedough101

    Who’s this sexy black military guy?

    Found him on Twitter. Would love to know if he’s on OnlyFans or something.
  3. D

    Airline Pilots Underwear

    Got inspired by a hot pilot on my Delta flight today. I really wanted to know what underwear he wore. Was wondering if there were any airline pilots on here who would share what underwear they wear under their pilot uniform? What airline you fly with? If you feel comfortable sharing. Would love...
  4. Darpint_acknowledger

    Isai Ortiz

    This man needs his own thread, he’s started posting more risqué things recently. anyone have any nudes of his?
  5. M

    Showing off my mosterdick

  6. M

    Homoerotic onlyfans

    I'm a guy who does art porn on onlyfans. I post there a lot actually. Just putting myself out there
  7. Danter11

    @jordan.tousignant @mj.fitness

  8. NicHalliwell

    Photo ID?

  9. T

    Video Help Find the Original Video? Or Identify one of the actors?

  10. P

    Tyson Sonnek tysonnek

    US Marine Tyson Sonnek. How is he not on here already?! Quite a bit on Insta, and occasionally on Snapchat.
  11. M

    Who is this big booty military guy?

  12. Z

    Help identify vintage bondage scene

    Hi all. Can anyone please help identify where these pictures are from? I've been trying to find the source for years now. Thanks!
  13. B

    Photos & Videos Help ID Secret Service Sniper (SniperBae)

    Title says it all. Wondering if this guy is on any social media. The closest lead I have on him is the person in this thread claiming to know him:
  14. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Chav Scally Lads

  15. R

    Motorcop Chad Meets His Equal In Horseman Paul

    To say CHP officer Chad Hardon liked being a motorcycle cop was an understatement. Chad simply lived for it. As a youngster, in public school, he had joined the school patrol, helping fellow students at his school cross the busy street near his Los Angeles neighborhood school. The uniform he...
  16. DonMil

    Blue Collar Men

    There is something so sexy and manly when a man works with his hands. I've always been into blue collar guys. If your into blue collar guys show your love and post some of your favorite videos and pictures.
  17. Naughtyaugust

    Help Me!

    Hey guys! Someone who know something of this scene, please share me! I'm interested in this porn, but I cannot find even any full images of this. That's just an index picture from a porn pics browsing site.
  18. D


    OfficerB36 just started his onlyfans and has posted some great content to kick it off. He is a LEO so if uniform fetish is your thing.. I definitely would give it a follow. Also to boot he’s got a pierced cut cock! He has quite the following on Twitter already but appears he has things in the...
  19. D

    All Boys

    All the pictures is welcome in here
  20. A

    Need Help To Identify This Man

    Hello. I found pictures of this beautiful ranger on Tumblr. If someone can help me to find who is he, it would be very nice. The research about the name on the polaroïd was unsuccessfull. The only information i have is that these pictures were taken at the Denali National Park in Alaska
  21. Joshua.Martiny

    East La/ Montebello Straight In Uniform Or Suit!

    Looking for straight men in uniform or formal office wear. Would like to watch you stroke while your uniform is still on. I can give you a hand while you watch something on your phone. Can even meet at a public place, get off and go about our business and no one has to know! Not looking for...
  22. exposedtease

    Uniform (cops,army,navy,firefighters,air Force)

  23. J

    Military Men

    So recently the army has come to my town to practice for real life scenarios, and seeing them has made me so damn horny. Drop some photos, videos or links to hot soldiers and army men (can be ass, pecs/tits, cock, balls, jerking off, fingering, blowjobs, fucking and more)