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    The Day I Became Buss Down Bobby (Gay Erotica)

    Journal Entry: October 23, 2019 "The Bus Ride Home" Today will be a day that I will always remember, thanks to the events that happened on my way home while riding Metro route 86. I've been commuting to work by bus and back home for nearly 3 months now. All due to my lemon of a car finally...
  2. 1

    Photo Asian Nudist's Twitter

    I'm from Hong Kong and now working in Thailand. I enjoy being naked when I'm outside. I want to get in touch with other exhibitionists/ nudists/ photographers on Twitter for collaboration. My Twitter is HK15cmboy
  3. D

    Black Male Celeb You've Seen Naked In Person

    I am just curious to know if there is any black male celebrity you have seen naked in person. Either at a urinal peeing, gym showers/changing etc.
  4. Chadloveboy94

    Devin Trez

    This man is the definition of sex, his Twitter is @Dev_Trez...so hot.
  5. T

    Flightreacts (youtuber)

    anyone have anything on him