video chat

  1. Naughty Cock

    Cam Bros (18 - 29) - Mega Skype List for Str8 Buddies, Curious, and Gays

    Hi, men! Feel free to leave here your Skypes, group links, etc. Thread for guys who like to stroke/show off/compare, etc. looking to cam.
  2. J

    Jerk off group Video

    Anyone know of someone who host jerk of session through video? Or if anyone is interested lets starts one? I am 26 hispanic living in Colorado and want to have some fun.
  3. O

    Straight chat

    Ive searched for a year now and found next to nowhere for guys or girls into straight porn and live c2c solo/stroke/wank/fap to meet and connect. Even the few forums where this seems available restrict links or go nowhere when you attempt searching for someone who will do more than message for a...
  4. puppy_boy

    Discord Circle Jerk Server!

    No longer active.

    Will Video Chat Ever Be Back?

    Is there any way that we can get video chat working again, or sort of. Chatturbate i fun but really just a bunch of token whores there that want to be payed for every move...boreing...what u think?
  6. 2

    Best Cam Sites?

    does anyone know good sites to video cam with other gays without having to create an account (such as omegle, dirtyroulette, etc) thanks!
  7. B

    New Guy Here With Big Balls

    Hi, just joined. I have a rather average sized cock but huge balls. Always up to vid chat when online. Will fill out more info on profile soon. Message me if you wanna chat.
  8. T

    Krampusian - Chaturbate

  9. 3

    Random Video Chat

    For those who want to be practical , or just desperate to cum and having someone watching as u shoot ur load , there is a cool site that I Love to Use : Its a Random Chat Room with a lot of options including video chat! Please use it and invite more to Join ! and ITS FREE...
  10. F

    A twink chinese guy here- would like to have fun! my skype is..

    Hi everyone, glad to be here. I am a 24 twink Chinese guy. I get nice looking and beautiful buttock. I like to make friends or have dirty fun with you guys. Fancy guys in good figure or good looking. My skype is : live:frog2010_1 Wish we have great fun