1. hugedonuts

    Can you help me ID these guys?

    Hot as fuck as a top and a bottom. Please someone let us know.
  2. I

    Video Help finding a specific video ZenoTiger007

    Has anyone seen an HD version of this video? It’s a staple and I’d really appreciate if someone could help!
  3. T

    Video Old performers CAM4. Today Idiocy

    Another guy from cam4
  4. S


    Need help identifying the guys/original video source Straight Hunks Trying gay Sex For The First Time at Gay Male Tube
  5. A

    Video Need help finding this video again

    Hi, I had this video saved on Myvidster but the twitter account got suspended/deleted. It was fairly short, two dudes fucking bareback on a field. At the end, the top rams his cock all the way into the bottom, who audibly moans. They're in the middle of a field. I tried searching on xhamster...
  6. T

    Video Old performers CAM4. Today hornyboicok9

    I want to share my collection of videos from cam4 and chaturbate and hopefully i will find anothers interesting videos as well... i start with hornyboicok9 or Metropasteur2 from Cam4 2016-2017
  7. DeDude

    Hot Yoga Dudes

    RULES: DO POST: Pics and videos of: - Hot dudes practicing yoga - Hot dudes wearing yoga gear - Hot male yogis DO NOT POST: - Female; Trans; FTM - Ads - Requests for pics/vids of someone in particular - The word “BUMP” Thanks
  8. P

    Alex ultimate - Squaalo_ - Ironcub

    Hi someone have some nude pics or videos of this beauty italian guy? He has of too Onlyfans Twitter
  9. J

    Photos & Videos ID twink in bathroom

  10. J

    Video Id hot guy getting sucked by 3 women in parking lot

  11. J

    Photos & Videos ID hot biracial couple

  12. zincheolkim87

    Help me id this hot gif please

  13. L

    Video Video Request Rico Marlon e Alex Muller

    Here is a preview. Happy to exchange for any videos on tlagay platform
  14. J

    Photos & Videos ID hot pov of guy

    Can anyone id him please?
  15. R

    Help finding porn video!

    There’s a porn video of a young guy jacking off in his car and then an older man walks up to his car window and he finishes and blows a load. The older guy says “oh yeah baby let’s go have some fun” but the young guy responds “ that’s ok, that’s all I wanted to do” and then it cuts off. It’s so...
  16. LPSYohan

    Video PPV'S OF AidenJin

    Please, someone who has complete PPV's or a fragment of these NEW ones from AidenJin/Aidenngwc, please share it, I would really appreciate it, I want to see more things from Aiden
  17. A

    Does anyone know the full video of this?

    ID:icemanjb Tw: I think he was extremely handsome and hot.
  18. I

    Any more videos of them

    Anyone seen anymore videos of either of these guys
  19. BTWO90


  20. B

    Photo Can anyone ID this hung daddy?

    Just watched the Mare Market videos on the PrivatePlayground website and was mesmerised by this hung daddy. Anyone can ID this hot hunk? He's got very specific tattoos...
  21. N

    Who's this guy?

    Who's this guy?
  22. L

    Photos & Videos James Lain - A Ball Aching Hand Job!

    There are many clips on the internet but they are all from 7:30 to 8:30 minutes while the original one is 23:44 minutes. Does anyone know where to find the full video? Thank you very much! :p faphouse video url (from: Lust For Boys) Duration: 23:44 Actor (male): JAMES LAIN ( +Ashton...
  23. JohnWill2

    Video Average to small cocks on good looking dudes

    I haven't been able to find a really good thread of videos of dudes with smaller cocks. There's the hunks with small cocks thread, but way too many photos for my liking. So I wanted to start a thread to celebrate the videos of dudes with smaller dicks in porn - amateur or pro, hunk or twink, but...
  24. Y

    Identify this guy

    Any idea on who this sexy guy is? It sounds like they have a twitter account and perform(ed) cam shows, but I'm unable to figure out their username(s). Thanks! Daddy TYL3r cum on shoes
  25. F

    Photos & Videos Peachymirko OF

    Hi! Anyone have videos from PeachyMirko's OF? He's an italian power bottom OnlyFans
  26. Coolboychuxk


    I’ve been trying to find this video of this onlyfans creator joshmlo but can’t find the video I have the gif but I can’t find the video
  27. R

    Video Locker Room Videos Underwear Stolen

    Does anyone have videos/clips of guys changing in locker rooms but their underwear is stolen? So they’re confused looking for it. Ive seen these videos online before
  28. kapahulu

    Super Shoot

    I recently came across some vids of this guy who posted whimsical cumshot videos of himself, edited, with replay and slo-mo. Whatever happened to him? He used to post as super shoot, or XES, or doctor something or other. I always enjoyed his cumshots and facial expressions.
  29. J

    Video Can anyone ID this bottom?

    Daddy’s hole - :heart_eyes: