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  1. T

    Help Identifying - (Fucked This Hoe After The Club)

    The video is only 2 minutes long but the OF watermark is too blurry to make out. Anyone know where this video is from? It's seriously hot, I want to see more lol.
  2. J

    Video Help me with this video

    I was looking so hard this video and I just found it, but it's muted, does anybody have it with sound?? xtianko Cruising twink got caught by Beefy Hung Daddy
  3. J

    Help ID video cam bedroom guy

    So I came across two videos of this guy, one is just him changing i think and the other one is of him having sex and getting caught. Pls lmk if anyone knows his name or socials
  4. J

    Help ID Twitter Clip

    So I just seen this twitter clip online but no name to it, can anyone help? :)
  5. A

    Video Help identifying

    Hi guys Can you please help me find the actors (both) or the company behind this video? It's kinda vintage but I remember seeing the older actor doing another video in the same plot so i imagine this is part of a series or a DVD with other scenes. Thanks!
  6. A

    Help me find this video! Old College boy physical video

    Trying to find a copy of this video online from 'College Boy Physicals' I used to jack off to this all the time when I was a teen.. would love to find it again.
  7. J

    Can't find anymore

    There's a video I remember but it got removed and its kinda specific with mild bondage but its not that aggressive like other BDSM videos. Its starts out with this girl happy looking with her legs and arms tied together but it starts out with the guy walking into the room with her on the bed...
  8. B

    Video Please help me find this video!

    I once watched a short clip (less than a minute) of one guy bent right back on a bed with his knees next to his head and a guy on top of him who was drinking cum out of a condom and spitting it into the bottoms mouth. And they repeated this a few times - it was super hot and sweaty! I think...
  9. C

    Photos & Videos anything on bastiam_oliveira ?

    anything? Nothing appears anywhere, really tried but everywhere he asks to pay
  10. C

    Photos & Videos Help finding a hot video

    Hey guy. I've been trying to find this full video for a long time but no luck yet. It's entitled "Bound Boy" from MyFirstDaddy.com starring Gunner Valente and Leo Valenzuela. It's a video from 2020 and it has around 30 minutes. That's all I could find out. Does anyone recognize this video ...
  11. F

    Uni/college porn

    Anyone got any straight uni/college porn vids or mmf threesomes??
  12. KayJx

    Matheus Angelo (TigerBoy)

    An appreciation thread for a former web performer called Matheus Angelo (or Tiger Boy, or even, TigerBoy Matheus); he is a brazilian guy who used to make videos for Snapchat, and post some videos and compilations of them in Pornhub or Xvideos. I thought his videos were so hot and corky hahaha...
  13. T

    Help Finding Video of Fred Fele & Gabor (2009) from Athletic-Pictures/Alpha Studs

    I'd like help trying to find a video. I thought I had tracked it down at this link: Gaytorrent.ru - Your favorite adult tracker But upon downloading it, I realized the video is trimmed and cut out one of my favorite parts. I remember seeing it on a video site last year, I believe it was...
  14. 2

    Chris Villa Video

    I’ve seen these gifs of Chris before but have never found where the original video is at. I know it’s a long shot but does anyone know which videos these are from?
  15. Yimvmligv

    Men showering or drying off

    Something like this
  16. J

    Who are these hot young bodybuilders?

    Hey there, I've seen this hot video of two young hot bodybuilders, but no idea who are them. The video gives me the vibes that is OnlyFans related, but there isn't any watermark. Anybody knows who this muscle guys are? Thanks!
  17. B

    Video ID this steamy car sex

    Please help ID these two guys banging in the car!
  18. A

    Links Average guy porn

    I'm looking for porn starring guys that are sort of average. Average body type, like a bit of a tummy but not too chubby, hairy (not a neccessity), cute face and short hair, average dick size. I don't care whether the porn is straight or gay, and what is done in it. Bonus points if the guy is...
  19. J

    Quiero encontrar un vídeo de cruising

    Hace tiempo encontré por aquí un vídeo de cruising en el que un tío iba a hacerse una paja en mitad del bosque en su coche y aparece por allí un tío haciendo deporte. El tío que hace deporte sale con la cara pixelada y parece ser que es hetero. El caso es que acaban follando. ¿Alguien sabe qué...
  20. S

    ID this vid?

    seen this before. hot af. anyone got an ID or more of them or the full vid?
  21. F

    Lewis mcentee

    Anyone able to pm me a vid of Lewis mcentee/ lewismce
  22. G

    Photos & Videos Is there any videos of Danny_Santoro

    I think he is so extremely hot! I know he looks young, and I like it! Is there any videos of him out there? https://stripchat.com/Danny_Santoro/profile
  23. T

    ID this gorgeous stud?

    Came across this stud and would love to know his name. Thanks! Handsome Blue-eyed Bodybuilder from tiktok fvcks a male doll with his thick huge cock
  24. 4

    Help Finding Porn Video with blond surfer

    Hello, new here so I hope I’m posting this in the right section. There used to be a video about 5 years ago on xnxx or gayforit where a guy with blond wavy hair is surfing and gets hurt. I don’t remember if he was stung by a jellyfish or something but he was limping. A brunette man helps him...
  25. R

    Photos & Videos Ryan King & Jake Riley -StreaightRentBoys

    Does anyone have or know what happened to this video? Ryan King & Jake Riley - Bareback and then the sequel StreaightRentBoys – Jake & Ryan II made by the now defunct StraightRentBoys. It's one of those mythical porns for my childhood LOL I can only find the minute preview but I know the whole...
  26. Cab2394

    Omegle Chatroulette

    was on videochat with this guys and damn did I come to a BIG surprise. I AM IN LOVE... share whatever you guys have seen on OMEGLE please :D
  27. F

    Anyone have this video?

    Can anyone share this video??
  28. ttxrjj

    Links HELP: Looking for a video

    Described as best I can remember: Masc guy jerking off solo in a car. At some point a self professed straight guy comes over and starts talking to the bator while still jerking off. Straight guy admits it’s weird and that he’s never done or seen anything like that. The two have casual...
  29. J

    Video anyone knows this video?

  30. D

    Does anyone have his videos?

    Does anyone know him?