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  1. J

    Rob/Ted Souza???

    So, quite some time ago I found two channels on vimeo, both from a (Brazilian, I believe) guy that went by "Ted Souza" in one of them and "Rob Souza" in the other. Recently both channels have been taken down. He made amazing nudity videos, just doing everyday activities, and was wondering if...
  2. S

    Trade pics and vid’s

    Trying to start a thread where guys that are down to trade nude pics and vid’s post that they’re okay with you sending them a DM to do so. I know theres tons of pictures and videos on here but nothing like a private setting to get each other off.
  3. J

    Anybody know videos similar to the creampie at 16:00?

    The ending to this vid is unique in the sense that the guy just keeps going out and in out and in even after cumming but a lot of other videos the guy doesnt do this for very long maybe like once in after the creampie and then thats it but this guy just keeps going and its very hot so would be...
  4. J

    Locker Room

    Does anyone have any videos of men in public locker rooms? Post content below.
  5. AverageGayGuy92

    Free 50 Onlyfans trials

    I'm giving away 50 free trials (7 days) to anyone who's like to join my onlyfans! :blush: If you want to get free months as well, refer me to a friend by clicking the share button on my profile! Each friend that subscribes to me will give you another free month. :D Let's have some fun! OnlyFans
  6. F

    Photos & Videos Concrafter Luca Laserluca

    Irgendwelche Fotos/Videos?
  7. Markrobz99

    Alexis Vanden

    French Instagram influencer, travels a lot. Anything on him?
  8. Shujun Zhang

    Video Male Squirting Videos

    Try to keep this thread to mostly videos! There's two other threads that focus more on the discussion about it if you're interested. My Experiments with Male Squirting & Male Squirting - Content Warning - Due to the nature of male squirting being more of an odd kink as of this post's date...
  9. S

    Real (or "real") friends fooling around

    Hey guys! Lately been very into videos where guys who have known each other for a while get sexual with each other. Skot & Teo from ChaosMen is a good example. There's just something so intimate and hot about guys who know each other well and care about each other making a sexual connection...
  10. P

    Photos & Videos Anyone ever spied on their dad/ uncle/relatives?

    Has anyone ever spied on their dad m/uncle/relative showering/pissing/jerking off and took photos or videos? I used to spy on my dad and uncle and still do if I get the chance? It’s kinda my fetish haha
  11. Y

    Photos & Videos Naughtybydesign chaturbate model

    Hello my friends Can anyone help me and find videos for a sexy model was on chaturbate but he stopped showing for that years. His name is Naughtybydesign and these are some of his pictures. I want your help to download his videos please!
  12. F

    Bigab/cashmasterabx videos

    Anyone got any of cashmasterabx’s videos??
  13. M


  14. M

    Jovencitoguapo3 videos

  15. U

    WhatsApp group?

    Hey I’m Dutch and love to get off on other guys jerk, cum and fuck video’s. Is there any kind of WhatsApp group I can join where guys send that kind of stuff of their own? And if not I would love to get those videos in my WhatsApp by private messages . +31645783307
  16. stealthmens

    thatguy7222 on chaturbate

    https://www.webcamrecordings.com/modelSearch/thatguy7222/page/1 please post here if anyone has videos
  17. M

    Golden George (goldengeorgiii) Onlyfans

  18. T

    Photos & Videos ClassicPhysique (TheBestFlex)

    https://www.thebestflex.com/profile/ClassicPhysique Does anyone have anything on him? Videos, custom videos, Instagram, etc.? If you have anything, feel free to comment. I have a lot of videos from many guys that I'm willing to trade/share. Thanks
  19. G

    Photos & Videos Real Men Cocks

    I’ll keep it short and sweet: this is a thread for real men 18+ showing off their cocks (no porn pictures or porn videos please). All types of men are welcome as long as it’s real amateur pics/videos and of course 18+.
  20. B

    Video ID These Videos From Twitter

    Can anyone ID these videos? - - - - -
  21. M

    Mellow7x Onlyfans free

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo nel blog. Volevo sapere se qualcuno potesse reperirmi il materiale Onlyfans di questo profilo: Mellow7x. Ho notato che il profilo è libero, ma io non so come funziona onlyfans e non ci sono iscritto. Sono semplicemente fissato con questo ragazzo e vorrei reperire il suo...
  22. S

    Anyone have this video? only: LiamArnoldsXX

    does anyone have this full video? With Liam Arnolds, Igor Lucios and Derek Kage? HELP!! i need this
  23. S

    Married Moby

    Has anyone actually bought a video package from him on twitter? Are they worth it?
  24. B

    What happened to Liam's Society?

    Does anyone know what happened to this guy? I knew he had a few channels (PornHub/Xvideos) where he would post his stuff, but it looks like he just disappeared.
  25. PatrickNM

    One of my favorite video

  26. tazzman7777

    Gay Orgy Videos

    I wanna see the hottests orgy videos you can find.
  27. D

    The AZNUDE Men (Pictures and Videos) Thread

    AZNUDE have a large, free, every day growing gay (and heterosexual universe of male and female (etc) celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine." Post your favourite videos from the varied and full selection of videos and pictures! Have lot's of sexy fun ❤️
  28. G

    Photos & Videos Mattia Gallo OF

    Qualcuno ha qualcosa di Mattia Gallo? Ha un profilo OF
  29. A

    Hey everyone!

    What’s going on! I’m back on the platform after taking a break. Hope all is well for everyone. I’m a gay male located in Canada and love to use LPSG during my free time. Love public fun and outdoor videos .. kinky stuff haha!
  30. Shlevy10

    james jacobson

    Anything about this guy? **from his instagram page**