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  1. I

    Help me find the videos of this guy, please! (Ig: mvlcriado)

    Hello! I’ve been looking for the content of this guy for AGES, now I want to ask for your help! Please, if you have ANY videos, photos, anything of this guy (that aren’t on his Instagram) please leave them below, links, videos, anything. Thanks! Here are some pictures of the guy
  2. maleallure

    Any Full Length ONLYFANS Videos (Solo, Gay, Bi, FTM)

    If you're new here refresh the page when the mins on the clock are at 00:03 or 00:07 to watch the videos Please share any full length Onlyfans videos you find online ⏯
  3. M

    Fansexxy (Chaturbate)

    Anybody have any cum videos of Fansexxy from Chaturbate. Seems to be nowhere online unless you subscribe to his only fans which is quite pricey and has less than 20 videos so not worth it. Watch Fansexxy live on Chaturbate!
  4. T

    Hot video

    vídeos quentes e sem dó pra foder, resolvi compartilhar. Ele adora ser dp - michl amundson Take My Cum - Cena 4
  5. C

    MajorPectoralis OF Videos

    Can someone please send me videos and pics from MajorPectoralis's OF? Thanks
  6. hugolopes25

    Photos & Videos Ryan Kai Bentleyrace

    Here it is Ryan Kai Thread
  7. Gengarbiencho

    Photos & Videos elrobertotv

    Hola, alguien tiene algo de el? Es instagramer venezolano y fue bodybuilder Hey someone have something of him? Elrobertotv
  8. J

    Dildo training videos

    I recently bought my first dildo(yay me?!) But I'm having trouble making the experience feel enjoyable. Is this a me thing? I found that videos telling me how to fuck myself give me something to work with, and makes it more "real" if that makes sense. I am looking for videos that walk you...
  9. L

    Photos & Videos Best Male Solos

    Let´s start a big " Best Solo " Thread and let´s wanking together
  10. B

    What happened to curiouslatinos dot com

    Does anybody know? There used to be a site called curiouslatinos dot com where you could purchase downloads of vids of this chubby bottom get railed by hot str8 men. He used to also make accounts on sites like xtube or xvideo under hitmefmbehind or hitmefmbehind13 I’ve tried looking this...
  11. D

    Guys that rarely bottom

    The other day I came across this video of Rogan Richards bottoming for Hunter Marx. He is one of those that is very rare to see getting fucked. What do you think if we add a list of those guys here, possibly with videos? Hunter Marx and Rogan Richards (DIN P1)
  12. K


    Hey LPSG users, i was wondering if anyone has any (full) videos of undieguy1 from undieguy.online or that they have found on the internet, he is so hot to me and he would be hotter if anyone has any videos to share
  13. J

    Snapchat - Straight Sex Talk And Vids

    Straight or bi guys. Sex talk, experiences, videos. Comparison. Whatever you feel like. Must have video. You've been invited to join a group on Snapchat. Tap the link to join!
  14. P

    Photos & Videos Sexting/sharing Hotwife

    Hello, not sure if this is a thread that exists but perhaps some of you have found or have pictures/screenshots or videos of a hotwife (or yours) sexting and then follow up videos meeting up with their partner/bull.. Care to share? ;)
  15. Raphaelpvdo

    Photos & Videos Something About @acr.3 Onlyfans?

    The @adrianmontoro posts on twiter are . I would definitely enjoy some of their Onlyfans content.
  16. D

    Elliot Finn

    I love this guy, is so hot, no one thread of him!?
  17. M

    Best Gay Humiliation Scenes

    Any scenes where the bottom is helpless/humiliated and accepts his position
  18. C

    Photos & Videos Anybody Knows His Name Or

    Anyone have photos or videos of this hot guy????
  19. G

    Gilmer_tattoo Pics From Twitter And Of

    I think he only speaks spanish tho : /
  20. G

    Gilmer Tattoo

    this dude is fucking fire OnlyFans
  21. N

    Photos & Videos Best Vimeo Naked Videos

  22. U

    Gay Tongue Kissing

    Thread is videos of gay kissing with a lot of tongue. Videos can be long or short as long as someone's tongue is on another. Favorite video is: Or Tommy and Harvey from Chaturbate https://mobile.twitter.com/AndreJr56536553/status/1322127886325813248
  23. L

    X_renexx - Tiktok, Insta, Twitter, Onlyfans

    Hey lads, Does anyone have anything of this super cute gay fellow @x_renexx (on nearly every social media it's his Nick), his real name is Rene Schwarzfeller he is from germany and 23 yrs old. He used to be kinda of a slut and posted a lot of this - but there is nothing left :( Thx in reward
  24. D

    Who Is The Black Foot Fetish Guy Named Ken

    I've seen videos of the black guy named Ken sucking feet and toes of guys. Does anyone know where his stuff is available? Does he have a twitter account selling stuff? Asking for a friend lol.
  25. T

    Need New Gay Porn Vids

    hey everyone! Lol okay so let me get to the point. I’ve been having trouble finding porn videos to well ya know...and all the threads that had recommendations have videos that are mostly deleted. anyways so i was wondering if yall could help. You can post really anything but just know i am not a...
  26. M


  27. K

    Nickittipat (thailand)

    Are there any good jo videos?
  28. H

    Can't Find Anything: Landon Conrad Bottoms Raw Bareback???

    I tried to use the search here and the web but can't find anyhting bout so my question. Are there Videos of Landon Conrad getting fucked bareback? Without condom? Does anyone knows more? Thanks in advance!
  29. B

    Need Help - Download Videos On Mac

    I use a MAC and need help finding a way to download videos from paid sites I have a membership. I can't seem to find a way to download videos off of www.sketchysex.com or www.slamrush.com. Can someone give me some help and tell me a browser add on that works or if there's some other way I can...
  30. Jimiskewl24

    Any Videos Apps Like "myvidstar"?

    Are their any videos apps for porn that are similar to Myvidstar?