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vintage jock

  1. A

    Where can I find this guy?

    His name is will Parker on mandate magazine cover 1995. Anyone know anything with him?
  2. T

    Cut Cocks.

    Hi, im 22 yo from Sweden and im gay. I find it super sexy with cut cocks. I havent seen any irl wich makes me sad, neither am I. I think that cut cocks are just superior and its super sexy. I just love the old school with boys always being cut and its something I love. I love the aesthetic and...
  3. Chris Levin

    Photo ID Vintage Hottie

    Found this hottie in a vintage magazine file. I tried looking up the name below but nothing came up...
  4. Chris Levin

    Video Vintage Solo

    Hey I downloaded this video from Xvideos but I dont rember the name and cant find it anymore. If anyone has the link or the guy's name, that would be great. If not, enjoy the vid.
  5. Chris Levin

    Links Does Anyone Know What Studio This Is?

    Does anyone know what studio this is? Or any actors in it? I really want to see the other movies they have but I can't find any info. The site says it's called Jockstrap, The Movie but I can't find shit so I doubt it's that. Jockstrap, The Movie — PornOne ex vPorn