1. G

    Classic/Vintage video websites

    Are there any good websites that have “classic” or “vintage” videos. Xhamster has a few goes back like a decade (still great videos) I’m looking for a website that makes it easy to find the men from those videos Drummer and Honcho Magazines woke something in me. Men these days don’t...
  2. T

    Help identify vintage video - dominican/latin dvd

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a gay dvd. One scene can be found here: Link Someone knows the title?
  3. Littlebitch35

    Photos & Videos Sampson aka George Dana

    I love him, i want found videos of him, this is colt model, is strange no found videos, all models from colt have videos! But him have many photos, pls help me!
  4. I

    Can anyone ID this scene and models?

    I found it on Twitter a long time ago and it consists of a dilf topping a twink
  5. F

    A Visual History of Sexy Ruffians, Toughs, Villains and Hot F%#ck^rs!

    Please share any of your favourite nasty - gathered-from-internet-cruising - guys: preferably nude and are some of my unknown provocateurs, for those who like to ID please go to town...
  6. L

    Where is this Japanese vintage video from?

    I saw this video on Twitter and downloaded it long before. Does anyone know the name of the models or the origin of this video? Many thanks
  7. A

    Help me find this video! Brad Posey Screen Test

    Hi friends, I saw this gif and would love some help finding a link to this full brad posey hand job video with a beautiful model
  8. J

    Photos & Videos Your Favorite Vintage Porn/Movies

    I’ve seen a lot of threads about phots of vintage porn stars but not a lot of videos or movie recommendations… if you have any favorites share them down below
  9. S

    Francesco Gavazzi Cock in "Decameron" (1971)

    Francesco Gavazzi Cock in "Decameron" (1971) More here. .
  10. V

    Kim Rossi Stuart (Italian Actor)

    Name: Kim Rossi Stuart 53 years, born in Rome on Halloween of 1969. Italian theatre, tv and film actor and director of Italian, Scottish and German ancestry. Former teen actor (Karate Warrior 1 and 2, Fantaghiro, The Policemen) he become a serious one after working with Michelangelo Antonioni in...
  11. E

    Looking for videos from

    Back in the early 2000's just as I was coming into porn-watching age, I would watch these solo videos from a now-defunct site called The camera man would have some playful banter with the model (they actually typically seemed quite comfortable around him, I feel like it's rare for...
  12. E

    Anyone know where to find videos?

    Back in the early 2000's just as I was coming into porn-watching age, I would watch these solo videos from a now-defunct site called The camera man would have some playful banter with the model (they actually typically seemed quite comfortable around him, I feel like it's rare for...
  13. D

    Vintage / Historical Photos of Male Feet

    Hey guys, I would like to start this thread to share historical / vintage photos of men showing their feet. Feel free to share, I couldn't find many.
  14. that ass...

    that ass...

  15. Littlebitch35

    Photos & Videos Colt Studio Group: Bruno

    Hi, i love Bruno but... what happend with him? Died? Still alive? have more recent photos of him? Help me pls!
  16. Littlebitch35

    Photos & Videos Help me found more of him: Leo DiCara

  17. E

    Gay porn similar to those directed by Joe Gage? Intense tension and horny plots

    I just watched Arcade on Route 9, and Dad goes to College. They're probably the two most arousing pieces of porn I've ever experienced. They permeate with intense sexual tension and tease the viewer in "will they won't they" rather than just leaping into fucking. The plots are still porn...
  18. V

    Jean Sorel (Alain Delon main rival)

    French star born in 1934 as Jean Bernard de Chieusses de Combaud de Roquebrune. He was Married to Neorealism muse Anna Maria Ferrero (1934-2015) While Alain Delon (1935) challenged Jean Paul Belmondo (1933-2022) as l'infant terrible. In terms of beauty Sorel was his main rival. Both could...
  19. 4

    Help Finding Videos of 2 Friends (Porno and Amateur?)

    Hey there! I'm needing help finding 2 videos. 1) Porno made by a studio 1990s-2010s, where two friends are in bed and the "straight" friend ends up bottoming or getting fingered? After, the straight friend calls the gay friend a "F-word. Theres a time jump where the gay friend is remembering...
  20. K

    Video Help identify Video

    Hey everyone does anyone know the name of the video or either of the performers, ive been searching for ages, thanks so much in advance
  21. K

    Video Help identify

    Please help ive been trying to find the name of this clip or these actors for ages
  22. L

    [HUNT] can anybody ID this sexy model from back in the day?

    I used to jack off to him back in the day but there’s barley any info now
  23. G

    Collection of old-school on-screen heartthrobs

    I used to run a blogspot site (capped.) featuring screengrabs of shirtless actors from 'not current' films (because people forget there are A LOT of hot guys in there also). The site kind of went dormant in the past few years. But I've decided to re-start the curation again on Instagram. It's...
  24. M content

    I'm looking for old content, specifically from the two hot models Stanislov and Rene. The site is shut down but I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any content or knows where I could find something.
  25. A

    Video Help identifying

    Hi guys Can you please help me find the actors (both) or the company behind this video? It's kinda vintage but I remember seeing the older actor doing another video in the same plot so i imagine this is part of a series or a DVD with other scenes. Thanks!
  26. S

    Jeff Stryker

    wonder where jeff is in 2023! he was gorgeous. funny and kinda cheesy but has that vintage charm, plus his dildo gave me one of the best orgasms i've ever had - post pics of him on here for me to add to my collection.
  27. A

    Does anyone who this hot hunk is?

    Hey guys. Few days ago, I watched a vintage video on Xvideos and saw this hot hunk. Unfortunately, the credit part of the video got cut, so I could not see his name at the end of the video. I also tried to google his info everywhere but no luck. Does anyone know who this is ? Because I would...
  28. 015Dutch

    Video Vintage porn - collection of the best actors and actresses

    I recently had a look into some vintage porn and I appreciated their pacing, sensuality and demeanor. With your help, I would like to turn this into a collection of great vintage porn. To get us started: John Holmes and Angel Kelly John Holmes in the Erotic adventures of Casanova Annette...
  29. E

    Youtuber SandnStrand000

    Does anyone remember a Youtuber from the early 2000s (before youtube was what it is today... much more "wild west" vibes) named SandnStrand000, or maybe just SandnStrand? He was a muscle guy who lived in West Hollywood who never showed his face, but released tons of teasing videos of himself in...
  30. M

    Who's this sexy top french body guard guy? Vintage Porn

    Who's this sexy top body guard guy in this video? I wanna know his name or just the full video. It's a vintage porn ig. I uploaded a screenshot and here's the link.