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  1. 015Dutch

    Video Vintage porn - collection of the best actors and actresses

    I recently had a look into some vintage porn and I appreciated their pacing, sensuality and demeanor. With your help, I would like to turn this into a collection of great vintage porn. To get us started: John Holmes and Angel Kelly John Holmes in the Erotic adventures of Casanova Annette...
  2. E

    Youtuber SandnStrand000

    Does anyone remember a Youtuber from the early 2000s (before youtube was what it is today... much more "wild west" vibes) named SandnStrand000, or maybe just SandnStrand? He was a muscle guy who lived in West Hollywood who never showed his face, but released tons of teasing videos of himself in...
  3. M

    Who's this sexy top french body guard guy? Vintage Porn

    Who's this sexy top body guard guy in this video? I wanna know his name or just the full video. It's a vintage porn ig. I uploaded a screenshot and here's the link.
  4. Marco Tony

    The Raunchy 70s Gay Porn Stars From The 70s

    Gay porn from the 70s had more regular looking men. It was a natural affair. Men were not that muscular. They had just the right amount of muscles. Men were more hairy. Slow motion cumshots were common. Tattoos were rare. Gay for pay men were a minority. It was mostly gay men having gay sex with...
  5. A

    Photos & Videos Athletic Boys (twinks only)

    athletic and cute twinks
  6. F

    ID this vid

  7. F

    Anyone know the vid or the actors

  8. sonofsun23

    Does anyone know who this is ? (Vintage Video)

  9. Chris Levin

    Photo ID Vintage Hottie

    Found this hottie in a vintage magazine file. I tried looking up the name below but nothing came up...
  10. S

    David Cardoso

  11. L

    Need help IDing muscle vintage guy

    Would anyone by chance know the guy in these videos? https://mymusclevideo.com/2512/antonio-21year-old-muscle/ https://mymusclevideo.com/49992/perfect-body/ https://mymusclevideo.com/49994/perfect-body-2/ I've seen his name's Antonio, but it's hard scouring the internet for him when I only...
  12. JasonMontgomery

    Video Vintage Porn

    This is one of the oldest porn videos. It’s from around 1925. Anyone got anything else like this? Please only share vintage black and white porn.
  13. ChuChiPapi

    Arnaldo Santana (aka Malo): 1980's Porn Star and Actor (1950-1987)

    I didn't see any posts for him, so I thought I would include some clips on here, these are the non porn scenes he did. The first clip is from Cruising (1980) a film by William Friedkin, and the second is Scarface (1983) a film by Brian DePalma. I had to cut out some parts that contained blood...
  14. M

    Photo Does anyone know the name of the guy in the video?

    Does anyone know his name? I was looking for his another video where he fuck a female nurse who trying to seduce him. It's a vintage porn actually. https://tubepornclassic.com/videos/1056292/sex-in-office2/?promo=12077 Here is the link. Thanksss
  15. R

    Biggest Retro Cock Bill Harrison

    Please post pictures and videos of gifted retro pornstar Bill Harrison. https://monstercockland.com/6170/retro-monsters/
  16. Z

    Help identify vintage bondage scene

    Hi all. Can anyone please help identify where these pictures are from? I've been trying to find the source for years now. Thanks!
  17. Q

    Brian Elliot

    Brian Elliot porn? He was in Pump (1987) a Porn flick by Midnight Men I think. Anyone got anything on him? Pretty vintage stuff I'm looking for.
  18. Q

    Brian Elliott l Zoltan

    Anyone know who this is?
  19. S

    Help ID this scene

    I’m looking for this vintage scene here’s a screen cap. I can’t seem to figure out the tattoo
  20. picipici

    Video Dirty Tony - Dexter

    does anyone know about this hunk or his other videos and his current situation???
  21. Sinful Sindy

    Vintage/retro Gay & Str8 Porn

    For some reason over the last few years I’ve developed a light obsession with Antique (1910-1960s) and Golden Age (1970-1984) porn movies. Especially from Europe. I even love the campiness of some of the softcore films. I love the sets and costumes outrageous storylines. You can even find...
  22. C

    Links Please Help Identify This Video

    Please help me identify the full movie of this clip – 2 hunks fucking in a graveyard at night. https://megaxh.com/videos/fucking-a-guy-in-a-graveyard-4642127? Looks like it's been deleted from everywhere ☹️ Thanks so much!
  23. J

    Video Id This Brazilian Guy

    Hi everyone, I wonder if someone can identify this guy who enters at 7:25 in this video. I wonder if he has appeared in other videos. It will also be helpful if someone knows the title of the movie or at least who the girl is. Any clue will be appreciated. Here is the link for the video...
  24. M

    Id This Handsome Gay Porn Star / Movie / Scene

    Anyone know the name of the actor and movie title / scene?
  25. E

    Please Help Id This Video

    Can someone please tell me where this video is from? Found this on Twitter. Thanks!
  26. Chris Levin

    Video Vintage Solo

    Hey I downloaded this video from Xvideos but I dont rember the name and cant find it anymore. If anyone has the link or the guy's name, that would be great. If not, enjoy the vid.
  27. 1

    Please Help Id His Russian Porn Star

    TURBOMOMS - Hot russian milf Alina sex From: 8:30 Russian Mature 254 He is so sexy. Does anybody know his stage name? Insta? Onlyfans? Thank you.
  28. Chris Levin

    Links Does Anyone Know What Studio This Is?

    Does anyone know what studio this is? Or any actors in it? I really want to see the other movies they have but I can't find any info. The site says it's called Jockstrap, The Movie but I can't find shit so I doubt it's that. Jockstrap, The Movie — PornOne ex vPorn
  29. D

    Links Vintage Gay Magazines

    Does anyone know of any websites with scans of gay magazines, especially vintage ones? I came across this great site that has a bunch of them and is still being updated Drummer and Honcho Magazines but do you guys know of any other sites like that?
  30. buhdools

    Vintage Twunk Brett Winters

    Did vintage twunk Brett Winters ever bottom? Or even take so much as a finger? I've seen reference to him taking dildos in scene descriptions for Stiff Competition (1990) – Jocks Video, and The Guy Next Door (Mustang) (1995), on GEVI, but that doesn't seem to have been the case when I went back...