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  1. J

    Chubby for Masc/Fit

    Chub (quite large weight wise), 32 curious white male from Europe. Looking for a masc/fit guy to chat and etc. via snap, skype, telegram. Never tried, so looking someone to show me the ropes simply said, or just have a conversation from time to time. Just PM me.
  2. L

    Colorado Springs

    Gonna have the house to myself for a day in a couple weeks and I want someone to take my anal virginity. Please be in the Colorado Springs area, dm to talk some more.
  3. GMcClymontx

    Weird one…

    Ok, so I’m loose friends with a OF model. I think he’s absolutely gorgeous. He’s a fit, hung, virgin! We live in different countries or I would jump him tomorrow. He wants to collab with an OF model (female) from Texas. I’m not across OF at all..where would I start to find him someone to collab...
  4. Z

    SouthWest Florida anyone?

    Looking for guys in SW FL, especially in or near Sarasota. HMU! Get this virgin twink hole sodomized ;P (I also have Snapchat & Whatsapp so don’t be afraid)
  5. Z

    Fresh FL 18 y/o

    Hey everyone, I’m M, from FL, 18, and ready to have some fun!
  6. I've been talking to this guy

    A day for firsts

    I downloaded grindr not that long ago because I was curious. I've never had any of my firsts and I kind of wanted to go slow. This older guy hit me up and we talked for a bit, I wasn't really sure what to expect. After a bit of talking it seemed like he was losing interest so I suggested talking...
  7. K

    22 y/o Gay Virgin (Need Advice/Rant)

    Hey, new here. I usually lurk but thought I'd spark some discussion and ask for advice. Soo pretty much what the title says. I'm 22, I graduated last year, still a virgin. Backstory: I was always pretty overweight and dealt with some insecurities. After I graduated I decided i'd get my shit...
  8. G

    Cruising belgium first time

    Hi, I’m 24 yo from belgium. Virgin for the gay stuff but curious. Next week i’m home alone and I want to try some cruising stuff. (Public parking lot, bar, sauna, …) I dont have any experience with this kind of places, so please help me. Where do i have to go to? Also tell me some of your own...
  9. abdu.exe

    First time

    Hi, I'm 20 gay and still a virgin I wanna have sex for the first time but I don't know how. Like how am I supposed to prepare? what should I expect? how do I even get someone to do it with? Any advice?
  10. abdu.exe

    I don't wanna be a virgin

    I'm 20 and gay. For the longest time, I couldn't hook up with anyone because of where I lived, but now I have the freedom to do anything but I'm scared I'm a virgin and I don't like it, the only experience I've had was sucking my friend off and nothing else. I wanna experience sex, but I'm...
  11. B

    18 twink cum tribute

    Hii, im 18 looking for a cum tribute, can be from anyone! I love hairy guys and guys with big balls especially. I just love being perved on lol ^^ (someone please help me upload more pics its confusing and wont let me)
  12. BLXXX


    Name: BL Learning to love my body :3 Age: 29
  13. S

    stranger bred me in the backseat

    I left my friends at around 3pm to meet a guy I planned things out with last night, my grey hoodie covering my head partly as I walked through the town streets because it started raining but I also had to shield my guilt. I got my phone and messaged him where he was picking me up from and it was...
  14. C

    Orange County Gays

    gay, 21 and always horny virgin here. love chatting with men, love me older as well. :)
  15. D

    Video REAL Videos of Big Guys Taking a Girls Virginity

    I’m gay and not interested in having sex with a woman but I find some straight amateur porn hot, especially videos where the guys are dominant. I think it’s because of how fake gay porn has become. One of my favorite types of straight porn is guys with big dicks fucking virgin girls. If you...
  16. W

    when i lost my viriginity to the boy who bullied me for years

    the boy who bullied me came into my ass while i was in the shower. (full story coming)
  17. G

    Photos & Videos Virgin and Hunk MMF/Learning to fuck/experienced and virgin MMF porn

    Looking for porn videos that have an experienced guy fucking and showing/teaching another dude how to fuck. Kind of like this video: Julian Rodriguez, Collin Simpson, Tori Blue MMF
  18. C

    Gay ass introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m a young guy living in Scotland! I’m gay, and I’d love to talk to some of you, meet you, snap you and have some fun! I can be really fucking funny, and a tease. But I have a great personality. Some call me the scottish love child of tom holland, andrew garfield, and justin...
  19. Wh0_Dee

    Married Guys - How Many of You Have Only Had Sex with Your Wife?

    37 yr old married guy here. My wife and I have been together for 16 years (6 married) and I’ve only ever had sex with her. (I was what they call a late bloomer.) Do any of you have similar stories or backgrounds?
  20. Say hello to this petite virgin Asian ass

    Say hello to this petite virgin Asian ass

  21. D

    23 Asian From Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to have a cyber connection (long-term maybe?). I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married or not, and even those straight but...
  22. D

    Hi! 23 Asian from Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! Nice to meet everyone. As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to meet everyone and possibly have a long-term cyber connection. I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married...
  23. L

    19 Virgin Melbourne for First Time

    Looking for my first time. 19 Bottom, Living in Melbourne. Who wants to show me the ropes.
  24. 1

    Virgins/inexperienced guys

    How do you feel about getting involved with guys who are new to M2M sex or have a limited amount of experience? Some friends and I were discussing this the other day and a couple expressed a dislike of sex with inexperienced guys, and said they would decline to get involved with virgins for a...
  25. B

    Young Boy

    Well I’m doing an introduction! I’m Aidan. I’m 18 years old, I’m a virgin. My dick is 7.8 inches. I’m a verse. I have an average body nor fat or thin. I’m not a twink or a hunk. I’m into a lot of guys just over the age of 20. Unless you’re a mature guy my age. I don’t really have a type but I...
  26. D

    Pete And Leah Keep Things Hot, Waiting For Next Date (2)

    This story continues a series of stories that begins with this story. The previous installment was here. The stories, which are fictional but are based in part on actual events, explore how a sexually inexperienced young guy and his girlfriend (early 20s) lost their virginity to each other...
  27. J

    Looking for any guys in the greater Portland area of Maine

    Hey I’m 18 turning 19 this spring I’m a virgin sadly but I’m looking for a passionate guy average - fit build guy to experiment / hook up with. I’m open to being both top and bottom also I’m into Hairy armpits, happy trails, dicks and ass so yeah. I won’t be able to host but I’m open to doing...
  28. D

    Pete and Leah Take Exploration to a New Level

    Note: this is part three in an ongoing series that begins with a story entitled "Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring." Pete: We parked. Leah had been cozied up next to me the whole time we drove to the parking area. The scent of her hair next to my cheek, the feel of her breast as my hand...
  29. D

    Pete and Leah Continue Their Exploration

    Note: this story is part two in a series about Pete and Leah meeting and beginning to explore sex. The first story in the series is entitled "Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring." Pete: That week seemed to be an eternity, as I waited for that Friday night date with Leah. When Friday evening...
  30. D

    Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring

    I’m Leah. Here’s how Pete and I got together, as I remember it. My friend Sally was in his grad school program and knew we were both looking for someone. He was in a philosophy program, studying philosophy of religion, if you can believe it. He had plans to teach that subject at the college...