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  1. Wh0_Dee

    Married Guys - How Many of You Have Only Had Sex with Your Wife?

    37 yr old married guy here. My wife and I have been together for 16 years (6 married) and I’ve only ever had sex with her. (I was what they call a late bloomer.) Do any of you have similar stories or backgrounds?
  2. xxxasianricebaby

    23 Asian From Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to have a cyber connection (long-term maybe?). I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married or not, and even those straight but...
  3. xxxasianricebaby

    Hi! 23 Asian from Asia (5'4", Bottom, Virgin) -- Call Me Baby

    Hi! Nice to meet everyone. As the title says, I'm 23 years old, Asian, 5'4", a bottom, and a virgin. Please call me Baby! I would love to meet everyone and possibly have a long-term cyber connection. I've realized I'm attracted to older men, preferably with a great cock and body HAHA. Married...
  4. L

    19 Virgin Melbourne for First Time

    Looking for my first time. 19 Bottom, Living in Melbourne. Who wants to show me the ropes.
  5. T

    Virgins/inexperienced guys

    How do you feel about getting involved with guys who are new to M2M sex or have a limited amount of experience? Some friends and I were discussing this the other day and a couple expressed a dislike of sex with inexperienced guys, and said they would decline to get involved with virgins for a...
  6. B

    Young Boy

    Well I’m doing an introduction! I’m Aidan. I’m 18 years old, I’m a virgin. My dick is 7.8 inches. I’m a verse. I have an average body nor fat or thin. I’m not a twink or a hunk. I’m into a lot of guys just over the age of 20. Unless you’re a mature guy my age. I don’t really have a type but I...
  7. D

    Pete And Leah Keep Things Hot, Waiting For Next Date (2)

    This story continues a series of stories that begins with this story. The previous installment was here. The stories, which are fictional but are based in part on actual events, explore how a sexually inexperienced young guy and his girlfriend (early 20s) lost their virginity to each other...
  8. J

    Looking for any guys in the greater Portland area of Maine

    Hey I’m 18 turning 19 this spring I’m a virgin sadly but I’m looking for a passionate guy average - fit build guy to experiment / hook up with. I’m open to being both top and bottom also I’m into Hairy armpits, happy trails, dicks and ass so yeah. I won’t be able to host but I’m open to doing...
  9. D

    Pete and Leah Take Exploration to a New Level

    Note: this is part three in an ongoing series that begins with a story entitled "Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring." Pete: We parked. Leah had been cozied up next to me the whole time we drove to the parking area. The scent of her hair next to my cheek, the feel of her breast as my hand...
  10. D

    Pete and Leah Continue Their Exploration

    Note: this story is part two in a series about Pete and Leah meeting and beginning to explore sex. The first story in the series is entitled "Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring." Pete: That week seemed to be an eternity, as I waited for that Friday night date with Leah. When Friday evening...
  11. D

    Pete and Leah Connect, Begin Exploring

    I’m Leah. Here’s how Pete and I got together, as I remember it. My friend Sally was in his grad school program and knew we were both looking for someone. He was in a philosophy program, studying philosophy of religion, if you can believe it. He had plans to teach that subject at the college...
  12. G

    The Story of of How I lost my virginity to a Daddy.

    After reading all the hot stories here thought I could share mine too. I am a non-native English speaker so please excuse any mistakes. This is the story of how I lost my virginity unplanned years ago. To give a little bit of background about myself. This happened when I was 22 years old and...
  13. J

    Virgin and horny

    Hi~ so I'm still a virgin but I really want a dick in my ass cuz I looove dicks, but Idk if not that fully comfortable yet. That's why I was thinking of getting a dildo, unfortunately I can't affort it since there's no a physical place here in my city to buy one (wich it would´ve easier for me...
  14. Stories

    The first time

    I'd been going crazy. I had borrowed a laptop and snuck it under my bed. Usually, the computer and internet were strictly controlled. My parents fought hard to keep adult content out of our house. They usually did a good job. My brothers taught me to delete my browsing history and clear the...
  15. M

    Las Vegas

    Just moved out to Las Vegas. Looking for some one to take my virginity who’s willing to take their time with me and take things slow with me. I wanna fuck and be fucked if you’re interested and don’t care about physical appearance hit me up. :)
  16. J

    18 year old virgin with 2 questions

    Hey so I’m sadly still a virgin but I have a few questions for anyone who is experienced in sex. My first question is what is anal sex like? from both sides giving and receiving describe everything if possible. My second and last question is what is oral sex like so blow jobs and ass eating I...
  17. caipreimz

    A cute filipino boy here to sweep your hearts

    Hello! I'm Cai, I'm from the Philippines! I'm gay lol and I love reading books and watching gay porn , and oh, I'm also a virgin too HAHSHA
  18. J

    18 baby gay looking for a daddy

    Hey I’m looking for a daddy and boy relationship ship. I’m looking for someone who is in the range of 20s to 30s who has at least average build not into chubby sorry. I don’t fully know what I’m into so I want to explore I want someone who is dominant but not afraid to also be submissive. If you...
  19. A

    Shy chubby btm from the Philippines

    I'm 19. I've had this account for months now, i think. but i just realized how good the threads/posts here are so I just became active these past few days. I am a chubby virgin college boy from the Philippines. I have a small cock and I'm really shy sharing it. I am a bottom and I really love...
  20. N

    First Time Videos

    I’ve been looking for videos where people get fucked for the first time. Feel free to share them here
  21. V

    Photos & Videos I'd Like To Know

    Well except for the fake dicks. I think I'm ready to find out what it feels like to have a real dick unload cum in my ass. I don't know if I could put a dick in my mouth though, at least not yet. Will it be hard to find someone willing to just fuck me?
  22. E

    Video Scenes With Mature Woman And A Very Horny Young Male Assworshipping Or Licking Feet

    These scenes below are just so great, seeing those young folks losing their mind when having their fantasies become real, it just feels very relatable. especially the first guy when he's licking Lady Ewa's perfect ass and going wild. Know similar scenes? I could see it happens most often in...
  23. B

    Bi Guy In Wetumpka Al

    hey everyone I'm a 19 almost 20 year old with an 8 inch cock looking for fun near wetumpka or Montgomery if your looking for a JO bud bull or FWD I'm open to whatever but you must be local and clean I will admit I'm a virgin at the moment but I'm fit young and hung also DM if interested
  24. L

    New (euro)hunter On The Board

    Hey guys, I joined for a while and during exploring the forum I came across some introductions of someone else and decided to write my own one (with some copy+paste obviously though) about myself I’m 20 and from Christchurch new zealand. Language lover (Especially european like french german and...
  25. 1

    First Time Help

    Hey guys! Im a complete virgin and recently decided that I want to explore my sexuality more because I have been curious for a while. Im planning on meeting up with a guy in a a week or two and was hoping you guys had some advice for me? What should I do to prep? Anything I should be aware of or...
  26. Chatham

    Married Uber Driver Story

    True story. About 3/4 years ago I got an Uber home from Soho, London from a gay bar. I was very drunk and horny. Decided to hit on the driver. When we got back to mine I wanted to dominate him. I was in one of those drunk moods and on a few other substances lol. From what I remember I asked if...
  27. T

    First M2m Encounter, Should I?

    I am 52 and have been bi-curious a lot more over last few years. I have never had any non-hetero sex, only been with women. But I havent been involved with a woman for a good 10 years now and i dont know if I am just lonely. And knowing I cant deal with a woman anymore, I am wondering if this...
  28. G

    Your Virgin Buddy Wants To Know The Best Thing About Sex With A Woman

    Say your virgin friend wants to have sex with a woman but has never done the deed. Consider yourself a mentor with knowledge to be passed on. Aside from the obvious, "the first time is horrible," what would be your best advice, specific or otherwise, to make the experience pleasurable for him...
  29. Jim Spriggs

    Never Been With Another Man

    I am middle aged and spent my life having ordinary sex with women, but over the past few years I have realised more and more how much I love to see naked men and watch them having sex. I have the possibility of actually meeting up with a like minded guy with whom I have been chatting for months...
  30. P

    Can A Virgin Rate Your Nudes

    I am a virgin and i am curious on what different guys penises and balls look like. maybe even an ass pic too! I’ll be honest about my opinion