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  1. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy Korean YouTube Bodybuilder from back in the day. Does anyone know his name?

    Do any of you remember this stud? He made flexing videos that he published on YouTube. His cock was always visible (either semi-visible or erect vpl). What was his YouTube channel name again? Is he still around? Did he ever make other (fully nude) content?
  2. Akbro77

    Photos & Videos Precum Stain/Spot Pics

    Love seeing pics of guys who have precum spots/stains through underwear… but better yet their pants. Any body have photos of themselves or others that fit the bill? Especially hot when the guy is in public and isnt aware. (piss dribbles are hot too, and welcome)
  3. M

    Photo Help Identify a Model?

    Hello All! I've been trying to figure out who this model is for some time. Any ideas?
  4. W

    Brazilian Cyclists

    Hi. Do you have any info about this hot brazilian cyclists with huge bulge?
  5. H

    Marlon Grennan ( DarkDynastyK9 )

    Does anyone have anything on him? I know he’s married but ya never know lol He’s the owner of the giant pitbull named ‘Hulk’ and by the looks of that 3rd pic, he’s got sum pretty giant too :laughing::yum
  6. Mattlopez2426

    Drew gentry TikTok

    Has anyone else noticed on this guy’s TikTok when he goes live he has a hot bulge going on but, when he starts receiving gifts he gets hard af and he shows off? I’ve followed for while now and sorta picked up on this when he goes live. He looks like he’s hung af and lord thank you for grey sweat...
  7. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy, muscular (bulging) Dutch Instagram Hunk

    Another favourite of mine. I present to you @the_quiet_conqueror He's a Dutch man living in Miami. I love watching him workout in his underwear and commando. He has an incredible ass and his bulge is most impressive! The way it bounces and jiggles while he exercises and walks towards his camera...
  8. gb6gytt

    Photos & Videos Sexy African Men

    There’s almost no threads featuring exclusively African men so I thought I should start one for everyone who’s into them. Starting with _libonjomba Cedric Fourie
  9. Il2wu51

    A Memorable Flight: Mr. Window, Mr. Aisle, & FA VPL

    It was a travel day, a Monday, and I didn't expect to be aroused. Headed to "Jersey" for a few days of meetings. For some reason though the atmosphere was charged with sexual anticipation. Upgraded to business, I was soon seated on my flight, I immediately noticed the guy in the right aisle seat...
  10. gb6gytt

    Explicit TikTok Bulges

    The tiktok bulges thread is just filled with random videos from tiktok and its hard to find any videos of actual bulges or vpl. so hence the new thread.
  11. Akbro77

    Sneaky Photos of Straight Friend/CoWorker Bulge or VPL

    Anyone else notice their straight friends are bulging hard or having VPL and snuck a picture… not wanting to see the same old public photos but more the stuff you have had in a hidden album when you couldn’t help yourself. Some of these are coworkers and some friends but always loved getting a...
  12. W

    Ben Godfrey

    This guy deserves his own thread
  13. D

    Photo Ryan Morgan

    Can we just take a few moments to admire this sexy hunk and his hot bulge? His IG
  14. bigdick616

    Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey showing off massive VPL. He knew exactly what he was doing. I remember on an episode Family Feud he had dropped a subtle hint that he was well endowed.
  15. Krpt

    Alex Barber

    Sexy model; dunno why there's no thread on him. Or maybe I know why :P
  16. Krpt

    Edmundo Perdomo

    Surprised this sexy guy doesn't have a thread yet (unless there was one and we know what happened to it :p) Sexy face, chiseled chest and an oh-so-evident VPL. Gosh, don't I wanna see the goods in all their glory! The guy sure knows how to pose and now I...
  17. O

    Best Shorts For Bulge Vpl

    What shorts are good for showing off a bulge? Not into super short, I can do maybe 6" inseam, but 5 is too small. Not huge, but bigger than average. Not going commando. There's an old thread that just devolved into pics without any recommendations, please don't do that here. I know you can...
  18. SluethOfSecrets

    Ali-a (youtuber)

    He's getting married to his fiance and lives like a pretty normal life so I highly doubt there's any nudes out there but he's been kinda thiccening up so there might be some VPL/bulge content out there? Maybe even some caps of his ass from his vids or him randomly coming into his girlfriend's...
  19. Bleu_5

    Freeballer Id Please

    Anyone know who this is (If pics need to be removed please let me know)
  20. S

    Sam Jaen

    Anyone got any stuff of him. His insta is sam.jaen and he’s got onlyfans as well. Looks like he’s packing OnlyFans
  21. J

    Christien "tiger" Savoie

    Been watching this beast for a while. He's an upcoming UFC fighter from New Brunswick He's got a couple nice bulge pics and pretty sure he's cut based on some of the VPL's
  22. FreeballLA

    Gay Men Don’t Like Trans Women Around

    So this is my first post, I wanted to ask a question. Before I transitioned I would love to cruise and look at VPLs or guys that freeball. Now that I’ve transitioned when I attempt to go to the areas for cursing or where guys freeball I feel unwanted or the guys seem uneasy. Of course, the...
  23. markofshermanoaks

    The Hottest Athletic Freeballing Of 2020 Tommy Haas Omg

    Holy fuck this stud is so damn hot. The entire match he was bouncing around in those perfect shorts for cock watching. No fucking way he wasn't aware of what he was doing. We hung guys always know how much dick we're showing. I believe this match is airing again Sunday (Dec 11th) 2-4 pm...
  24. A

    Business Clothes/attire

    I Think It’s Hot When Guys Are Wearing Business Casual Clothes And You Can See Their Visible Dick/Penis Line ;-) Anyone Got Any Pics To Share Or Vids ?
  25. C

    Cut Dickprints On Youtube And Tiktok - Unintended Only

    Any Youtube or TikTok videos with visible bulge / VPL showing the guy is cut. Only real life videos with unintended, unaware dickprints or head outlines. Please do not post porn, onlyfans or similar videos. Please post only young straight guys. Thank you
  26. P


    Hey, any other cosplayers on here? I started a few years ago, and it is SO much fun. Sadly this year has sucked for Comic cons, but fingers crossed for next year. I have a cosplay instagram: Aidan Rowan (@mr_multiverse_cosplay) • Instagram photos and videos
  27. laincognito24

    Nick Theurer - Nice Bulge

    Anybody have Nudes or Full Frontal on him?
  28. laincognito24

    Hunter Weber

    Anything more revealing on him?
  29. Sweatpants911

    Obvious Mushroom Dick Print

    Who else likes to wear a cockring & freeball intentionally to show a well defined vpl? My dicks looks great positioned down to the right, you can clearly see the head of my dick. Love to see other guys doing the same!
  30. D

    Dressin' Left

    Working from home during stay-at-home orders, I had the TV on in the background, partially watching old western series from the 50's and 60's (Gunsmoke, Bonanza, etc.). Paying attention during select scenes, I discovered that about 4 out of 5 actors from these old series "dressed to the left"...