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  1. Z

    Anyone knows what's the name of the son actor?

    https://it.spankbang.com/5t30l/video/watchingmymomgoblack+cory+chase+60fps It's a straight porn but something tells me that he's more interested in watching the dick.
  2. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos Everyone is a Voyeur?

    I've realized lately that I really enjoy watching others in private situations. From some research done on the web, I understood that it is Voyeurism: A disorder composed of fantasies and impulses that lead a person to become sexually aroused when he observes an unsuspecting person undressing...
  3. briacon429

    A Straight Couple Goes Gay

    I know I’m not the only guy who likes girl-on-girl action. I mean come on: that’s why lesbian porn is as popular as it is. I know plenty of dudes with big collections of it. Me, I’ve been jacking off to that stuff for ages. Even when I was eighteen, I practically made an art out of getting...
  4. Mrsteman

    Anybody want a voyeur?

    Really love watching. In person, Manchester, North West U.K. or online… hit me up if you want to be watched
  5. Il2wu51

    A Memorable Flight: Mr. Window, Mr. Aisle, & FA VPL

    It was a travel day, a Monday, and I didn't expect to be aroused. Headed to "Jersey" for a few days of meetings. For some reason though the atmosphere was charged with sexual anticipation. Upgraded to business, I was soon seated on my flight, I immediately noticed the guy in the right aisle seat...
  6. iambraddz

    South coast South Aussie Single

  7. 1randombeauty

    Favorite Part Of Porn

    I am a straight male and I watch a pretty fair amount of porn. Daily for sure. Usually multiple times per day. I love a lot of different aspects of it all, especially watching the women get undressed, particularly the moment they free their breasts. I also love the cumshots, especially...
  8. bjh5216

    Mm Looking For Mf Couple London

    2 good looking masc bi guys (nice cocks) in early 30s looking to play with MF couple (bi or straight) and have first taste of pussy. Open to watching only too. Can host or travel. Please message if interested :)
  9. goander

    Ever Seen Another Guy Jack Off In Real Life?

    I have seen three other guys jerk off in front of me. A friend in HS, A guy in a threesome I was in and a guy in steam room ( stranger).
  10. 4

    Fuck My Fleshlight Pussy While You Wank Off

    Very keen to skype with a well hung huge big cock that is 8+ inches THE BIGGER THE BETTER age doesnt matter its the big cock I want to see while Im bent over hammering and pumping away. I really enjoy fucking my flesh light toy pussy over the end of my bed spreading my ass and legs wide , while...
  11. flambago9

    Wife Finally Gets Some Size (hot Wife, Monster Cock, Cuck)

    I watched her settle down slowly on my buddy's giant cock...gyrating her hips, inch by fat fucking inch disappearing. Moaning and grunting, the look on her face was of painful discomfort, but I knew how turned on she was to be "getting size". He was huge...tremendously long, ridiculously THICK...
  12. C

    Video Jerking Off To Other Users/mutual Jerkoff Videos

    Looking for videos of guys on pornhub/xhamster ect. jerking off to other users' cumshot videos? (Typically all I can find are videos of users watching straight porn or professional gay porn.) Something along the lines of this is what I crave...
  13. vhorny94

    Voyeur And Exhibitionist Meetups

    I'm sure a lot people would love to setup meet ups to watch/be watched & show off, so starting this thread. Also could be good for sharing places or events that fit this scene. I'm looking meet up (in NYC) and watch a solo guy or a m/m or m/f couple go at it. Maybe it will lead to joining in...
  14. C

    Let Me Edge You Or Watch You Cum

    kinky dom who loves cum control and denial. If that’s not your thing I’ll happily watch you jerk. Skype is CallMeSirBoy
  15. ViewingPleasure

    Caught Wanking - Straight

    There’s a thread like this in the gay websites forum, but I want to see dudes getting caught by women. And maybe sticking around...
  16. frotmale

    I thought i'd actually take part in the "introduce yourself" thing for once ;)

    Hi everyone. I only just discovered LPSG (sounds like a brand of natural gas :D) about a week ago. I've been on a handful of sites like this and basically my story is: I'm 44 (technically, but I'm nearly always assumed to be a lot younger Woot), I'm an Aussie, I'm probably 90% straight and I've...
  17. D

    Looking for guys in sheffield u.k. for no strings fun

    Looking for guys n girls in Sheffield U.K. for no strings fun
  18. badfitness

    Watching porn with your gf/wife...

    For those of you that have done this ... do you have nay video suggestions? shes 25 and believe it or not has only watched porn once..... she brought it up about watching together while we mess around and am looking for suggestions. I know most are going to say she lying but i turned some on the...