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  1. C

    id this guy from splatter island? (wam

    Can anybody please find this man? He is so cute, he goes by Shane on Splatter Island.
  2. D

    Help me find this test website

    I was wondering if anyone can help me find this website that I just can’t remember the name of, it’s a website where you essentially make your own personal profile where you can choose, in my case, your dick size, girth, glans shape, overall shape and curve, color, etc. It has the option for...
  3. S

    Anyone Ever Tried The Site Savemycam.com ?

    Just as the title says. Just wondering cuz there's recorded chaturbate videos on that site I wanna watch, but you have to sign up with your credit card. The site is also called Record My Cam Chaturbate Club. Any experience y'all wanna tell me?
  4. N

    Help Needed

    Hello guys, my name is Nik. Im a student and for my diploma project I created a website, that I hope will be more then just a grade. Its a collection of sex stories with nice search and user interface (imho). Please, if you have time, I would really like to stress-test it, and maybe get some...
  5. J

    Vimeo Finds

    I created this thread because it doesn’t seem there’s one dedicated to Vimeo. There’s a lot of hot stuff that people post on there.
  6. thickoneinLA

    Gay Massage Review Site

    Hello LPSG-ers. Does anyone have a link to a site the reviews massage therapists and escorts? Not Daddy's Reviews, but another one with a link called "the spa" and other links. I cannot locate it! Thanks!
  7. Swiss94

    Links Gaytorrent.ru - Invitation For Registration!

    Hi guys, I leave you a link so you can register in the world's biggest porn gay site via Torrent. :emoji_grin: Gaytorrent.ru - Your favorite adult tracker If you have any problems registering, please send me a private message and I will send you a personal invitation.
  8. M

    Anyone Have Anything Of Her?

    As far as I know, Her name is Selena
  9. 1

    Onlyfans/justforfans Scammers

    As we all know, quite a few accounts on OF, JFF, Connectpal, SubscribePlace, 4MyFans and other subscriber-hosting pages are not worth the price, dishonestly advertised and/or feature performers scamming people. To create awareness for this, let's use this thread to report on experiences we've...
  10. redheadinsf


    Daddyhunt has been offline for days. Is it gone forever?
  11. redheadinsf


    Daddyhunt has been offline for days. Is it gone forever?
  12. Kitty ky

    Andrew christian “a view from the top” video

    does anyone have the now deleted video?
  13. sexfanatic

    Whatever happened to douglas beckham?

    He did some modeling for Rick Day and he has an inactive twitter: Douglas xxx (@douglasbeckham) | Twitter But I remember when he had a bisexual now-defunct porn site. Whatever happened to the stud?