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  1. Daveboogie

    Post work pre cum

  2. M

    Model Jon Durand

    Surprised I'm the first to share!
  3. D

    Show off you cock head all wet from cum, precum, after work

    Share with us how your head of cock looks like. Show us your best pic
  4. B


    Anything on this guy?
  5. F

    Guys Showering/Bathing

    A thread for posting pictures or videos of guys in the bath or shower.
  6. B

    Gay porn where the top sweats LOADS

    Does anyone share my fantasy of super sweaty sex? Not just a little sweat, but soaking wet, dripping sex. There have been threads in the past but they’ve either gone dead or just been slightly sweaty, not tops that are DRIPPING and their bodies literally shining with sweat, to the point where...
  7. 90047003-5928-4A9D-87F9-92D317686889.jpeg


  8. D

    Show Off Your Wife Or Girlfriend In The Shower.

    Tried to get this thread started before, renamed it. Let's see how it goes
  9. bigboaster

    Can Anyone Id This Wet Foursome Video?

    Anyone can identify what porn video this is? (or at least just one of the guys in this gif?) I think it might be a euro porn but I am not sure.
  10. Lovelycra03

    Lovelycra03. All Is In The Name..........

    Hello from a new member: Lovelycra03. From France. ! Je suis amateur de lycra bien sur, mais surtout à la recherche d'autres amateurs de sexe en lycra pour partager ces plaisirs..... N'hésitez pas à venir m'aborder .... Tel pour SMS sur demande si personne sérieuse et lycraphile.
  11. S

    Photos & Videos Hottest Shower Pics & Videos

    Love watching shower sex scenes in all forms (photos, videos, & gifs). Feel free to share any sexy ones you have discovered.
  12. K

    Deiby Garcìa (deibygarcia94)

    Does anybody has naked pics of him? Here is his ig account:Deiby Garcìa (@deibygarcia94) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. AllStarGirl shower ♡

    AllStarGirl shower ♡

  14. J

    Video Women Pleasing Themselves While Sucking Dick

    I think it's incredibly hot when a woman is masturbating her own pussy while sucking a guy off. Any have great examples of this? My inspiration video comes from this video (~0:40 - 6 minute mark):
  15. Kelly's wet pussy needs daddy's dick

    Kelly's wet pussy needs daddy's dick

    So I guess I'll be a good sport
  16. Nic Walker

    Photo Amateur Hot Girls!

    post your best amateur/homemade pics!
  17. K

    Wet Pussy Lesbians

    Do you knows aby video where girls have wet-juicy pussy. For example
  18. T

    Best Pussy Eating

    I love to watch a guy go face deep in some pussy. It’s so hot. Share your favorite videos! Here’s mine: Licking a shaved pussy before a missionary fuck... - Abattoir22
  19. A

    Dredd's Best Video Ever: Cream, Squirting, Deep Penetration

    All of the kinks that have ever lived on LPSG in one video. Dredd finally has found a chick that can take the D, actually gets wet, cums while riding and it shows like hell. I'd say this video is his best ever, although the chick is not the most attractive he's been with. No fake acting...
  20. Pervin at the beach part 5 of 5

    Pervin at the beach part 5 of 5

    Went to Newport Beach and tell me if you think this girl is teasing me . Part 5 of 5
  21. ForeignForeign

    Spit - spitting - saliva - in mouth, face, cock, body.

    Let's share spitting videos:
  22. 3

    Man buldge,wife wet & horny.

    Funny thing today from my wife, I wear thong underwear a lot and seem to have a nice bulge when wearing jeans or shorts when in thongs, My wife told me she fines it a big turn on when she is out with me and I have this bulge and others can see, she says it makes her so wet and horny knowing...