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  1. selfies his dick in the warehouse

    selfies his dick in the warehouse

  2. P

    Unintentional bulge at work

    So today, I decided to dress down and wear jogging pants at work. Most of my coworkers were working from home so I thought I'd come to work comfortable. While in the restroom, I noticed that i had a ridiculously huge visible bulge. I had on under armor compression underwear on so I thought it...
  3. R

    Anybody want to be watched having sex or using the bathroom?

    I have a fantasy of watching someone as their natural self using the bathroom, maybe having sex or doing something hot. Hmu on snap or reply on here. snap - riadams7560
  4. S

    Does Anybody Know Who This Guy Is?

    does anyone kniw who this guy is? i saw 2 videos on him a few months ago (top 2). i tried searching around for him but to no avail... then earlier today as i was browsing i found an account that has 3 videos of him, different than the first 2. if anyone can id this verbal stud it would be...
  5. johnnyunitas

    Lady Boss And The Well-hung Temp

    I haven't edited this at all so it's pretty rough. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary was staring up at the ceiling waiting for her alarm to go off. She was excited. She was nervous. Her husband’s snoring was nearly drowned out by the sound of...
  6. SuckMyselfOff69

    Anal Play At Work

    I masturbate all the time at work, but only fuck my ass at home. Anyone here have a good solution for anal playtime at work? My ass wants to be full, but I haven’t worked out a good way to discretely carry and clean toys or dispose of a good cheap analogue.
  7. R

    Mexico City

    anybody live in Mexico City? trying to talk to someone, maybe even an expat. Thinking of potentially moving there
  8. H

    Cupertino, California

    Who in the Bay is down to come to my Starbucks while I’m working and get sucked off in the private bathroom we have before I have my last shift? I also am down to meet up with People in the Santa Clara, Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen Area :)
  9. 1

    Dicks At Work

    We should never keep our dicks hidden... even on site!
  10. Jmdav34

    Worktime Play

    Sitting here at work, reading and looking at all these hot posts and I keep getting the strongest erection at work. Like I know I’m horny but damn smh. Then while I’m posting on a thread on here my damn boss whom I’ve recently seen naked wants to talk and all I can think about is that cock and...
  11. Jdhfit

    Any else jerk of at work ?

    Sometimes you just get the urge to wipe it out and stroke . Does anyone else get this urges ?
  12. H

    Need help

    I remember watching a video about a construction worker/painter. My memory is vague , but i can remember the worker has a lean and fit body , and he's sweating and wearing a sort of purple transclucent coat. And there came a guy to blow and jerk him. Can anyone recognise this video?
  13. 8

    Big bulges in work/professional environments

    I love.. love love when men have tightly packed jeans and slacks in professional environments... This guy on stage has a big bulge and I love how he tucked his shirt to show it off...
  14. R

    Who else is hard at work

    Get em out guys13808021379258
  15. RioDalston

    Video Hot workplace vid - help id

    This seems like such a hot scenario - Thinks it’s from grabass.com but can’t get any more - does anyone have a link to the video? Love men in offices!
  16. trackjock13

    Show off at work...first job

    Been thinking about another thread "sex on the clock" and it reminded me of this. I was 18 and wanting my first job. One of my jack off buddies had a dad who I thought was hot, and I sort of detected he had been looking at my junk thru my Speedos and wrestling singlets. He managed a...