1. J

    Who is the White Man Porn Actor?

    Hello everyone, ok so I have been TRYING to find out the alias name for this Porn actor, the white hairy guy. I know the Dark skinned guy is named Edmundo Castro, who’s a Porn actor. However I couldn’t find out what’s the Porn name for the white hairy muscle guy worshipping him. I know the white...
  2. P

    luisbardot porn comics

    Does anyone have B&J chapter 1-3 in english from luisbardot ? Subscribe to luisbardot
  3. NowhereHere19

    JockFootFantasy-Models/Previews/Reviews- Megathread

    Model-Emilio Instagram- Login • Instagram Emilio has some of the hottest feet I've ever seen. Large smooth soles mixed with that smile anytime he's tickled= Chef's kiss
  4. S

    Can anyone ID this guy?

    Does anyone know who this mystery hunk from muscle-worship.com years' past is?
  5. S

    Can anyone ID this guy?

    Does anyone know who this mystery hunk from muscle-worship.com years' past is?
  6. okaybutmaybe

    Links Snapchat show off list

    Hey it doesn’t exist yet it seems so Imma make one this is a threat for finding guys what want to show off their cocks and guys who want to admire those cocks. drop your snap and at least state if you wanna show off or look for guys who wanna show off, thanks.
  7. W

    Furiousfotog / Trent Cassidy XXX / @trentswole / Golden Czermak

    Hey guys, this guy is really hot...and he is a photographer that work with male models...his work is awesome and pretty hot I've found out that he has an OnlyFans. Is it good? furiousfotog - Find @furiousfotog Onlyfans - Linktree Login • Instagram FuriousFotog OnlyFans
  8. Suspiriorum

    Photos & Videos Master JT (@AlphaJT_, masterjt)

    Surprised he isn’t on here yet
  9. R


    Any videos of guys licking each other like candy? Not a blowjob or rimming, but neck, body, fingers, face, sweat. I find it super hot. Even better if the dude being licked is hairy.
  10. W

    Wei Chao - taiwanese hottie

    Hey guys. This guy is so hot. https://twitter.com/wei2aes_/media Login • Instagram OnlyFans Is the subscription worth it?
  11. H

    Website recommendations for Asian muscle hunks

    Hey everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for recommendations of good websites accessible from Europe to see hunky asian guys. Pretty boy athletes, bodybuilders, jocks etc. Doesn't have to be sex but erotic, nude, voyeuristic. Bonus points for flexing, muscle worship and cocksure...
  12. J

    Skybo Media

    Anyone here remember the since long gone website Skybo Media? It starred Denny Hellbo and a few others, but he was pretty much the main star and attraction of the site's content. Lots of domination, wrestling, humiliation type kink videos that I really used to enjoy. There's only a limited...
  13. W

    HornyAlphaBoy (Thebestflex)

    This guy is really hot. HornyAlphaBoy's profile | TheBestFlex Any information about him? Does he has an OF? What about his social media? Does he goes by another alias?
  14. mfrosti

    Private Members Club

    Has anyone encountered a private members club, solely focused on muscle and/or bodybuilding worship?
  15. P

    Portland, Seattle, PNW Built muscular men wanted for play

    Pacific Northwest Area -- Looking for muscular built men for hot play, scenes etc. Please be worked out with lean muscle or big muscle. Exhibitionist and those who are into muscle worship /scenes to move to front of the line. I am 6' 220 lbs. Workout 5-6 xs week 49 yrs old and attractive...
  16. Q

    Big Fucking Geno content

    Login • Instagram This guy is such a stud but i cant find any links to any of his content shared online, anyone got any links?
  17. cockyjakey

    Help identify this hot black muscle guy

    Can someone help me identify this hot black muscle guy? and what studio this was taken? thanks!
  18. U

    Who is this juicy muscle pecs man?

    I’ve seen this gif everywhere. Who is this man!?
  19. depravacaodemais

    Big Rocco (@bbmorocco__)

    I met this guy on Twitter yesterday. Apparently, he's a singer and definitely quite exhibitionistic. I'm not sure if he's heterosexual, but it seems so. Apparently, he doesn't have any profiles on JFF or OF. What caught my attention is that he seems to be heterosexual and really enjoys showing...
  20. M

    Big Alpha - Domination Wreste

    any thread of this guy? he's so hot
  21. ryank

    Video Muscle worship & rub - bodybuilder / video - id reqeust

    anyone know who this is? or if there's a longer version about?
  22. E

    Muscle Worship - help ID

    Hi! Please help me find the ID of this stunning bodybuilder being worshipped at 3:00 Hands-On Muscle Worship Collection #2
  23. A

    True story - Getting closer with my best friend/roommate

    Happy (and quite erotic) ending! English is not my mother language, so sorry for any mistakes. I wrote a bit of background for this story, as I find it important, but if you just want to skip to the raunchy part, I have marked it with X's. I will call my best friend V. V is 101% straight. V...
  24. mbougre

    Hot DILF for megahung in Tucson / SE Arizona

    Gay man — tall, fit, hairy, hot, & handsome — looking for hot megahung guys who love having their massive dick worshipped. I've had plenty of sex, and I've got a sexy medium-large dick myself, which gets a lot of compliments. But I crave monstercocks. I'm not looking for a humiliation scene...
  25. M


    There are two hot vids I have but don't where where the full vid is or who they are. Does anyone know?
  26. W

    Hot Cosplayer - william_as91

    This guy is so hot...and his cosplay is awesome Login • Instagram
  27. W

    Jan Hulk Vaculík - drpowerlifter - Viribus Fitness

    He is hot. Regarding his OF, is it worth it? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  28. D

    eager throat seeking a feeder to take me under his wing

    i've always fantasized about getting to suck and swallow hung dom men. i've had a few experiences with them, but as my fellow cocksuckers know, a "few" is nowhere near enough to satiate this craving!! i've always LOVED the connection I feel with a guy just by taking his cock in my mouth and...
  29. P

    Hot Worship video. Help ID

    Hey guys.. I stumbld upon this very hot armpit worship video, but can anyone help ID the actors/scene title. Hoping to find full/HD version. Thaaaanks
  30. W

    Victor - Armzbro97 - Muscle Worship OF

    This guy is so hot. Love how verbal he gets when teasing. Anything on his OF content? https://twitter.com/armzbro97 Login • Instagram