1. J

    Hans Kaempfer

    Anyone have anything on wrestler Hans Kaempfer?
  2. G

    Help me find this video

    All I know about this video is this two words: Wrestling/Vintage.
  3. B

    Photo WilliamHiggins model Daniel Jerabek

    Does anyone know anything about a guy named Daniel Jerabek? He was a model for WilliamHiggins and I would like to know if he is still doing porn or what his socials are.
  4. kalebonline

    Gay Fuck Violence Bareback

  5. fireice42

    Austin Theory and John Cena

    WWE star, Austin Theory was dumb struck. He'd just got the news that he'd be going to Japan with the WWE for one of their shows. Unfortunately, Austin didn't get to pick who his roommate was; The WWE did that for him. Anyway, he was just glad to be going. After the couple of months, he'd...
  6. xGiovanni12x

    Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) - Big ass alert!

    A little sample of this beautiful butt. He is a WWE athlete (or actor, whatever!). Let's just make this thread happen.
  7. S

    Chris Hemsworth vs Henry Cavill wrestling

    Two muscular and well-built males. Who will win and prove that he is better.
  8. J

    Any LGBT Wrestling Kink Venues in UK?

    Hi, Does anyone know if any LGBT+ Wrestling kink venues in UK? Need a ring to sort out a wrestling kink fantasy
  9. S

    Tyler vs Henry wrestling

    Henry Cavill and Tyler Heochlin both very muscular and handsome. They both played the role of a superman. But which one is better. Who is strong enough to beat the other. Who deserves to be the ultimate superman. And what will happen to the loser?
  10. R

    Mikey O’brien

    @mikeymaybeme on instagram and tik tok. College wrestler turned viral weightlifter with a crazy body and thick thighs. anyone have anything on him?
  11. D

    zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs rippling Olympic diver muscles of tom daley
  12. BlackWrestlingLover

    Ricky Starks

  13. Z

    Anyone Can Identify This Wrestler?

    I found this wrestling video and it is a compilation of submissions and unfortunately I couldn’t find this guy’s name. Brazilian headscissor domination | Thumbzilla
  14. H

    My Best Friend Turning Into A Muscle Monster

    Even though this is the fictional story section, the first parts of the story, as well as all measurements are real. This story is about my best friend being a small, bullied weakling who somedays discovers weightlifting - what totally transforms him and his personality... My stat’s at that...
  15. N

    Loser Gets Fucked

    I’m looking for a type of video I struggle to find. I really like videos where they play some sort of game or compete and the loser is punished somehow. A Good Example of this is the Naked Kombat series. Does anybody know any other good videos like this?
  16. D

    First To Cum Lose

    Anyone knows any gay wrestling porn with the theme "First to cum lose"?
  17. D

    First To Cum Lose Porn

    Hello! Anyone knows any gay "First to Cum loses", "If you cum You lose", "Wrestling Edge battle", type of porn to indicate?
  18. J

    Chad Gable “wwe”

    bulge or vpl or butt slips?