1. A

    Photo Gaymerwithmuscles christian brooks

    Hey! Anyone has something on this super sexy guy? Uncut and fantastic pubes and body. Was a wrestler. He goes by Gaymerwithmuscles on instagram and X(Twitter). Lives in Vegas. Would love to see that hard cock!
  2. R

    Will Ospreay

    This man just radiates sex. He’s always been insanely hot even when he was a lot smaller and had a pancake ass. Now he’s much more buff and has definitely done more squats. One of the few wrestlers who has gotten way hotter with age. Definitely warrants his own thread. Hope you all can enjoy...
  3. M

    AJ Bacaro

    This professional wrestler and personal trainer from NYC is AJ Bacaro. He is one sexy guy with a nice ass. Is there anything on him? Thoughts?? IG: @bacaroaj X: @ajbacaro
  4. Nydegenerate

    Indy Wrestler Maximilien Monclair

    I swear this guy has the fattest ass... @maximilienmonclair
  5. riverwoods

    Confessions of a Wrestler (back again)

    Hey, Going to give this another try and repost some of my old posts. I'm going to be more careful and limit what I post as the last time I answered a question, honestly, and it was not kosher, apparently. Happy to answer questions or any follow ups to anything I post. How this works...
  6. A

    Photos & Videos luchador Daga

    El no tiene only fans pero suele subir fotos ricas, es uno de los luchadores más ricos y sexys actualmente, ojalá se anime a crear only para verle La vrga
  7. A

    Photos & Videos Luchador hijo del Pirata Morgan

    Aqui les traigo al hijo del pirata Morgan, desde hace mucho no actualiza su onlyfans así que no vale pagar la suscripción, solo cuenta con esto, si alguien tiene mas de el súbanlo
  8. M

    Solofa Fatu Jr. “Rikishi”

    I know there may be mixed opinions on this old school wrestler Rikishi. But I have an obsession with fat asses and Polynesian men. He fits that bill. He is much older now but him back in the day, whew. If I had a huge dick he would be spanked, bent over, and fucked hard till my semen is deep...
  9. A

    Photo Chase Saldate Spartans Wrestler

    Does anyone have anything else on him?
  10. M

    Vikas Wrestler

    Does anyone have anymore on this hot Indian guy who goes by "Vikas Wrestler" across social media? He seems to know his audience and often poses in a loincloth while hot & sweaty
  11. W

    Fans of Blayne from Thunders Arena Wrestling,

    Is anyone is a fan of Blayne from thunders arena?
  12. perfect_yves

    Nick Rodriguez / Nicky Rod The black Belt Slayer

    What a nice dick
  13. ggttvv

    Drew McIntyre

    Don't know how there's no thread of this man's he so hot post some hot stuff here !
  14. R

    Mustafa Ali

    Ali ass so phat, i’ll bury my face in it.
  15. M

    Claudio Castagnoli FKA Cesaro

    This man is so sexy he needs his own page. Claudio fka Cesaro. Just turned 42, sexy, fit, hairy, masculine. All my favorite things. His nickname in the locker room is apparently Big Dick Tony!
  16. zazzo

    Kaden Russell (College Wrestler)

    Starting the chat for the freakishly thick former collegiate wrestler Kaden Russell
  17. Scottishc0ck

    Grado - Wrestler/Actor

    Grado Scottish Actor / Wrestler I can't be the only one... I won't be taking any further questions at this time.
  18. A

    Anything on Shlak?

    Tw: blood He’s really hot but i couldnt find anything
  19. fireice42

    Coach's MVP

    The steaming hiss of shower water filled the locker room as a lone male stood underneath one of the many heads that dotted the locker room. His skin was a dark tan with exception with his arms and legs which had a lighter tinge. Tattoos across his chest and arms streaked across his skin, joining...
  20. fireice42

    John Cena And Brock Lesnar

    Down in Austin, Texas, Brock Lesner had just stepped out the elevator in his crispy black and white suit. Looking fresh and ready to go to the Arena when John approached him. John: Yo Brock man. You know about fixing cars? Brock: Maybe. Whats up? John: Yo, my limo broke down man. (walks him...
  21. fireice42


    ( NOT MY STORY ) I could feel my palms going sweaty as I walked up the driveway toward the house. It wasn't just the wealth and luxury of the estate that intimidated me, though the opulence would have been enough to scare off less determined suitors than I. No, it was something entirely...
  22. fireice42


    John slung his bag over his shoulder before heading toward the exit of the gym. He didn't feel like a workout anymore, especially not when Masters was going to be there the whole time, grinning and gloating. As he stormed from the building Cena took a moment to try and regain his composure, the...
  23. tazzman7777

    Max ryder onlyfans

    Anyone have anything from his onlyfans?
  24. M

    Jose Enrique

    This sexy Latin man Jose Enrique is exactly what the gay porn industry needed. He came into the industry in 2008 and from another thread it was mentioned he was last known to be in Chicago and loves to do wrestling outside the industry. Anything new on him? IG? Alternate porn name? Anything?
  25. E

    Asian Wrestler

    Does anyone have info on this guy? I remember seeing he was a wrestler
  26. Y

    19 Year Old College Wrestler

    Hello, I am just getting started into only fans and looking for members to join! I will be posting 10 new vids today as well as taking requests for any pics and videos that may fulfill you Message for link!
  27. M

    Eduard Soghomonyan

    Eduard Soghomonyan is an Armenian-born heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler. He is 6’3 and is a total hunk. He looks like someone who fucks rough. I am so turned on by him. Any thoughts or naked pictures of him??? IG: eduardsoghomonyanofficial
  28. T

    Anyone else a fan of motor-mouth wrestler Chrisjen Hayme?

    I just found one of his earlier videos before he became a pro wrestler. Enjoy: https://www.kookloo.com/view?v=2969999145
  29. T

    Christian Kaiser (cowboychreesh TikTok)

    Anything on the handsome cowboy? Christian Kaiser on TikTok
  30. MomentoMori92

    Gareth Morgan (WhatCulture)

    Personally I’ve had my eyes on him for a while, I think he’s following in Simon Miller’s sexy as footsteps & becoming a wrestler. The picture of him flexing in the mirror is the most recent & tbh it inspired me to finally make a thread for this underrated British hottie.