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  1. NowhereHere19

    Knockouts/LimpPlay/Somnophilia- Megathread-Reviews/Models/Links/Etc

    Website-EROTIC MALE WRESTLING | Clips4sale (No new videos)
  2. H

    Where to post my story (forums…)

    I wrote a story about bodybuilders, muscle, muscle domination and muscle theft, bdsm as it is rough i cant really post it here, does anybody know a forum that allows “rough” stories?
  3. I

    Photos & Videos chinese wrestler xiaokui (小奎) on douyin

    Does anybody have stuff of this hottie?
  4. riverwoods

    Confessions of a Wrestler (back again)

    Hey, Going to give this another try and repost some of my old posts. I'm going to be more careful and limit what I post as the last time I answered a question, honestly, and it was not kosher, apparently. Happy to answer questions or any follow ups to anything I post. How this works...
  5. J

    Skybo Media

    Anyone here remember the since long gone website Skybo Media? It starred Denny Hellbo and a few others, but he was pretty much the main star and attraction of the site's content. Lots of domination, wrestling, humiliation type kink videos that I really used to enjoy. There's only a limited...
  6. A

    Photos & Videos luchador Daga

    El no tiene only fans pero suele subir fotos ricas, es uno de los luchadores más ricos y sexys actualmente, ojalá se anime a crear only para verle La vrga
  7. F

    Who is this guy?

    Do you know who is him? It appears in this video with Nikki Delano (txxx. com/ videos/7277887/ nikki-delano-mixed-wrestling-followed-by-femdom) thanks!
  8. S

    Kayden Keller (Bgeast Superstar)

    A place to discuss current gay wrestling superstar Kayden Keller. This guy is one of the best Bgeast has to offer and an absolute cutie. Post pics and clips!
  9. wrestle7901

    Wrestling bulges Youtube playlists

    Always get turned on by wrestler with a big bulge. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYHAQBXguFmDcaBvhPKZC8uq_YI4_DbIH&jct=Fds3U98EZ4j2nB26-ejkGKnfkoFcxw Here is a small collection. Feel free to add wrestling videos or share playlists.
  10. G

    Anything on Jed Athens? Like social media or anything

    I needed a shower after watching his naked Kombat videos. He is an amazing top and looks like he gives an amazing handjob. I want him to stimulate me. Is he still doing porn? Any updates on him?
  11. G

    Moe - Fightplace

    Does anybody knows any other appearances from Moe other than fightplace? He's doing more and more light bdsm themed fights, so I'm sure he will appear somewhere else, sooner or later. There was a fight (My Little Bitch) when we saw his dick properly.
  12. T

    Photos & Videos Bodybuilder Johnny Bravo/David Riley (Thunders Arena/Jimmy Z Productions/Muscle Gallery)

  13. T

    College wrestling videos

    Post your best (full) matches Here's one to start off with:
  14. T

    Where to find discussion/curation of hot college wrestling matches?

    I've watched some on YouTube. Porn sites just have porn versions or compilations. I'm looking for full matches. Which specific matches are good? Is there a place to find good hot matches? Find which ones are good. Or a place to find hot wrestlers? I'm sure they're probably on YouTube, but I...
  15. T

    What are the hottest college wrestling matches and where to find them?

    I've watched some on YouTube. Porn sites just have porn versions or compilations. I'm looking for full matches. Which specific matches are good? Is there a place to find good hot matches? Or a place to find hot wrestlers? I'm sure they're probably on YouTube, but I want to find a place for...
  16. M

    Big Alpha - Domination Wreste

    any thread of this guy? he's so hot
  17. L

    Spiderman VS Captain America First to Cum Loses

    Cock fight fantasy match: Spiderman VS Captain America. Reply or pm me with who you think wins and with your dream scenario! At Avenger's Campus the twink Peter Parker was always teasing the guys and loved pushing their buttons. He loved seeing the muscle guys get flustered and frustrated...
  18. G

    Can someone help me find social media for Martin Lorenzo from naked Kombat or Tony from like ‘‘em straight

    I’ve never found a porn star this attractive does he still work?
  19. G

    Martin Lorenzo from naked Kombat

    Does Anyone Have Anything For Naked Kombat’s Martin Lorenzo Like does he have a social media? And can someone send me more videos of him topping? Thank you
  20. G

    Does anyone have anything for Naked Kombat’s Martin Lorenzo

    Like does he have any social media? Also can you send me more videos of him topping please he is so fine. Thank you
  21. wataru14

    Superhero Wrestling Sites

    Over the years I've managed to collect a pretty good library of superhero-themed wrestling videos. It seems like the market is taken up mostly by two brands: hardheroes (a division of can-am) and herohunks (a division of wrestler4hire). But looking at the two respective sites, I see some of the...
  22. W

    Fans of Blayne from Thunders Arena Wrestling,

    Is anyone is a fan of Blayne from thunders arena?
  23. C

    Kota Miura (MMA Fighter)

    Kota Miura is a Japanese MMA Fighter and heartthrob!
  24. juanesgomez

    Someonce can ID those muscle man wrestling

  25. T

    Help ID Beefy Wrestler Luchador Bi Asian Men in Singlets

    This video: https://mymusclevideo.com/112671/asian-sex/ These men are hot af. I love watching their asses and thighs flex when theyre thrusting. And the parts where they get handsy with each other makes me wish it was just those two going at it having rough no holds barred sex. Anyone know...
  26. O

    Gage Mettler

  27. NiNEnjoyer

    Can you help me identify these two?

    Do you have any info on these 2? Especially the bottom
  28. SkyLarkin

    The Super Jock Sluts - Gay superhero story

    This gay superhero series will follow five main heroes who all become united together by a single man/mentor and a common goal to save their city and loved ones. Ch. 1 and 2 will follow Flyby and the troubles he faces to balance his two lives. All characters are 18 and above. In an alleyway...
  29. H

    Video Looking for a specific choking video/s

    Hey, I'm looking for a specific erotic choking video that I keep seeing gifs/ cuts from. Would love help at finding the original source or names of the performers.
  30. G

    Jessie Colter

    Does he have any social media?