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  1. nomameswey

    Hot Pro Wrestlers (2022)

    Since the original HPW thread was deleted (R.I.P. to that goldmine) let’s continue the legacy with a new one. Tag team partners Royce Isaacs (foreground) and Jorel Nelson (background):
  2. S

    Chris Evans vs Chris Pratt wrestling

    Chris Hemsworth defeated Pratt and Evans and prove who is the best Chris. But who is the biggest jobber from two losers? Hemsworth take them both and made them prove their worth. There is only one chance to save what remains of dignity. Win in wrestling match. Who is better and can prove it to...
  3. S

    Which Chris is total jobber

    Chris Hemsworth defeated Pratt and Evans and prove who is the best Chris. But who is the biggest jobber from two losers? Hemsworth take them both and made them prove their worth. There is only one chance to save what remains of dignity. Win in wrestling match. Who is better and can prove it to...
  4. S

    Chris Pratt vs Chris Hemsworth

    In the previous poll Chris Evans vs Chris Hemsworth winer was hemsworth. But will Chris be able to do it again? Will Chris Pratt be able to do what Evans did not manage or Hemsworth will be the ultimate chris?
  5. Luccasth

    Photos & Videos Giant Bodybuilder

  6. D

    Wes Lee (Deveon Everhart Aiken)

    Deveon Everhart Aiken is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the NXT brand under the ring name Wes Lee. I really hope we see his big dick, maybe even bareback in a nice, wet, warm, tight pussy! ❤️
  7. S

    Patrick Leblanc vs Jeff Seid, Wrestling

    Which of these muscular hunks will win a wrestling match without rules. Who will be better. Alpha can be only one.
  8. S

    Chris vs Chris wrestling

    Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, both handsome and well-muscled. Who of them won the fight in the ring. Who would be better and stronger. There can be only one winner (Alpha) How do you think the fight will end. Would it be a close match or someone would have an advantage and why. And...
  9. P

    Matt R

    Matt Rudy now has an OF Hopefully we get more from this hottie!
  10. M

    Scott Randsome Appreciation Thread!

    I decided to start a thread for the hot BG Enterprise Wrestler turned 90's Pornstar Kurtus Beefcake a.k.a Scott Randsome. If he was your introduction into gay wrestling videos, then it's pretty much impossible to enjoy the modern wrestling videos lol.
  11. S

    Black/Interracial Erotic Wrestling.

    This topic was recently being discussed in another thread. This forum is for people to show appreciation to the Men of Colour in Erotic Gay Wrestling. Post Pics and Vids if you have them!!
  12. Harambae

    Trapps Wellington European(?) WRESTLING with CHEEKS Hanging Out:

    his big phat meaty booty ccheeks areALWAYS hanging out of his one size too small wrestling panties! And I totally LOVE IT
  13. B

    zac efron vs gymnast ultra hardcore wrestling

    And another new match to add in the spirit of equality, this one pits bodybuilder zac efron vs the trained olympic muscles of a gymnast..who gets wrecked in an ultra hardcore fight and wrestling match? vs
  14. B

    zac efron vs dtnamo ultra hardcore wrestling

    Next in the celebrity wrestling series we have the bodybuilding sculpted muscles of Zac Efron vs the beast Dynamo from 80s film the Running Man , who gets taken apart in an ultra hardcore wrestling match and fight? Stats: zac efron height: 5'6 Weight: 85kg chest: 44' waist: 34' biceps:16'...
  15. B


    Hi! I’ve recently discovered hometown boys wrestling league and would love to see posts on people’s favorites and links since it seems difficult to find a bunch of them. Also, I found one with Craig vs Scott and I love Craig, does anyone happen to have more content with him because I can’t find any.
  16. C

    Photos & Videos Celebrity wrestling Jonas edition

    I saw this article and though it was great, considering the things we know about this famous brothers, their commitment to workout and experience in the ring who do you think would win in a wrestling match?
  17. A

    Robbie Cardenas

    Hey guys, there's this hot guy called Robbie Cardenas who in the past used to do wrestling videos with guys, a quick google search will bring him up, does anybody know if he still does porn? He's gorgeous! Also if you have any links to videos, drop them here please! :)
  18. K

    Lost wrestling videos

    So many great gay wrestling videos have gone lost over the years. Let's use this thread to help each other find some of them! Looking for: 1.) California Knights Wrestling 10 2.) BG Enterprise Private Punishment 4 (Buddy Justice vs. Bryan Kidd) 3.) BG Video Story 3: Buddy's Wrestling Dream 4.)...
  19. B

    zac efron vs will poulter hardcore wrestling

    next fantasy no limits hardcore wrestling match following on from:celebrity wrestling and zac efron vs tom daley hardcore wrestling cast your vote and any comments below musclebound bodybuilder zac efron vs muscle beef will poulter
  20. B

    celebrity wrestling

    Hey is anyone into a fantasy scene of muscular male (and female or trans) celebrities wrestling to dominate the other, no limits hardcore matches? will create a few polls and add some pictures first up: Ripped Tom Holland vs musclebound Zac Efron! Any other guys into this?
  21. D

    Xavier Woods

    Austin Watson is an American professional wrestler better known by the ring name Xavier Woods. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name King Woods, due to winning the 2021 King of the Ring tournament. Watson also makes public appearances outside...
  22. D

    Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

    Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, businessman, and former professional wrestler. Regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, he wrestled for WWE for eight years prior to pursuing an acting career. His films have grossed over $3.5...
  23. D

    Ricochet (Trevor Mann)

    Trevor Mann is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Ricochet. That arse could crack a walnut, he likes to be fingered in his anus and likes to fuck whilst on the road. What a all rounder!
  24. V

    Nero Angelo/Bruno Labestia

    Starting a thread for Nero Angelo/Bruno Labestia from UCW, BGEast, Muscleboy Wrestling, etc! He's probably my favorite out of the "adult" wrestlers with his sexual approach to everything. Also that ass :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  25. Z


    I have been looking for this video since one month and I can’t find although although I know both of their names. Steel muscle god and charlie evans. Also , if someone have any steel muscle god video (worship or hot) please share it
  26. J

    Photos & Videos Ronnie And Zech Bresser (hung College Wrestling Brothers)

    They’re both insanely sexy and hung, anyone have anything on them or can bait them? Ronnie has an onlyfans but you’re not able to sub to it.
  27. P

    Influencers Wrestling

    Does anyone have any content of uk lads / influencers / straight bodybuilders doing wrestling ? Will swop !
  28. S

    Photos & Videos Chris Lyons, Cornell Iowa

    https://twitter.com/musclegostrip/status/1433956992226365441 https://www.reddit.com/r/Singlets/comments/gbbj4s/cornell/ https://i.pinimg.com/originals/04/99/cd/0499cdbd3a2735f638ffc4de6982e662.gif https://i.pinimg.com/originals/77/53/e1/7753e1cc832dc2c0a9994698307a2e47.gif Tumblr: Image
  29. N

    Vic Demann

    Anyone have more of this guy or knows if he went by any other names? Only saw the wrestling vids listed under "Vic DeMann" -https://www.gayforit.eu/video/254121/a.adnium.com/loader?a=1672711&s=1293559&t=14&p=6044 -Lockerroom Rumble 3 s1 with Paul Carrigan, Brent Banes and Kurt Wolfe -...
  30. CokeZero380

    Greco-roman/college Wresting

    I find nothing hotter than the uniforms and unbridled masculinity of guys wrestling. Forgive me if there’s already a thread - but if not, would love to start one here and see some favorites.