A Theory for PE: Focus On What's Holding You Back!

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    A guy named Iguana and I have a theory that might be able help out guys who "PE" gain more.

    If proven right, the theory could help out many men by helping them focus their routines more instead of just "guessing" what might be the best route to take. The theory involves the two main parts of the penis that we think we're enlarging/extending when we exercise our penises - the tunica and the smooth muscle.

    Before we go into detail about the theory, we need to build some data to see if it holds any ground. Please answer these two questions to help!
    • What's your current BPFSL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length at it's absolute maximum stretchiest point) and your current BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)?
    • What would you give the current strength of your erections (without supplements) using the scale below?
    By the way, anyone can answer these questions - regardless if you PE or not. But if you can, please be completely honest and use your current EQ and stats - or else you can throw off the whole thing.

    Thank you!
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