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    Charlottesville, VA
    Thanks to an early morning on the road, I find myself dropped off down the street from UVA by my dad at like, 7am, and it's freezing, so I put out my cigarette and go into the toasty library. The cavernous main hall is filled with bundled-up students, and the coffeeshop is absolutely mobbed, and I just plop down in front of a public-use computer and get on gay.com. I have no shame, 'tis true, and I think Thomas Jefferson would support me in my internet usage... Right.

    Anyways, I get on gay.com and not 5 minutes after I enter the chatroom here in Charlottesville do I see a guy that I've never seen on before. His profile is pictureless, but he's from Pittsburgh and has a bio-line that is irresistable: "29yo intelligent jock-type coming into town, looking to talk to a local"

    I say hi, naturally. He responds almost immediately with a warm "hey, how's it going?"

    We chat for a bit, he tells me that he's going to be in town for a couple of days for business, and he was looking for someone to recommend a place to stay that night, and something to do in this humdrum town. I decide to supply both, and suggest he stay at the hotel I work at. He thinks it's a great idea, and continues to plug me with questions about the area, about myself, and weasels another pic outta me. He then says to check my inbox, as he has reciprocated.

    Holy shit. The small facepic is that of a Greek god... Chiseled face, strong chin and jawline, beautiful dark eyes, short touseled black hair, a bit of stubble, and the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. Then I see that there's another pic.

    He's standing in a bathroom, and it's obviously a mirror pic, but it's from the chest down. His this pecs sit over a perfectly flat and defined stomach, his hips making a perfect muscly "v", pointing to his overstuffed crotch. His dick is only semi-hard, and thick as a cucumber. His head is blunt and swollen, and his large nuts swing dangerously low behind this monstrous piece of equipment.

    He messages me in a minute or so, asking if I was still there. I'm still sitting there, gaping at the picture. I respond with a "yes", and proceed to extol the picture's virtues. The guy is totally modest about it, saying he knows it's decently big, but it's no big deal. I beg to differ. He finally coughs up the measurements at about 9.5" by 6.5-7", but he's not sure about it... that was a previous boyfriend's estimate.

    We continue our conversation, he decides to start heading out, and promises to call my hotel to make a reservation.

    Sure enough, around 5, he calls. I answer, and this throaty, super-sexy voice greets me with a "good to hear your voice, Phil! it's Shaun!"

    Let me tell you, I melted right there and then.

    I make his reservation, and then he asks me when I get off. I tell him I get off at 11, and he says that he hopes to see me then.

    He shows up at 10, checks in, and gives me this devilish smile. I can barely choke out directions to the room I'd booked for him, second floor, backside. How nice, quiet, and out of the way, right? Totally not planned on my part. I swear. I watch his powerfully built body, barely contained in a tight sweater and nearly skintight cords, stroll out the door.

    Holy shit.

    11pm rolls around, my relief comes in, and is flabbergasted that I am already standing at the door, coat in hand, all paperwork done, laid out, and sorted. He's impressed, and I tell him simply that I have somewhere to be. I make for going down the street, out of sight, and then duck back up and go to Shaun's room.

    He answers the door in a tee shirt and shorts, smiles, and invites me in. I shoulder my way past the door and come into the room. I'm piqued by this pleasant odor... The man brought candles with him! Some exotic patchouli-and-something else odor wafts by my nose, and I am so overcome by the smell and low light that I am almost startled by his gentle hands on my shoulders, taking off my coat and then suddenly he is kissing me, his short stubble rubbing against my cheeks as his pouty, full lips caress mine. I open my mouth and let his thick, long tongue work it's way in, and I wrap my arms up around his neck, feeling the strong, steely muscles of his neck and back tense as he leans down into this incredible kiss. We break for a moment, and he is all smiles. "That was a nice way to say hello, don't you think?"

    I can only nod and smile back... words are pretty much escaping me at this point. He nods his head at the king-size, and I take his hand as he leads me down onto the bed. He lays on his side, I lay beside him, and I continue the kiss, letting my hands wander over his torso as he holds my head and passionately makes out with me. I feel the rigidity of his stomach muscles, the definition in his obliques, and then work my hands over his crotch. He's rock-hard, and seriously threatening the integrity of the skimpy shorts he's wearing. I feel the flared head poking out of the bottom, making it's way a healthy distance towards his kneecap, and gasp in delight.

    His cock is AMAZINGLY thick, and probably all of 10 inches long. I pop open the buttons that restrain it in his shorts, and haul the whole monster out into the open. He pulls back from me a bit, closes his eyes, and moans when I wrap my hand firmly around the shaft and slowly start to stroke him, even as I start to work my way down the bed to get a closer look at his equipment.

    I start to work a twist into my hand motion as I struggle to stretch my mouth around the thick, blunt head of his cock. He bucks a little as I lodge his cock against the back of my throat, the first 4-5" firmly embedded in my mouth. I breathe deeply through my nose, relax my jaw, and shove my head down further, pushing the head of his dick straight down my throat, stretching it to the max. I quickly reach his smooth skin (he'd shaved since he'd taken the pic)and find that it's baby-soft against my nose, no stubble to speak of. He is groaning loudly now, a hand laying softly against the back of my head, guiding me up and down his shaft. I feel his balls pulse, and I know he's already going to blow a load. He stiffens, whispers that he's going to come, and then I feel a flood of boiling hot cum surge up out of his dick and coat the back of my throat... His head swells terrifically as it jets eight or 9 thick spurts of cum deep down my throat, and the sensation is wild!

    He quiets, lays back, and I pull off of his softening prick, which loses very little length or heft when it gets soft... and I look him in the eye.

    *to be continued*
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    hoops01: Hey, great story! I can't wait to hear the rest. :)
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