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Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by shephusky, Jul 20, 2009.

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    As I awoke just before dawn, my beautiful wife was sleeping beside me. Since she sleeps on her side, I move closer to her and started to spoon her, so she can feel my dick. Which was getting a little bigger, just being next to her. Like it can smell when he is around her pussy. I put my arm around her and gently rubbed her breast. Very slowly caressing her full breast moving closer to her nipple. I kept caressing until I felt her nipple get harder and harder. As her nipple got harder and harder, so did my dick. I don't have a long dick, but a thick one. I can proudly say that women have come about 80% of the time with me fucking them. First of all, I think my dick is thick where it stimulates the clit when I am fucking them. Next, since I masturbate so much, I can usually keep fucking her until she cums. Well back to the story. When her nipple is super hard, my dick is too since she is shaking her ass slowly to grind on my dick. She turns over and pulls my head to her breasts. I lick and slowly suck her breasts. Especially the one that I wasn't caressing. As I such her breast, my hand slowly moves down her abs and start caressing her clit. Very gently. Teasingly. Moving to her thighs. Then to her pussy lips. I eventually put 1..then 2 and finally 3 fingers into her very wet pussy. Her scent is getting heavier in the bed and the hornier I get. My dick is rock hard now. I take my hand out from her pussy and caress her breast again. As i suck that breast. The animal in me comes out. I have only one desire. To put my load into my women. We strip quickly. Then I get on top of her. She guides my thick dick into her pussy, but I prevent her from putting it in. I tease her by just putting the dick head into her wet pussy. It takes all my will power to prevent me from pushing it all the way in, but I want her to beg for it. It doesn't take long. My dick head is so wet from her juices and my pre-cum. She says give it to me now. And I push my dick completely into her and hold. This is my favorite feeling of all time. the initial penetration. She is pulling my ass as tight as she can and I am pushing as much as I can. I pull my dick out and it is soaked with juices. I am so turned on. As I see her lips grip my cock, I move in and out. I hold out until she is closer...closer...ahhhhhh..then I put it into high gear and cum right after her. Deep inside her....as she holds my ass with my dick inside her. mmmmmm
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