An Encounter With Rachel

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    I am new to this site and this is my first ever story. So here goes, I hope you

    I looked at my watch. 7:57 AM. I was out on my usual paper-round that I did every day. The same streets, the same houses. My paper-bag pulled down my shoulder and left a dull ache in my arm. I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. I swerved round the corner, nearly toppling off my bike in the process. It had been raining heavily the night before, so the ground was still damp, but there was a fresh scent in the air. As I sped down the final street, I reached my final delivery. I knew the inhabitants well. My mom's friend, Mrs Jones, (or Rachel as she was referred to) and her husband lived there. Mrs Jones was a complete stunner, who had aged exceptionally well. She must have been in her late thirties, but a guess would have put her back in her late teens or early twenties. She sometimes used to greet me when I gave her the newspaper, and when she did I was transfixed by her figure; apart from these encounters I had lost most contact with her throughout the years, but still saw her very occasionally. A pink dressing-gown draped over her lush figure, her pert big tits pushing out. Her long legs were smooth and tanned, and her shiny brown hair curled around her face, in particular her soft lips and dazzling eyes. She seemed perfect, I wondered how her husband had ever got ahold of her. The few times I had seen him, due to him being such a workaholic, I definitely did wonder. He must of been approaching 50, had a fat belly, was short and grumpy and had lost all of his hair.

    I pulled up to the Jones' driveway, throwing my bike onto the ground. I grabbed a paper and sauntered up the pathway. As I reached the house, I jumped backwards as the front door opened. There stood Rachel, looking as appealing as ever, in the same skimpy gown.
    'Hey, Tom' she stifled. She seemed to be upset, her voice trembling.

    'Hey, Rachel'. I exclaimed. 'What's up?'

    'Oh, it's nothing' she said. 'You probably wouldn't be interested'.

    'Really?' I said. I was definitely interested in why Rachel seemed upset. What was bothering this beautiful women?

    'You can tell me if you want', I exclaimed. 'After all, we have known each other for a long time!' Rachel let out a forced laugh.

    'Well it is quite personal', she responded. 'I don't know if I should explain'.

    'It's fine' I said, comforting her. 'If you don't want to tell me then that's OK, but I think it would help if you released your emotions'.

    'Oh come here, you cutie!' she blubbered, pulling me close to her. I was pretty shocked. She begun to softly cry into my shoulder. Her frame seemed small against my chest, which I have always been proud of. I'm pretty tall, over six foot, and always made an effort to swim, run and hit the gym weekly. I think it has paid off, my body being firm and slender. Her breasts pressed against my chest as I held her, and her hair fell across my arms.

    'It's my husband', she whispered. 'We had an argument last night. Not a normal argument, this one was different. He threatened to kick me out'.

    'Hold on', I firmly stated. 'What did he do to you?'

    'Nothing...' she stated, looking up into my eyes.

    'Are you sure?' I responsed, feeling a twang of dissapointment as she released herself from my hold.

    ''s...' she trailed off, seeming to bring herself together
    'You know you can rely on me', I reassured her in a firm voice.

    'OK, he hit me', she stated. 'It's not the first time either'.

    'That's terrible', I said, taken aback. 'There's never a need for that'. How dare that idiot hit this woman, I thought to myself. I had always thought that he never deserved her, but not to this extent. My rage continued to build.

    'We've been having marriage problems', she confided. 'He is too focused on his work to give me any time. And by marriage problems, you probably know what I mean'.

    I could not believe what Rachel was telling me. I felt a mixture of anger and wonder, as I continued to look at her.

    'Well...' she said, trailing off. 'Do you want to come in, I can make you come breakfast, it might cheer me up'.

    'Yeah sure', I replied. With said revelations in mind, I was not concerned over what time it was. I followed her through the doorway, sloping down to avoid hitting my head.

    I sat down at a table as Rachel went through into the kitchen to make me a drink. I fiddled with my fingers, confused about what I had heard in the last five minutes or so. I heard the coffee machine in the next door room, and soon Rachel had come through with a drink. She passed it to me across the table and sat down opposite me.

    'So, is your husband in?' I enquired.

    'Yes, he's upstairs but he's still asleep, I guess', she replied. Rachel seemed to be staring directly at me. Her demeanor was completely different to what it had been just a moment ago.

    'So what are you up to today', I said.

    'Oh I don't know. I think that idiot wants me to go shopping just to get me out the way', she responsed in a harsh tone. 'But at the moment, I have no plans'.

    I continued drinking. Rachel's gaze remained transfixed on me. The situation seemed awkward. Suddenly I noticed. Her nipples seemed hard. I was shocked. The room was warm, so surely she must be...aroused? This wasn't happening, I thought as I gulped down the rest of my drink.
    I stood up and pushed the chair backwards.

    'Rachel, er, thanks for the drink but really I've got to go. School's soon, and, well, you know...' my voice trailed off.

    Rachel stood up. 'Tom, please don't go. I need someone around to comfort me, I can't face him when he wakes up!'

    This was like a scene from my wild fantasies, but in real life, it's different. I began to sweat.

    'Well, what do you want to do?' I quickly responded.

    The sadness and worry were now completely erased from Rachel's face. She made no effort in trying to cover her arousal.

    'You know how I said my husband and I had an argument?' she asked me.

    'Yeah..' I said, gulping as she walked slowly towards me.

    'What do you think 'marriage problems' really mean, Tom' she questioned me again. I was stood transfixed as she licked her soft lips.

    'I don't know, Rachel, why don't tell me' I said, staring at her pert tits.

    'My husband has never had the goods to satisfy me, if you know what I mean'. I could not believe what was happening. My confidence grew back in leaps and bounds.

    'For my entire married life, I don't think we've fit together' she said softly, now stood directly in front of me.

    'That's a shame, a real shame' I exclaimed, letting out a smile. 'And I could help fix that?'

    'Well, how about I find out if you have what my husband doesn't', she whispered. I now realised just how sex starved she seemed to be. Her lust was obvious.

    'Go ahead', I whispered back, standing in front of her.

    [To be continued]

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    awesome...keep it coming
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    Rachel instantly dropped to her knees, her pink gown flapping as she did so revealing a momentary glimple of her shaved pussy. She grabbed my belt and unbuckled it before slowly sliding my pants down my legs, beaming up at me, our eyes locking together.
    I knew what was going to happen. So turned on, I ripped off my shirt, revealing my rippling toned chest which elicited admiration from Rachel.

    'You must work out!', she joked.

    'It's all for you', I said with a hint of anticipation.

    'Let's see if your member is just as special', she whispered.

    Standing in just my boxers, Rachel slid them down. I watched smirking as her entire face lit up.

    'Jesus!' she nearly shouted. 'I can't believe you've been hiding this from me for so long. It's huge!'

    I have to admit, my dick was special. Last time I measured I was exactly nine inches long at full length, thick and veiny and perfect shaped. I could understand her shock.

    'It must be twice as big as my husband's little pecker, even when it's soft!' she laughed. She grabbed my floppy cock and began to swirl her soft tounge over it's head. I was in heaven.

    Her dreamy eyes looked up at me, and with her free hand she began to slowly slide her gown down her tight body. She slid it over her shoulders, releasing her bouncy soft tits which were the best I'd ever seen, rounded and of a perfect size. She further slipped the gown down, finally revealing her juicy moist pussy, all while bobbing up and down on my long cock.
    I stood there as Rachel slid her mouth down my hard shaft. She almost engulfed the full nine inches, her mouth open wide, her tounge sliding up and down my sloppy shaft, teasing me. I moaned softly. Her body was absolutely perfect, more so than I could ever have imagined. She began to stimulate herself, sliding her small finger into her pink hole as she continued sucking my big member, full of desire and excitement.

    'This is amazing' I gasped, pushing Rachel's head further down onto my cock. Rachel gagged on my meat, bringing her head back up along the shaft. My dick glistened with her spit and the precum smeared along it, large veins rising up.

    'Your dick is perfect', Rachel exclaimed, panting. 'Especially for someone your age. If my child-cocked husband had been blessed with your equipment, things might be a little different'. Her fiery tone excited me further. I pushed her head back down onto my cock. She bobbed up and down, taking in the entire length this time, an amazing feat for someone with such a small mouth.
    My cock began to throb, nestled in the snug pocket that was Rachel's mouth. All I was focused on was my shaft sliding through Rachel's pursed lips and the end of my cock bouncing down her throat. We were perfect matched and I wish this could go on forever. I leaned back and felt the obligatory rush of cum shooting through my shaft.

    Rachel, you ready?' I shouted. She nodded vigorously, too focused to remove her lips from my cock.

    Take it all in!' I shouted again. I came ferociously, again and again, Rachel still deep throating me all the way to my balls, taking in every last drop. I gasped with pleasure as my come flooded down her throat. She slid her mouth all the way back to the head of my cock, sucking off the remaining moisture.

    'That was sensational!' I blurted, bringing my hands through Rachel's hair.

    'I needed that, you stud!' she replied. 'I've never had a cock that big before, they're the best!'

    I pulled Rachel up, both of us stark naked. I felt her beautiful tits and toned ass, bringing her close to me, feeling her light panting.
    'When will your husband be up?', I requested.

    'Oh I don't know, I don't really care either, I want you and only you now, Tom', Rachel responded.

    'But Rachel, you must realise that he will be angry if he finds out about this', I warned her. 'Surely we can keep this a secret'.

    'Keep what a secret', she whispered, looking into my eyes. 'I'm not done with you yet you stud. That cock deserves some more attention'.

    I felt my cock begin to rise again. Rachel looked down and winked at me.

    'All in time, Tom. First, we need to sort something out.'
    Rachel gripped my hand and led me to nearby cupboard. Opening it, I saw a pair of handcuffs and rope.

    'What's this for'. I said, bemused.

    'Subduing Mark', she replied, a glint in her eye. 'He's so useless I think I could manage this by myself.

    'Why do we need to subdue him, can't we just leave him upstairs', I said, still confused.

    'No, Tom. I want him to see what a real man looks like. He needs to be taught'. Rachel laughed.

    'Sounds good to me', I responded. Considering the way this scumbag had been abusing Rachel for the past few years, I was willing to follow her plan.
    Hand in hand we traversed up the stairs, Rachel with two pairs of handcuffs and me with strings of rope. Reaching the hallway, we walked along past several doors until we reached the bedroom.

    'He's in here', Rachel whispered. 'You should easily be able to deal with him'.
    Bursting in, Rachel ran around the side of the bed and handcuffed her husband to each post of the master bed. I grabbed the rope and flung it around him, quickly pinning him down as he attempted to fling himself upright, holding him in place.

    'What's going on', he shouted, a terrified look on his face. He turned to face Rachel, and quickly turned again to face me.

    'Who is this!' he shouted at Rachel. 'What the hell do you think you're doing'. He was bright red with fury, wriggling and trying to escape.

    'There's no point trying to escape, you idiot', Rachel jeered. 'You're going to watch what a real man can do, isn't that right Tom'.

    'Oh yes, definitely' I sneered, closing in on Rachel.

    'Who is this bastard!' Mark demanded. 'Release me'. Writhing on the bed, Mark's efforts at escape were futile.

    'You're going to sit and you're going to watch', I stated. I reached across for Rachel and pulled her into clear view of her husband.

    [To be further continued!]
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    Please continue. This is an excellent story.
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    Rachel snuggled up against my chest, leering down at her husband. Suddenly, she snatched the duvet covering Mark and flung it across the room, leaving her husband bare.

    'You see what I mean, Tom. Look at him'.
    I stared down at the quivering fat man lying on the bed, stark naked. I stifled a laugh when I saw his cock. It must have been less than two inches.

    'That thing is pathetic. Looking at it now, it's actually quite funny', Rachel giggled. 'He wasn't blessed with much, was he!' I caught Mark's gaze, which suddenly transfixed downwards; he was staring at my long cock, speechless.

    'You like what you see?' Rachel exclaimed, taking the words out of my mouth. 'This is what a real man looks like'.
    Suddenly she dropped to her knees, grabbing my cock and shoving it into her warm little mouth.

    'What are you doing!', Mark shouted, blushing. 'Please, Rachel, stop!'. Rachel took no notice. My cock began to harden, extending into her mouth and once more scraping her throat. Mark was left to stare as his wife wildly sucked off my nine incher, moaning with pleasure.
    Mark suddenly turned white, focused on the scene unfolding before him. As Rachel continued to suck me with the same passion she did originally, I noticed Mark's little cock hardening. It was barely visible; it grew very little, and I smirked, in a way feeling sorry for his little member. Rachel slid her mouth from my glistening cock, turning to jeer at her husband.

    'See what I said, it's no bigger than a child's'! And he's getting aroused by his wife sucking off a big one!'.

    'You're right!' I joked. 'What a freak!'.

    'No..I..I..wasn't'... Mark had stopped struggling. There was no escape from his bonds. He stared at his small cock. He always knew it had been small, teased throughout his life. It didn't even hit four inches. He was sat, transfixed at this young guy's huge dick, his wife slurping it wildly. He had to admit - he was turned on, but this had to stop.

    'Please, honey, this isn't right!', he whimpered.

    'Shut up,' I ordered the cowering sissy. I liked being in control, having complete control over this goddess and her weedy husband.
    Rachel halted her hot sucking, pulling herself up while tickling my firm abs.

    'Take me, you stud, please', Rachel begged me. 'You're mind-blowing!'. She led me by the cock over to a large armchair in the corner of the room and flung herself onto it.

    'I'm yours!', she said, desire evident in her voice. As she sat, legs spread, I knelt down in front on the chair and leaned forward, thrusting my tounge into her hairless pussy.

    'Yes, baby, yes!' she screamed, pulling my head down into her crotch. My tongue flickered in and out of her tight pussy, beautiful and tight after all those years of waiting. Working my way up and down her hot slit, I tickled her clit, leading to moans of delight.

    'Rachel, we can work things out!' cried Mark from the bed. His cries were completely ignored. I was diving for pearls and returning the pleasure Rachel had given me. Suckling on Rachel's clit, I parted her pussy further and continued my work my magic.

    'OH..MY..GOD!', she screamed breathlessly, as she began to spurt over the chair. Writhing in sheer ecstasy, Rachel was in a world of her own. Her glorious legs were trembling in the air, hot and wet as I stood up and lifted lifted her from the chair into my strong figure.

    'That's deeper than his cock usually reaches!' Rachel uttered, laughing and regaining her composure, giving me a quick kiss.

    I carried Rachel over to the king size bed, placing her supple frame next to her husband. She seemed willing to please in any way possible. Mark was still gaping and hard with a vacant look in his eyes.

    'Hey you loser', Rachel mocked. 'That little thing's good for nothing. Watch and learn how a real dick can satisfy my needs, because you certainly were never capable of doing so'.

    I lowered my hard cock down towards Rachel's moist pussy. We were both aching for pleasure, to be together. My rock hard helmet slowly penetrated her tight lips, and she grabbed my cock with her small hand, edging me in inch by inch; her hands seemed even smaller around my cock and her fingers only reached around half my girth. She moaned half of my cock tunneled it's way into her depths. Six inches, then seven. She whimpered.

    'Tom, go slow, no one's ever been here before'.

    I slowy pushed the remaining two inches into the depths of her pussy, scraping her cervix, feeling her shudder and lightly bite her lip.

    'Fuck me, fuck me hard', Rachel whimpered.
    I began sliding in and out of her, our bodies pressed together, her legs clasped around my back, pulling me closer toward her.
    She screamed in sheer lust as she pulled my entire length in. I could feel my shaft covered in her pussy juices, her hands running through my thick hair and her tight pussy clasped around the thick base of my penis.

    'She's finally recieving the pleasure she deserves', I shouted, mocking Mark.

    'I...I..,' he trailed off, watching another man pleasure his wife in ways he could only dream of, desperate to wank his own stub.
    Mark watched as the thick meat slid in and out of his wife's pussy, utterly dwarfing his tiny cock, pre cum leaking out of his helmet as he continued to stare.

    'Ignore..that....small....cock... it's insignificant...all I you', Rachel called out to me in ecstasy, pulling me further down into the most extreme depths of her pussy, fulfilling her in ways she thought were never possible.
    The situation continued, me and Rachel seething in pleasure as Mark watched from a few feet away, feeling extremely deflated. He was not a man. He was a little boy. His cock couldn't reach half the depths that this stud's could - rather than feeling sick, he was fully aroused, enjoying watching his wife being pleasured beyond all recognition.

    'Get ready!', I shouted, feeling the rush of cum flooding through my dick. I spurted in progressive waves, it must have lasted around twenty seconds. I projected my seed deep into Rachel's pussy, feeling her whole body shudder.

    [To be further continued]
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    Please continue....
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