any experience with using a surger unit

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    I am thinking about buying a BB5T surger unit, but would like to hear from others who can share their experience with using one. I would like to know if by using one, you can pump bigger, or faster, or longer, or what does it do for you? They are about $225, so I don't want to through money away. Any input would be helpfull. I have included a link to show what it is I am talking about.

    Big Sex Toy Store - BB5T-SURGER - The Surger
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    First off, this is not a vacuum pump. It's just a reservoir that releases vacuum in a surge. You still need to purchase a vacuum source.

    I had a Vacutech VT9000 electric pump.
    With my Vacutech, I could adjust the vacuum more or less quickly by the turn of the knob.

    The instant surge of vacuum in my opinion is NOT wise.
    Your forcing blood through your valves in a RAPID rate, and could lead to torn valves, or torn internal tissue.

    Plus... $220. Please!! Hardly worth that. Take a 2 litre pop bottle, drill in the cap, put a valve with tubing, and voila. Pinch off the tubing, and release it. There ya go. Prolly $5.00 at the hardware store.

    The most important part really, is that you get a cylinder that fits.
    Not sure how much you have to spend, or if you already have the Vacutech VT9000 system, but whatever you do, get something that fits!!!
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