Anyone Ever Look at a guy &...? (three boners)

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    Anyone Ever Look at a guy & got the feeling that he was gonna adjust or play with his cock? well lol i get it all the time & i am usually right
    its like bulgedar or something

    today i saw 3 boners

    Boner 1
    a guy walked into the computer lab at college & our computers have no restrictions & i figured for soem reason he was gonna give me some dick action he had a normal slight bulge so eventually he starts jerkin off & watching porn . I am sitting opposite of him but i know the signs

    looking over their shoulder alot
    movin closer to the computer
    movin the computer monitor
    random arm/hand movments

    he got up with a big boner lol i was in heaven

    boner 2

    this guy got off a motorcyle with a boner & kep trying to pull down his shirt lol didnt work

    boner 3
    a guy in soccor shorts got hard and what abulge
    i was folowing him as much as possible without seeming stalkerish haha

    neone got this sense?
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