anyone get vocal negative feedback???

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    once i was at the beach at sundown - not very crowded at all - probably 10 -15 people laying in the sand

    i had trunks on but under them i had a briefs that have a front pouch for comfort. you know the kind that handle your package better

    so basically after being there all day and no one cared, i decided to go with just the briefs for the last bit of light. it feels free-er (sp?) and, hey, i am proud of my gear

    i slid the trunks off and laid back again with my bulge more visible but the light was fading. i wasn't hard but i wasn't soft but it probably looked big enough to make out the shape (if you were really trying and staring at it)

    then 5 minutes later from out of nowhere a lifeguard/security person about 18-20 years old came up to me and said "buddy, put that away. it's not that type of beach"

    i looked up at him like "you gotta be kidding" but since it was getting dark i gathered my stuff and walked to the shower area - in briefs still

    the shower area was like two phone booths made of wood that held 3-4 people each. it had a switchback entrance (no curtains) so you could get naked in there to shower.

    as i was showering, i could hear two older ladies coming to thier showers saying stuff like "might as well be naked" and "left nothing to the imagination" which i thought originally was a compliment but as i was drying and dressing i heard one say "the bigger the johnson, the bigger the dick"

    so they were saying that i was a jerk because of my cock size!!!

    so now i was pissed and then i heard the other say "only gay men have them that big anyway" and "it was probably padded"

    knowing that that day was the last one for me at the beach, i planned on saying something to them on the way out. then i heard the opening i needed...

    the first one said "well, if i was in my 20s again, i'd show him a thing or two - big penis or not"

    i grabbed my gear, exited my shower, turned the corner and entered their shower. i leaned against the wall and said "well, ladies, i can see it all pretty good and my dick is hiding now. nothing much to look at in here."

    they turned and gasped. one was mid 30s was not too attractive and the mid-40s one was nicer and had huge tits and they were all in the bare...

    "except for those", i added nodding to the top heavy one, "nice tits"

    they looked at each other with mouths wide open...

    i turned and walked out and got in my car and left. they never said a word...

    anyone have this type of public prejudiced experience against your johnson?
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    No, never. Where on earth were you lying out and how many years ago was this?:confused:
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    travel world wide 300+ pay taxes from LA
    I have never had such a reaction and wear speedo bikinis all most all the time. I have worn them all across the States from beaches to pools and never had that kind of reaction. No neative reaction in Europe and Asia S. America wouldn't be suprising ot anyone.

    One thing I do enjoy is walking in plane sight and noticing the turned heads in my wake from both men and women alike.

    One interesting thing that happend was a month ago while surfing the net I found three pictures of me at three different places posted on Hidden Cam sights. I guess people had taken pictures without my knowing it and submitted them. I have to admit that was a turn on.

    BTW was the brief under yout trunks made of mesh, if so I htink I know why you would have gotten that reaction- lol.
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