1. D_Prudence_Admonition_Drightits

    Oct 14, 2006
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    Do you think you are a player-why or why not? Do you have mad skills that make men/women come begging for more? Here is a quiz-are you a player? If anyone can find another one better, please post to this thread.

    Relationship Advice - For Men Only - Are You A Player?

    You know guys, it takes more than a handsome face and a long thick dick to get the distinction. :biggrin1: If you got "MAD SKILLS" I applaud you!

    (For you younger than me....okay so I am using older slang, cut a lady some slack.)
  2. B_625girth

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    Jun 30, 2007
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    to answer your question ...no. I am 55 yo and married for almost 30 yrs. when I was younger, the term player, did not exist with its current meaning, ladies man, playboy were the terms back then. back then i was somewhat shy, good looking, poor, thin and tall. so I wasn't a "clothes horse" for 2 reasons, too tall(they don't make fashions for tall or big people) and no money. But I was clean and a gentleman, polite. I didn't and don't abuse women. and I as I got older and not so shy, I started bedding down my dates, and the ladies passed the word around that I had 'something" worth checking out. and I took advantage of the situation and got my "dauber" wet. I did get a reputation as a "love'm and leave them" but I also had women do the same to me. it was not that uncommon for me to wake up in the am with one woman, and be bedding a different one that night. I enjoyed my fun, but I was looking for the "right" lady, not to see how much puss i could nail.
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