Axel Stone

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    I was home alone. Mom had left to go shopping, and Dad was at work. It was time.
    I grabbed the DVD and popped it in as I stripped off my clothes. It was summer, and it was hot. My shirt, soaked in sweat, was like a second skin. It was frustrating as I pulled it off, because I could feel my dick hardening.
    I was 18, and it was the summer after my graduation. Slightly short and compact, I had a pretty well-built body - thanks to constant lacross practices. Being Italian, I had olive skin and thick, curly black hair on my head, my chin, around my dark nipples, down my abs, and a forest of hair in my crotch and all across my legs and ass. I liked - no, loved the way I looked.
    Quickly I fast fowarded the movie as I rubbed my growing dick - it was a good 6"... thick too, and pretty veiny.
    I smiled.
    The scene had popped up. It was one of those lame action movie sex scenes, lasting just a bit to long and the girl just a bit to whorish. But I wasn't paying attention to the girl.
    He was tall and broad, with a deep voice. He had wavy blond hair and perfectly tanned skin. Rippling muscles covered every inch of his body, even his chin seemed to have muscles. His smile flashed bright white teeth. He carresed her body lovingly, and which each thrust let out a deep soft moan. He was Axel Stone, and he was my celebrity crush.
    I laid back on my bed, looking up at the scene every so often, my body sweating, muscles tensing. I moaned and groaned and swore, bucking wildly over my creaking bed. When I closed my eyes, I saw Axel down in my crotch, sucking my throbbing dick, looking up at my with those piercing blue eyes.
    "FUCK!" I screamed. I grabbed my red hot dick. My thighs became steel. I threw my head back, and the cum spurt all across my rippling body.
    I laid there for a few minutes, staring at the screen of the tv, just breathing.
    Then my dad called from downstairs, telling me it was time to go. I was going to my cousin's house in California for a week, and I couldn't have been more excited...
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    Off to a good start...more please.
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