Bigger Boys Came!

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    Just two questions:

    Do guys with big cocks ever buy normal sized condoms? Its just that my mate got condoms from a machine tonight...and they weren't very big. Are there people with large penises that are unaware or just don't care for large sized condoms? BTW my mate 'says' he has an LP.

    Has anyone ever shown people the texts in their phone in order to brag? I have a lot of texts where people say I have a big cock, sometimes big and "bent" cock...but the sentiment is there. I do think about showing these texts to friends but my humility stops me. What do y'all think?

    Peace out x
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    Now I don't buy condoms because I am monogamous and my wife takes the pill.

    In the past I have bought regular condoms once, but they really squeeze my penis and kill my erection.

    As for bragging... i have never received any text regarding my size.

    Anyway sometimes I "accidentaly":rolleyes: let friends see my Magnum XLs...
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