Biggest dicks to date!

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    So, needless to say, I finally hooked up with a big cock. Unfortunately.. No anal.

    I had a 3some. It was fun. An asian, a black and a white guy totally getting off on each other :)

    I watched them make out as some other guy try to work on them.. And they left so I thought that was the end of that. I was so turned on by them they were young, hot, and you could tell everyone wanted them. So I left, but later stumbled upon them.. By this time I had quite a few guys come on to me.. But I kept turning them down until I saw something I wanted. To be honest.. I just wanted to see some people get fucked.. but that didn't happen.

    So.. finally seeing those guys again, ( They seem to take an interest in each other because they kept making out while others wanted a piece of theml..the black and white guy,) I thought I might as well put on a show. The black guy had probably a 7.5 inch dick, it was around 5 inch girth. I could sometimes take it all the way but usually didn't. Which meant that he was bigger than what I could normally take 6-7 inches.

    The white guy on the other hand, probably had a 5-6 inch dick but it was so thick. I couldn't wrap my hand around him properly! It was THICK I was so aroused at the thought of that in my ass.

    So yeah.. I made out with them, sucked the black guy and the white guy, (Figured what race I am now?) I took turns switching back and forth. At once point I tried to put both in my mouth but seriously... They don't fit lol.. The black guy was thin, muscular, the white guy had a thicker body, and a thick cock to go with it haha. I took on the role of sucking them both while many watched. They both really liked what I was doing so they stayed with me and I sucked them to being very close and they jerked off.. I couldn't deep throat the white guy because he was so thick.. but i tried. I probably managed 4-5 inches into my mouth. the black guy i managed to get some in the throat haha. They moaned a lot and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    The black guy had some decent thick white jizz but it was probably 3-5 decent ropes of cum. The white guy I counted at least 7. They were really white and thick looking cum. It was a waste to see them shoot onto the ground instead of on my face or in my mouth but whatever. I was happy with meeting the biggest and hottest cocks of my life

    It was truly a hot night. And they said I was really good at what I was doing.. lol. I actually wanted one of them in my ass.. but No glove, no love. I asked for their numbers and I got one back in return. Hopefully.. I meet them again. They were the biggest and hottest dicks I've had to date!

    Yeah I was cruising at the park, and being young, attracts a lot of unwanted followers. I definitely wouldn't mind having a 3some with them again.. and if they truly meant what they said about me being as good as I was, they'll definitely give me a call/text.

    So.. sorry for the racist "black and white" guy..label, but in the dark, I have no idea what else to say!

    So... I shared my adventure.. probably not in the best detail... So feel free to ask for more clarity or descriiption.

    But i'd like to ask back, what was your biggest cock like, where did you meet it, and what you did with it orally, anally, jerked it, etc.

    I had a blast, and I hope others did too ! Do share your experiences :D
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