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    Bolger sat on the edge of his bed, the room was dark, bolger was naked.
    Bolger like sitting by the window naked, he liked to look out and down at the porno shop district just below. The room would kind of light up every time the shop sign would light up, it filled the room with a soft red glow, then it would die away as the sign dimed away, it just kept doing it over and over again. Bolger loved sitting there pulling on his eleven inch penis, he would pull it up near his face, and squeeze just under the apple sized head, and bloat it, it seemed so senuous to him to the see the penis head so big with its big hole, a huge gob of pre-cum slime would form on the hole, he would suck it off. He would flop his huge long bloated meaty penis and stretch it out real long, his hands were filled with the massive huge veined piss meat. Bolger would watch the people below, and see lewd things happening: A women with massive tits and a skirt so high you could see her big fat cunt, a car pulled up, she went over to it and bent down as if speaking to its driver, then she went to the other side and got in, the car drove off. Then there was the guy leaning up against the wall, when the sign came on you could see him, then when the sign went off you couldn't see him. Then the sign came on again and the man had his penis out, it was long, I mean LONG! He played with his penis. A man came buy, heading for the shop, but he stopped when he saw the other man, he went over to the man, Bolger couldn't see, but the man did something with his hand, down were the man had his penis out, the two men went into the darkened alley. An hour later the two men reappear, the one man went to the porn shop, and the man with the long penis grabbed his penis and looked like he squeezed and pulled it forward, like he was trying to squeeze something out of his long penis, he had a handkerchief and wipped something off the end of his penis, he did this several times. Bolger then noticed for the first time that he had a massive erection. Bolger put on his cloths and went down stairs, crossed the street and walked up to the long penis man, who still had his long penis hanging out.

    Hi there, I a...I a just, well I live up there (pointing at the window),
    I thought maybe you would like to spend the night sucking each other?
    Bolger pulled out his penis to show the man.

    Fuck yes, said the man, I'll suck that thing till you scream with lust.

    The two men went up to Bolger's room, they took off their cloths to get naked, they sat on the bed next to each other, their hands gropped for each others ungainly huge piss sucks, jerking and pulling up the heavy meat, their immense dongs growing bigger with each jerk.

    You got the fucking kind of meat I love man, that fucking thing is longer than four hands! And hell, what a prick head!

    Bolger pushed the man over on his side, Bolger's head was up by the man's belly, Bolger push the man's legs wide so he could get to the man's
    unearthly long penis, Bolger sucked in the penis's qrotesquely long forskin, it was heavy with heavy folds of flesh, Bolger worked his long wet tongue up the inside the forskin and licked the penis head, then he began sucking, and sucking , and sucking, he sucked out some left over semen, Bolger knew more was to come, a lot more. Bolger was filled with lust as he looked down the long meaty piss meat, covered in bloated veings, he grabbed the man testicles, he marveled at how huge and long a mans nuts could be, like a fuck'n bulls nuts!

    The men sucked each others deformed sex organs through out the night, edging, after edging, after edging, sucking out loads of pre-cum slime, gloating with lust and revelling in each others massive deformed sex organs, licking each others asses and licking the long hanging semen bags from behind, and raping each other with wild abandon as they sucked each other's massive grotesque piss suck meat, then at last with screaming shudderng lust they sucked out each others hot lumpy semen!

    the vulgar men vowed to make this a regular thing, manybe twice a week.

    Bolger told the man to come back anytime day or night, and have your way. And the man said he would, he said he wanted to suck that thing man!

    By semensucklust
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    Hey kind off topic but i just wanted to say, holy crap my families sure name is O' Bolger lol sorry too funny.
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