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Bottom Fantasy

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Escalating, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Escalating

    Escalating Active Member

    May 31, 2010
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    After we get home from a night out on the town together we enter our hotel. We run to the elevator knowing that we both are burning to be in each others arms. As soon as the door closes I look over to you and we meet in a hasty embrace. We play the game where we see how far your tongue will fit down my throat. We know there is only seconds before we reach our floor but I can’t help it – you look so fucking hot tonight. The elevator opens…I rush ahead towards the hotel room and turn and look at you, catching you eyeing up my ass; you give me a look like “I know that will be mine tonight.” Just the thought gives me a tingle down the back of my neck. I think that my tight jeans had the exact effect I was looking for tonight. You too have been teasing me all night as the tightness of your shirt just barely shows off those abs that you know drive me wild. Finally, we get into the room, and before the door closes you throw me against the wall. I hit it with a thud and your tongue is already in my mouth. I plunge my tongue back into yours burning for what is about to come. I run my hands along your back and down to your cute muscled ass. I squeeze hard, as if to signal to you I want it, but tonight you are going to make me wait. You run your tongue from my mouth down my chin and when you reach my neck I let out a small moan. Your arms travel down my back as you are licking my neck. My breath is getting heavier, and more frequent. When you reach my ass you give it a squeeze and give it a good slap. You whisper in my ear “this is mine tonight.” I just look into your eyes and give you a smile and the cocky eyebrow raise. “You can have my ass when I want you to fuck me but that isn’t quite yet.” I take a hold of him and throw him up against the wall. I rip his shirt off and begin to lick down his chiseled chest. When I get to his jeans I press my mouth up against them and I can feel his huge cock waiting to get out. I rip off his belt and pull down his jeans until I am staring at a large tent formed by his massive fuckstick. I slowly kiss the outline of his cock knowing full well what he wants. He grabs the back of my head and forces me closer.
    I look up and remove his boxers, when I look down I am face to face with the best cock I have ever seen. It is long and thick – perfect to give me the pleasure I have been looking for. “Holy shit you have a huge cock” I gasped. He looked at me with a half croocked smile – “I know, now give me what I want.” I took a deep breath and plunged on his huge dick trying to take it to the hilt. As his cock entered my mouth my tongue wrapped around the head and rotated around the shaft. I looked up and saw his eyes roll into the back of his head – “Holy shit, you give the best fucking head I have ever had.” I just ignored the comment as I was in a world of my own – pleasuring this cock so that it would be ready to penetrate my willing ass. I went up and down the cock for what seemed like an hour. My tongue made my way down to his balls and I sucked on them while looking up at his face. He seemed to be in heaven. His cock was just perfectly hard the whole time and I wanted to put him on the edge – but not to cross the threshold. I came up after pleasuring his cock and planted a long kiss on his lips. Almost newly awakened his eyes widened and he grabbed my ass – there was a new item on menu. He lifted my up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me over to the bed meanwhile I ripped off my shirt and he began licking me all over my chest. He placed me on the edge of the bed where I lay down. He kneeled and worked his way down and pulled off my tight jeans with surprisingly little ease. My cock bulged from my Calvin’s and he pushed his face against it toying with my cock. He didn’t make me wait as long as I did to him and pulled them down my leg and to the ground. As he came back down towards my cock to kissed my ankle and began to lick down my leg slowly. He made his way up towards my inner thigh and licked it all over. I loved how long his tongue was it felt like I had three guys working my body at once. I took hold of his head and guided him too my cock. He went down on it all in one go and I began to pant, forcefully breathing out with each breath. He was doing everything right tonight. He worked on my cock and then began to tickle my balls with his fingers. Man oh man I had hit the jackpot this was the best top to ever live.

    Even though I didn’t think it could get any better he began to move towards my ass. He kissed my balls then kissed below them and then planted a kiss on my ass. Next he lifted my ass into the air, off the bed and said “Now that is what I have been searching for, a nice tight ass to pound my cock into.” He then kissed one cheek and then the other. Next he proceeded to move closer and closer but not careful not to touch my ass. He then put my ass down and asked “Are you ready?” I looked at him as if he can do whatever he pleases with me – I managed to gasp a “yes” before he went in on my ass. As soon as his tongue struck my little asshole I let out a long moan “Ooooh My God, holy shit, you are good.” My legs began to shake without my control, I was in absolute heaven. He grabbed my hips and brought me closer so he could plunge his tongue deeper in my hole. “Fuck yes lick my hole” I screamed as his tongue danced all around and tantalized my ass. He continued for what seemed like half the night as I was in a constant state of euphoria. He flipped me on my stomach and continued to tongue my ass. I waved my hands around as if in a altered state and finally found his head and pulled it deeper towards my butt. He continued to lick and lick and then I felt something cold – a familiar feeling slippery wet lube slathered on my hole. He then slipped one of his manly fingers into my ass and I let out a deep sigh. He continued to finger me and I begged him not to stop. Every time he penetrated again I let out a slow moan, relishing the sweet feeling. He climbed onto my back and told me –“You are ready for me now.”

    I got so excited I nearly hit orgasm right then and there. He grabbed my chest and lifted me up from my pleasure receiving position. “I want it so bad” I told him. I could just imagine how good this man was at fucking ass. He had exceeded my wildest dreams already. I could feel the warmth of his cock as it rested on my ass. “Bend over” he said. I willingly went down to all fours and just waited for the moment. He began to tease me again. He hit the head of his cock against my asshole and rubbed it between my cheeks.
    “FUCK ME” I yelled, “Stick that huge cock into my ass, I can not wait anymore!”

    What happened next can only be described as pure bliss. He began to push his cock onto my asshole and slid in ever so softly. As his cock moved in he moved towards my head and whispered in my ear “How does that feel” – He must have known that he was pushing directly on my prostate with his huge cock head; as his fingers had scouted it out earlier. I couldn’t even manage a reply. I just bit my lip and let out a deep moan. He knew he was on the right track and kept fucking me there. He pounded me doggy style and slapped my ass. He pushed his cock in all the way and then began to rotate his hips which gave me an unexperienced pleasure. Every once in awhile he would take his cock completely out for only a second, and then shove it back in. But the teasing was killing me. He had more in store for tonight though. He took his cock out and told me to get up. He grabbed me and forced me on my back laying on the edge of the bed my legs dangling down. He held my hands down and kissed me deeply. He retracted and then grabbed both my legs. He held them apart in the air and I could see him in all his magnificence. Pecs bulging, abs tightened, he hit his cock against my asshole two or three times and asked again “Are you ready.” “Please fuck me senseless I replied.” He did as he was told and slid his cock in and began to pound my asshole. His balls slapped against my ass every time he trusted in. He began moving faster and faster until he was slamming my ass, stretching it to the hilt. I kept panting and told him “More, more…..” until I could feel myself getting close. I grabbed onto my cock and told him “I am going to fucking cum!” As I touched my cock for the first time in the night I began to cum. As it came streaming out of my dick, he timed his fucking to thrust in every time it launched out of my cock. I released all over my chest and abs and he just gave me a half-hearted smirk before slapping my ass and warning me he was about to cum. Although I didn’t think he could get any deeper he plunged into my ass, already tingling from my orgasm and fucked me in small short bursts and he unloaded his seed inside me. He kissed my neck and then on my head and softly said “I love you,” I love you too” I managed between heavy breaths. He then collapsed onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around him.

    Looking over him in a world of happiness I asked him “to what do I owe this night of unrelentless pleasure – I mean why tonight?” He turned and looked at me and said “Fuck, you looked so hot in those jeans your tight ass was just begging for it all night.” I just smiled to myself thinking you will definitely be seeing those again.
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