Bulging at Work

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    Bulging at Work

    Guys packing a lot will be aware that the others where they work like keeping an eye on your bulge, checking it out each time they see you, noting if it's in the same location and if it seems larger or smaller than last time they checked. But how do you cope when your package gets hard and swollen and won't go down ? OK, in an office you can probably hide your masculine bulge by remaining at your desk till it gets softer. But your job may mean being out and about, on your feet all the time, walking among colleagues and the public. What happens then ? Or you may even have a boss who knows you're big and hard and deliberately gives you a task that takes you amongst everybody so that your huge male packet is totally obvious, with clear stretch lines to show exactly where it is, and you cannot easily move it to be more comfortable, what with lots of people looking, and it continues pressing with every step you take and refuses to go down. Has this happened to you or to guys you know ? Tell us your bulge-at-work story.
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    Oct 3, 2005
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    Do I detect a leading question?:cool:
    I mean, just a bit?
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    I met a young guy some years ago who was working for a company that bought swimwear. He told me that they made him model the speedos.... I kinda knew something was up as he looked / sounded rather pained by this. He wouldn't elaborate on what happened but when i questioned him on this he burst into tears so i'm sure something wasn't quite right.
    He had come to me for some massage / physical work and had a permanent hard-on, when being touched, which probably in the region of 8" was impossible to hide. Probably not that unusual being about 18 or so with hormones raging.
    I kinda wondered what happened to him. Torn wanting to get involved in the world or fashion or something and at the same time having this extremely embarrassing experience thrust upon him.
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