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    Reaching a woman's cervix with my cock is one of the most exciting things to me about sex. I love knowing that I'm in her so deep, and I especially love that unique "OHHhhh" she lets out. It just seems like a higher level of intimacy and closeness. I know that for some women it can be painful, I guess I've been lucky that my partners all seem to really enjoy it.

    I imagine it can get pretty intense, so I'm wondering what's the best way to stimulate the cervix? Should I hold off getting there 'till near the end, is it best to thrust in a way to reach it only at the very depth of the stroke, is it good to kind of stay in contact and do a little grinding so the head moves around on the cervix? Is it something that is best in small doses or is a lot of stimulation OK?

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    Everything you've asked depends on the individual woman. Communication and experimenting, paying attention to feedback, is the key.

    One thing I do is bury my cock into her until I can feel the head work it's way past the cervix. From there, just do short strokes making sure it's never shallow enough to leave contact with the cervix. Once you leave contact you have to make sure you don't bang into it on the in-stroke. Gently work your way back in with your shaft pointing towards the back wall of the vagina.

    Your mileage may vary, one of my exes loved banging the hell out of it. Go figure.
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