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    I've been a bit of a troll on this site, lurking around reading the threadsa..about a month ago I started doing PE but after a couple of weeks I got bored and gave up. After two weeks off I've just reacently started again and today (After 1 1/2 weeks of 2 days on, 1 day off) I measured my first gains of about 0.75" !!!!

    I'm writing this because I was really cynical to begin with, but stuck at it and now I am over the moon, not least because of the gains, but also because I know it is working and I know (hopefully) I have more gains to come!

    I was below average...around 5" when I started and am now 5.75" (pushing 6 when i'm edging)! I would be perfectly happy with 6.5".

    So a great big thank you Big Al... I also have a few questions.. firstly, does edging help with gains? I hear alot of people talking about it on this forum, but I don't really see the point in it and only do it if I feel like a more intense orgasm. Also is stamina work important for gains? I'm 19 years old and don't suffer from impotence and have rock hard erections usually give the stamina work a miss, I do kegel a bit though, if and when I remember.
    Lastly are there any dry flaccid stretches, that target flaccid length? I.e something one can do with a few mins to spare and not taking up the time (and lube) a jelqing session does. I do fowfer a bit but they tend to make my penis go 'in' a bit, a bit like a turtle if you see what I mean, and also my balls usually get crushed and its really uncomfortable!

    (If anyone is interested in my routine it is more or less what Big Al posted)
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    troll is right.. is this a Big Al sock puppet?
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    You're welcome, and congratulations on your gains :)

    Edging/Stop and Starts help you develop more stamina and improve blood flow. This is vital if you want to maximize your gains. Even if your erections are functioning normally your erectile capabilities are going to need to keep up with your growing penis. Stamina work takes care of that for you.

    As a beginner you should focus on the OM for stretches, but my favorite advanced stretch is the "Tension Stretch":

    I feel that you'll get the best results from this exercise if you do it from a sitting position.

    Grasp your penis firmly behind the head and wrap your other hand around the first hand for support.

    Pull forward SLOWLY while leaning back. Once you've achieved the maximum amount of tension that you can tolerate, hold for 10 seconds.

    Release tension and start again. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise at first, then work up to 100 maximum per day (most advanced trainees need less than 50). You may want to experiment with different directions of stretching to see which direction would be best for you. Finish of with a good soak in a warm tub.

    Tip- When performing the Tension Stretch, do it while sitting. Using the edge of the chair as a background reference point, really try to pull enough so that you can see a noticeable stretch taking place.

    You'll find videos to the Tension Stretch and other PE exercises linked here:
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