Circumcision complications?

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by douchenbaggin, Feb 19, 2009.

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    I was circumcised as a little lad and also had Hypospadias done when I was young as well.

    Well I'll start off with the circumcision, it seems theres always been tiny tiny holes (only noticeable if you were to thoroughly examine) around where the foreskin was cut. I recently just read on google that those are 'suture holes' I had always wondered. How common are these in circumcision?

    Also on the right side, I noticed a keloid. When I got tested the examiner sat there and played with it pondering what it was :confused: I had to explain although my answer was an educated guess, she agreed. It causes no complications or gets in the way of nothing and you can hardly notice it, but the thought of undergoing surgery just for that scares me. So I figure it's something I can live with.

    Now to the hypospadias, it was corrected, but I've always noticed when I pee it's never completely straight. After examining a small skin bridge in my urethra, ( very thin bridge) and also the girl I'm seeing was playing with it and noticed that too. I assume thats where the peeing complication comes in to play? Or I could be wrong.

    All in all, my penis is perfectly fine looking and no one has ever said anything, but after living with it for 19 years, I start to notice things and being a worry wart, I make bigger deals about it then they are :frown1:.

    How common are some of these things I mentioned?
    Anyone else have suture holes? I assume their common with all circumcisions?
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