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Comparing with Paul

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by B_comparecocks, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. B_comparecocks

    Jul 21, 2010
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    Hello, I'm new here. I was looking around online for the right place to post this little story of mine. Let me know what you think.


    Paul was adorable, a hot hunk of man, and I had ideas about him: I had learned a lot about Paul from his girlfriend, Melissa, and also from some spying I did online. Intimate late-night grilled cheese discussions with Melissa started all this, because when we were talking Melissa told me 3 key pieces of information:

    1) Paul has a huge cock
    2) Paul likes having his ass played with
    3) The #1 thing Paul gets off on is the size of his cock.

    We better go over these in detail.

    1) Paul has a huge cock. To do away with numbers and put his fascinating cock size into one clear image, Paul's erect penis is more than two hands full, and that's evidence straight from the cock-sucking mouth of my friend Melissa, who has much bigger hands than I do.

    2) Paul likes having his ass played with. Paul has assured Melissa that he is not gay, but he likes having his dick sucked while she fingers him, and he's been asking her to use a dildo, although she's not really comfortable with that.

    3) The #1 thing Paul gets off on is the size of his cock. Paul is not just a standard vain phallocentric male. Attention to his penis and the size of his penis are more important to him than fucking. Melissa said, "Once, I was too tired to fuck, and he was really horny and I was giving him a handjob, but I was really tired and he was taking forever, so rather than leave him high and dry, I thought about what would make him cum faster, and I whispered in his ear, and I said 'Your cock is so big honey.' Paul went from zero to sixty."

    After that, Paul wanted more talk about the measure of his member, going so far as to suggest specific phrases Melissa could say to excite him, like, "Can I please suck your big cock?"

    And Melissa likes Paul's big cock, but she is a feminist, and very angry about male privilege, and she found that indulging his big cock vanity made her feel worthless, so she broke up with Paul about two weeks ago.

    I was cruising Craigslist on Saturday when I found an ad: "Cockworship m4w." I wasn't so much cruising for sex as jerking off to interesting Craigslist ads, so when I saw that title I ignored the "m4w" and started reading. The writer indicated he was well-endowed, wanted to receive cock worship, wanted NSA, and he was open to reciprocating with a request from his partner (within reason).

    Under this description appeared a picture of an ass with big balls hanging down, and I noticed right above the ass a large, square-shaped birthmark that I had seen on Spring Break when Paul took off his shirt.

    "OMG OMG OMG!!!" I thought. "If only Paul was into guys!!!"

    And then I noticed something important: there was a scroll bar on the right side of the screen. I was so excited I was moving in slow motion. I patiently scrolled down, trying to make the excitement last, and found the following text:

    "Also, if you're into it, and it's totally OK if not, I do like having my ass played with, and if you have a toy we could talk about using that. I'm starting to think I'm curious that I may be . . . heteroflexible? Let's say heteroflexible curious? :)"

    And since then I've been planning what to do.


    Paul and I are sitting in my dorm room and, as men of all sexualities sometimes do in each others' company, I was hiding my hardon and thinking about his. We're pals and we had just played some pool at the student center: I lost the game. I was hoping to lose one more game to Paul today.

    Now, when you decide what you think about what I did next here, please don't think I'm unoriginal--I really have no other idea how to seduce straight dudes. Besides, seducing him wasn't going to be the tricky part: the tricky part would be communicating, getting, and living with what I really wanted.

    We had hours before a party that night, so I suggested we put on a movie. I led Paul to the computer and allowed him to look through the movies stored on my external hard drive. Paul suggested, "Nell?" I said I wasn't menstruating and asked him to pick something else. He has weird taste some times. Paul said, "Transformers?" and I said, "Hell yeah," and he double-clicked, and right there in VLC Player we found ourselves watching a girl on her knees sucking a big cock.

    "Jesus Christ!" Paul said laughing.

    "Sorry!" I said. "I used a free program to rename the files in this folder and I guess some movies are mislabeled. I bet I know where Transformers is."

    "Well but this is cool," Paul said. What Paul didn't know is that he wasn't looking at my movie folder, he was looking at my porn folder, the filenames of which I changed that morning in anticipation of his visit.

    "It worked!" I thought. "Checkmate!" I knew that watching porn with a straight friend is the best way to lead things into fooling around, so I had to make sure we watched some porn. And Paul admitted he wanted to watch porn with me! This gave me great confidence I could steer things in the right direction.

    "Yeah it is!" I said, looking at the porn star's cock in the submissive mouth.

    "Her mouth is so big!" said Paul, and then I knew he was thinking about his dick.

    Unexpectedly, before I had a chance to see if his cock was growing, I caught Paul looking to see if mine was! Now I have been around and I know that even totally straight guys will behave this way, will want to know and to compare. I also knew that whether he was completely straight, bi, queer, or heteroflexible--modified by the adjective curious or not--I was getting really close to comparing cocks with Paul.

    So I took two beers from the mini fridge and handed one to Paul.

    "I love how she keeps touching herself while she moves her lips on that big thing," I said. "I wonder what she's thinking."

    "Probably about how big it is!" said Paul, evincing a little of the vanity Melissa and I talked about.

    Holding a beer with my left hand I gently stroked myself through my shorts with the right, worried that masturbating in front of him was too much, too soon.

    Paul reached behind him, locked the door, and turned back to the video. Then he stroked the inside of his left thigh, where his enormous tool had gone to escape the confinement of his underwear. Even with boxers on, the fucking thing had to be way out of the underwear. He noticed me looking and he seemed really happy and we smiled.

    "I'm really glad this isn't Nell," I said.

    "Me too," he said. "This is fun."

    "You look like you're having big fun," I said, staring right at his piece, deliberately complimenting his vanity.

    In the video the girl started moaning as they moved into a position to fuck, but Paul's eyes were on my cock.

    "I can see that bulge of yours, too" said Paul, and I immediately felt the sweet feeling of the comparison: I called his cock big but he had not used that word to describe mine, as others had. We were getting somewhere fast.

    "When I was a kid, my cousins and I used to watch this stuff and jerk off," I lied. "You ever do that?"

    "Always wanted to try," he grinned.

    We undid our belts, pulled our pants and underwear down, and pretended we were interested in the fucking on the screen. Paul's cock was much, much bigger than mine: much longer than I was and a bit fatter. I was so horny. I knew he was longer than me but I didn't dare to dream he was fatter. This was too good to be true. Unconsciously I ditched my pants and boxers and my shirt, then continued jacking. I got so excited I accidentally went all the way naked while Paul only had his dick out!

    "Sorry," I said, "I always need to strip down to get down." Paul was obviously turned on by this unintended turn of events. I jerked myself giddily.

    "That looks huge!" Paul said, paying my dick the complement he loves so well to receive. It's true, I do have a big dick. I'm just over 7" and I have big girth.

    "People always tell me I have a big dick," I said, "partly because of how huge it looks on my body." I'm an undersized male. "But sitting here with you I don't feel like I have such a big dick. You're so much bigger than me. My cock feels kinda . . . little."

    "Aw you should be proud of that dick," Paul said. "I've heard about your girth before. That's a dick to feel good about."

    "Oh I am proud and I do feel good about it. That's true. And it's also true that you're so much bigger than me!" I said this happily! I realized that the movie had stopped, the clip was incomplete. Paul didn't seem to mind.

    "I do feel good about it," I continued, grinning. "Actually, feeling little feels really good. And I bet you're bigger than me girth-wise, too."

    "Aw I dunno about that," Paul said, feigning modesty.

    "You're kidding. It looks obvious to me. You have the fattest cock."

    Paul was obviously very turned on by this compliment: his tool got that little extra bit firmer that one gets when unexpectedly pushed in their arousal. "I honestly can't tell," he said, and I could tell he was being honest. We really were close in girth. And a big cock on a very big body looks different than a smaller cock on a very small body.

    "Huh," I said, looking at the tape ruler I intentionally left on my bookshelf that morning.

    "What?" he said, following my gaze to the tape ruler. He was clearly game.

    "How thick are you?" I said.

    "Never measured," he said.

    "Me either," I lied. I gabbed the tape ruler and handed it to him. Paul took his shirt off. What. A. Cock.

    "2 inches," he reported, adorably measuring across the widest part of his massive tool.

    "I think when you measure girth you wrap it around, like you would measure the circumference of a cylinder," I said.

    "You mean measure the diameter and multiply by pi?" he said?

    "Haha, no, it's not that hard," I said, pointing to his cock.

    "May I?" I said, in the voice I use at the restaurant when I'm about to pin a lobster bib on someone.

    Paul hesitated, then smiled. "Sure."

    I knelt before him. Kneeling before a cock like this really does present one with a face full of cock. I took the ruler from his hands and slowly, carefully, without touching, wrapped it around the fattest part of his shaft. I noticed his beautiful mushroom head right below my mouth.

    "6.5" I said.

    "Wow, that sounds like a lot," he said, "although I don't have a frame of reference to compare that to."

    "Gimme a second," I said, and I measured myself without getting up, maintaining my kneeling position. I leaned back to be sure he could see. I loved being seen measuring myself, especially for the pleasure of a much bigger man. I noticed how delightfully close to my face his throbbing cock was as he jerked it.
  2. B_comparecocks

    Jul 21, 2010
    Likes Received:
    "Even my girlfriend doesn't know the measure of how big I am," I said. "I hope she doesn't walk in or anything!"

    "Oh my god," he said, realizing how we look, a little more alert but mostly more aroused.

    "Yeah, girls don't understand that guys have their time to share, too," I said. "As if girls don't try on outfits together or compare their breasts or shave their bushes together."

    "Woah, good point," he said, and he was much much more at ease.

    "6 inches!" I reported. "Your fat cock wins!"

    "Just barely," he said, extremely happy.

    "So how much longer than me are you?" I asked. "You won't tell my girlfriend, right?" I won’t even tell you all my fantasies about my girlfriend comparing Paul’s cock and mine.

    Paul laughed. "I can't, I dunno how long I am, dude."

    "Oh come on," I said. "Everybody measures how long they are. I'm 8 inches."

    "Really? I always thought I was about 8 inches because that's sorta the number everyone holds up as being, well, big. I never measured."

    "I bet you never measured because you're used to having the biggest cock in the room," I said, beating off with abandon as I knelt in front of him. "Like in the locker room."

    "Yeah, I guess I am," said Paul, very pleased with himself, but also a little bashful. "Can I see that ruler?"

    Instead of handing the ruler over, I leaned forward and again, without touching him, and very slowly, I measured his big hard penis.

    "Paul!" I said. "You're 10 inches, buddy!"

    "10 inches!" Paul said, with a confirming, admiring glance at the ruler.

    "10 inches!" I thought. I was thinking 9! 10 inches! How did I misjudge that? But then again, a big cock on a very big body looks different than a smaller cock on a very small body.

    "Your big cock wins, buddy!" I beamed. "You got me on length and girth. My little cock salutes you!"

    "That's no little cock," he said. He actually sounded remorseful about beating me by so much!

    "Buddy," I said. "I'm having a great time!" I leaned back to indicate my jerking off. "This is the first time that I haven't felt like my cock is big! I know I'm supposed to feel bad or something, but it feels good. And jerking my little cock feels good. And measuring your big cock felt good, too," I admitted.

    I was worried this was a misstep, because even though this was a homoerotic situation through and through, we had only so far expressed interest in KNOWING about each others' dicks, and even though we had been enjoying each others' cocks for a good half hour now, nobody admitted to it, so if he really was too straight for this, he could back out now.

    I said, "I mean the way it made me feel little felt good. It’s exciting to see your bigger cock. I mean, um, knowing that you know I'm smaller made me feel hot. That's all," I coyly stated.

    "Relax buddy," he grinned. "I know what you mean. Like you said, guys can share just like girls."

    "Yeah! Guys should share more often! This is fun! I think this is cool to know. I like knowing about your fat cock."

    "Please please please don't be offended by this," Paul said, "but I think this is cool to know, too, and I too like knowing about your cute little cock."

    I moaned. I couldn't help it. He said I had a cute little cock. Wow.

    Here I was, right where I wanted to be. Naked on the floor, kneeling in front of an adorable boy who has his cock out, and having just measured both of us with my own hands, I know his cock totally outstrips my cock in length and girth, and we're jerking off together, and I've been teasing him about his big penis the whole time, and he just told me I have a cute little cock. Wow.

    "You like knowing yours is bigger," I teased him.

    "And you like knowing yours is smaller," Paul replied. Yes! We had come to an understanding!

    "I guess I do!" I beamed, as if I didn't already know. "I like . . . comparing with you."

    "Ha, yah, we're comparing, aren't we?"

    "I guess so," I said. "I like how . . . big . . . your dick is compared to mine."

    "I like how small your cock is compared to mine!" Paul said.

    "And I like how small my penis is compared to yours!" I said.

    "And I like how big my dick is compared to yours!" Paul said.

    "Wanna compare from a different angle," I said?


    I stood up and Paul stood up and stepped out of his pants. It was so hard for me to leave that beautiful position, naked and powerless on the floor, smelling the heat off Paul’s big fat cock while I played with my cute little dick. Now we were standing and facing each other, looking down at our erect cocks from above. Our cock tips were pointed straight at each other and less than an inch apart.

    "Your cock is powerful," I said.

    "Yours is really cute," Paul said, and I could tell he meant it. "Can I put my hand around it?"

    "Sure," I said. "It's not gonna feel like anything to you," I said giddily. I felt his big hand gently encircle my cute little dick. I felt how his hand was surprised to be gripping a dick so small when it was used to jerking his own big meat every day. Even our muscles were unconsciously comparing our cocks. I'm not personally invested in politics that are phallocentric or patriarchal, being a left radical by nature, but here our phallocentric, patriarchal world intervened, and for once, instead of fucking things up in a bad way, it was fucking things up in a good way!

    To return: "Sure," I said. "It's not gonna feel like anything to you." I felt his big hand gently encircle my cute little dick.

    Without asking, I slowly wrapped my hand around his big fat cock. He was only a half-inch thicker but that difference in thickness sent lightning up my arm. The hand gets used to pulling on a certain cock day after day. When my right hand felt the extra thickness in that tool, it was too much.

    " I'm gonna cum," I said. I tried to turn away and save Paul a mess, but he held my cock in his hand, feeling the pre-orgasm firm-up, and with his other hand he held my shoulder to stop me from moving. He held my little penis while I helplessly squirted all over his huge cock and we watched. "You're so much bigger than me," I whispered. "Sorry, I cum a lot."

    Paul said, "Your cum is hot."

    "Heh heh, I like cum too," I said.

    "No, I mean, well yeah, it's hot, but I meant that it's warm. Feels good, warm cum on my big dick. You like cum? You're bi?"

    "I haven't done anything like this," I said. "I don't feel bi. I guess this makes me . . . heteroflexible curious?"

    Paul was amazed. "That’s exactly how I’ve been starting to identify! You like cum huh?"

    "Uh yeah. I mean I think it's cool. Only ever touched my own. My cousins and I didn't do as much as we've done."

    "I like your cum," Paul said. "It feels good and hot on my big fat dick."

    I blushed, feeling exuberant.

    "You ever taste your cum?" Paul said.

    "No!" I said, lying, embarrassed and delighted by the idea.

    We were just standing there, looking down at our dicks. My erection was half gone. There we were, one small dick, one big, the big one covered in the small one's cum.

    "Paul, I want to ask you something?" I said.

    "Shoot," he said knowingly.

    "Paul," I said, and I looked in his blue eyes, "Can I clean you up?"

    "Well," Paul said coyly with his adorable smile, "seeing as your little cock made this mess . . ."

    "Really?" I said, so thrilled to have my request granted. "I can suck your cock?"

    "My WHAT cock?" Paul said.

    "Your BIG cock," I replied instantly.

    Reverberation. How far we had gone. Suddenly a fully functional and highly expressive pidgin had erupted from a phallocentric penis measuring contest. How could this be humiliation if it felt this good?

    "I wanna suck your big fat cock," I said slowly. "Can I please worship your fat cock? I've never done that and I want to try."

    "I'd like that a lot," Paul said. "You know, girls say my cock is big, but they don't even know. You actually have one. By comparison, you actually know! And I actually am really into having my cock worshipped."

    I returned to the kneeling position where I belonged and I found his big penis head pointed straight at my mouth. The dick was covered in my cum and it smelled good. Apparently Paul's usual big dick smell combined with my cum are two great tastes that taste great together. Where to start?! I licked a tiny drop of my semen off the tremendous throbbing shaft. I had a new erection.

    Did I mention I can self suck? I can, and I like to. It comes with being a well-endowed, undersized male. So while this was the first time I was sucking a guy, it wasn't the first time I had a dick in my mouth, just to clarify.

    To return: I licked a tiny drop of my semen off the tremendous throbbing shaft. I had a new erection. Unbelievable pleasure swept over me as I opened my mouth wider than I had ever needed to open my mouth to suck my own little cock. Even my mouth was comparing our cocks!

    "You're so much bigger than me," I whispered, and slid my lips over his cock head. MMMMMMMMMMMM. My hand returned to my hard little tool and continued jerking.

    "You like the tip of my big tool, eh?" he said.

    "You're so much bigger than me," I said, sliding my lips up the shaft an inch. But when a cock is in your mouth and you say "You're so much bigger than me," it comes out like this:

    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me.

    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me, I said, quickly jerking my little tool, slowly, deliberately exploring Paul's fat cock with my mouth.

    This new turn of events, that I could compliment the size of Paul's meat even when it was in my mouth and when my very organ for articulating English consonants, my tonuge, was just then in eager service of Paul's big cock, pleased Paul to no end, and me, too.

    "I want you to know how much bigger," Paul said. "Put more in your mouth."

    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me, I reminded him, and took a full six inches of Paul in my mouth until the tip of his bigger cock touched the back of my throat.

    "I like how you jerk your little cock while you suck me," Paul said.

    I slowly moved back along the shaft, tongued the head, and pulled the big cock out. "I've never sucked a dick before," I kinda lied, not ready to say about my self sucking, unwilling to slow things down by raising the obvious questions that would follow.

    "How do you like it," Paul said, utterly coyly.

    I thought for a second. "I like how it makes me feel like your little bitch," I said, utterly truthfully, looking up past the fat cock into his blue eyes, jerking happily his dick and mine, weighing the difference in my hands.

    Paul said, "I like how you worship my fat cock like a little bitch."

    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me.


    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me.


    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me, I kept saying, and I licked off my semen from the part of the cock I couldn't fit in my mouth.

    "Your cock is big, Paul," I said. "My cum tastes sweet. I want you to cum in my mouth!" I got back to sucking and I was sure to look in Paul's eyes and go back and forth over the head.

    "OK but you have to ask for permission," Paul judiciously decreed.

    Ill ooo umm mmm myy mouth, all? I said.

    "What's that? Ask me again," Paul sagely demanded.

    "Will you cum in my mouth, Paul? Can I please suck your big cock until you cum in my mouth?"

    I took Paul's smile for a yes. I stared going fast over those accessible six inches with my lips.

    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me.


    Ur oh much mmmmer mm me.


    His cum was sweet like mine. I've cum in my own mouth and I can tell you, his came out with more force than mine, and there's more of it.

    Paul said, "That felt great!"

    Mmmmmmmm! I said. What a treat to suck that big fat cock with all that boy’s hot cum in my mouth!!

    "It's actually, um, kinda, um, a hetereoflexible fantasy of mine to try . . . cum," Paul shockingly said.

    So I leaned back and spat Paul's cum on my hard little cock (not that I didn't swallow some!).

    I have to ask for permission, but Paul doesn't need to. I laid all the way back and Paul tenderly licked and sucked my cute little cock and tasted his own cum. Two of his fantasies simultaneously came true!

    "Can I have permission to cum in your mouth?" I said.

    "Granted," Paul said, and I came in Paul's mouth, and my cum caused him to moan. Then Paul kissed me, and soon he pushed his tongue past my lips, revealing that he still had our cum in his beautiful mouth. We playfully teased each others’ tongues, tasting the mixture of ourselves.

    Then beautifully, we laid down in my bed and held each others' penises, his big, mine small.
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  3. Getting9

    Getting9 Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2010
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    Durban South Africa
    Beaut of a fantasy!
  4. MonsterLuvr

    MonsterLuvr Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2010
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    United States
    Hot, hot, HOT!
  5. B_comparecocks

    Jul 21, 2010
    Likes Received:
    So glad you enjoyed it!
  6. subiedoo

    subiedoo Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2006
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    Southern California
    Amazingly hot and beautifully well-written.
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  7. Bigadmirer323

    Gold Member Verified

    Nov 17, 2005
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    San Francisco, CA
    really well written, planned out and executed. totally hot. and thanks for actually finishing the story! three cheers!
  8. jfriend33

    jfriend33 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2009
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    Iowa (US)
    write another write another!
  9. flaneur

    flaneur Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2010
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    Can't believe you managed to combine trashy porn and linguistic semantics. Great job!!
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