Cuckold party on the 4th.

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    Jul 2, 2007
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    I posted that I was going to a cuckold theme party today. The party started at 1pm. Alex really had it planned out well, they had done this a few times. They gave each guy a 100mg of Viagra. 10 guys with big dicks, some had come all the way from New Orleans, displaced from Katrina. It was an awsome time, 6 white guys and 4 black guys, and 5 women.

    Quick Update:

    It was awesome. I will post the whole thing, when I have a chance. Here is a summery of what happened to Emily tonight. (Not Her Real Name)

    5 guys entered Emily today. She came 5 to 6 times and was cummed on 6 times. She also took the biggest dick she had ever taken. She sucked off a black guy and had one of the strongest orgasms in her life. She is now fast asleep, zonked out for the night.

    I on the other hand, jerked myself off 4 times, while I watched this whole thing go down. It was awesome!!!!!!
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    Do you have pictures?
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