developed a stupid distaste....

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    so yeah I
    m going to rant about my ex.

    As a future anthropologist I know that I should be open to other cultures and things. In general I love learning about other countries and people... etc.

    now my ex was Irish and Italian. we had a bitter breakup. long story short, every time I hear about Irish people or red hair.... I don't get mad but i don't get excited either.

    Mind you i used to love Ireland. Even tho I've never visited the emerald island, i used to love learning about it. I even wrote my senior term paper in the effects of the potato famine on the Irish population and culture.

    "Irish-ness" is what attracted me to him in the fist place. now its like whatever.

    add on: thankfully nothing happened to my love or Rome. lol

    It's like I know its stupid but you just can't help it.

    to sum it all up, i just want to enjoy Ireland like i used to. I thought about just making a crazy trip this summer to Dublin or maybe visit Boston and hook up with another Irish guy.

    maybe I'm not over my ex and it makes me mad that I'm not. screw him.
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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Fuck a leprechaun. :biggrin1:
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