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    I am Mike, or docMike, in Orange County, California. I am a 100% straight male, with absolutely no interest in men sexually, who is interested in making a long time erotic fantasy happen. It began 8 yrs ago with my then-wife. we had an incredibly great sex life, having 3-4somes a few times/year with a couple of our close male friends. basicly me and 1 or 2 friends would seduce my wife and each guy would please her untill my was all fucked out, left relaxed and dripping with cum. I found it to be such an incredible turn-on seeing, and even later thinking about my wife fucking, and getting the heck fucked out of her. Surprisingly, it created a much stronger bond between us for years. Brenda use to tell me she was going to have me eat her out, and lick her pussy after she was done fucking my friends one night. We never actually did that and I have harbored the fantasy of do that very thing ever since then. For years I didnt think that I could actually have the nerve to carry through with it, and do it, but I am now absolutely sure I can, and I will, I want too.
    So I am looking for a couple or even a gangbang group that will let me be thier clean-up man, and let me lick your wife/lady's pussy clean after you have fucked and filled her full of cum. That's it! I can participate in fuckin her, but dont need too if you prefer I not. I can provide a current picture of me &/or meet first if you would like. Please contact me to discuss this further if you think you may be interested in trying this fantasy with me. Im Mike,you can reach me at Thx, Docmdc
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