first sexual attraction

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    hi adults
    lets share an oral sex experience.
    it was the time when i was travelling by aunty and a beautiful teen was along with me.luckily or un luckily we were able to reserve only two seats so it was an oppertunity to have my first experience
    so first i sat beside my aunty but then i moved to that hot teen the lights were off i was getting hot as well as that one so i put my hands on her legs she was too hot she didnt react in negetive so i grip her boobs she was happy i put her hands on mu penny she didnt react same time and grip my penny and started playing that was hard i kissed her chicks so that was my first experience after that we did everything that belongs to sex i mean kissing masturbating sleeeping together and intercourcse she was very happy having my company but i was worry about my penny although she didnt say even a word about my penny
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