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First Time Exhibitionists: Part 1

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by TorpedoHead, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. TorpedoHead

    TorpedoHead Sexy Member

    May 8, 2010
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    The night came about when my girlfriend said that a couple we were good friends with were going to try swinging, and would we like to go too. My girlfriend knows the girl from when they were 10 or 11, so tell each other everything, being kind of best friends and all. I said finally said yes after much deliberation, and was initially quite excited. But as a few days past and the swinging party came ever closer I wondered more and more about it. I thought about for a long time, and I decided we must do it. We were young, horny 26 and 25 year olds who were very comfy in our relationship. We wanted to do it.

    My girlfriend, we will call her Jane, is a reasonably good looking girl. Nothing model like, but a cute girl. She is 5` 2", with dark hair. She has small to average breasts, and curvy hips. She has pubic hair, trimmed down to a patch about an inch and a half wide and trimmed in length. It is light coloured, almost blondish. My girl has neat and tidy lips; nothing hangs out bar a tiny bit of her clit. It`s certainly the neatest pussy I have seen. I am 6 foot, slim but play soccer so reasonably fit. My penis is above average (over 7 length and 6.5 girth), and I shave my bush completely.

    Our friends, we will call them John and Lisa, are another average couple. John is about 5`10, and Lisa is a bit taller than Jane. Lisa has dark black hair, average breasts and a slim frame. She was your classic pint-sized woman. I was always kind of attracted to her; she was a huge flirt. John is of average build. Apart from these `stats`, I knew nothing more about them physically. Both are mid-to-late twenties.
    So the party comes around on the Friday. It is at some house in the suburbs. We agreed not to have sex or masturbate for 5 days beforehand, that way we would be horny enough come the day to go through with it. We were both pretty nervous driving there. It is, after all, our first time being naked in front of other people. I could feel my semi in the car the whole way over, the tip of my head gently rubbing on my jeans, fuck it felt good. It went as we drove up the drive, the nerves made my cock shrink up, and I could feel my balls tighten. This was it.

    "How ya feeling" Jane asked

    "Nervous, but that was expected, excited as well, I just can`t believe we are about to get naked and have sex in front of people! How you feeling?" I said

    "Nervous, but a good nervous. An excited nervous." She said with a glint in her eye.

    John and Lisa were already there, and they answered the door. We said our hellos and gave the hugs, and walked through to the sitting room, in which sat two other couples. The first couple looked late thirties, and introduced themselves as Bob and Sarah. While the second looked a mix between early thirties (female) and late (male), and called themselves Sam and Aoife. Bob informed us they had both been doing this a few years, and were aware it was all our first time. This relaxed me greatly. Jane openly acted relieved at this news, and we all had a little laugh over it. We all had a few glasses of wine, and we got a little more comfy.

    The first couple, the couple who owned the house I think, told us all to head upstairs, to the room with the 2 beds and a couch.
    I was starting to get nervous again. This was it, we were about to do it. Jane held my hand, and nervously smiled at me.

    "Don`t worry babe, you know our plan; sex with us only, and if we feel good we can mingle" I whispered as everyone went upstairs.

    Bob and Sarah started to kiss each other, and slowly undress. Sam told us to start at our own pace, and to enjoy the views at the very least. We nodded. As Bob and Sarah undressed, we sat on the couch and watched, our hands exploring each other`s bodies. I could feel Jane`s hot breath on my neck as she ever so slightly moaned. John and Lisa, our friends, got right into it and started to undress. My penis was pretty much completely hard and obviously visible poking out of my jeans.

    Bob undressed Sarah first, and what a beauty she was. She was tall and slim, with average breasts and huge areolas. She had pale white skin, and a completely shaven pussy, with some labia protruding. She rubbed her pussy aggressively and moaned, as she pulled Bob in for a kiss. She then proceeded to throw him against the wall and undress him. Bob was what I would call an average looking male, but he had a huge body on him. He looked very strong. Bob was pretty hairy, but as Sarah slid down his underwear a very large penis just flopped out and hit his thigh with a loud slap. It looked as big soft as mine hard. Jane had her eyes focused on this beast, and she was rubbing my penis through my jeans pretty aggressively. I knew she was soaking just thinking of Bob`s member.

    I looked over at John and Lisa, and notice they were on one of the beds, completely naked rubbing each others privates. John had a smallish penis. And Lisa had a natural bush between her legs, it was a very small natural bush, but thick enough that I could not make out her lips. She has lovely sallow skin, with no tan lines. A real petite wonder.

    The second couple, Sam and Aoife, were occupying the 2nd bed. He was lying down and she was giving him a blowjob. Sam`s penis looked average size. Aoife was topless, and had her ass to us. Just then Aoife walks over to Bob and starts to kiss his neck, gently encouraging his over-sized member into action. As this scene unfolded, Sarah took Aoifes place on the bed. To me it was obvious they had done this with each other many times, and it seemed Aoife was begging for Bob`s cock.

    I was so hot at this stage; I was thrusting my hips at the thin air just to feel that extra sensation from my jeans. I whisper to Jane if she was ready, and at the same time I start to ease her top off. Jane was wearing a lacy black see-through bra underneath. With this I took my t-shirt off, and gently lifted Jane up and lay her down on the couch. I proceeded to take her skirt off, followed by her tights.

    She wore see through black lingerie, and I could see her bush underneath. My cock spasmed.

    Her pre-cum was obvious on the panties. With this sight, I let out a slight groan as my cock spasmed again, but this time held its inflated size a little longer.

    She lifted her legs, and I slipped it off and started to lick her moist pussy. Her pubic hair gently brushing against my nose, that unique smell of pubes and pre-cum fills my nostrils. Moans at this stage were filling the room; it was a sound I will never forget. I felt like exploding all over my underwear, I had to hold tight and be strong.

    I get up, and slip my pants off, and take out my penis. Pre-cum is dribbling from it already, as Jane gives it a little wank, moving back my foreskin, it makes a squish sound. My whole head is covered in pre-cum, and I feel like I am about to cum.

    A quick look over to the others, and I see Aoife wanking Bob`s large cock while they make out against the wall. Aoife has dispensed of her underwear at this stage, and I could see she had some pubic hair, but not much. Bob`s hand was rubbing her tummy and inner thighs. John and Lisa were fucking cowgirl style, and Sam and Sarah were in a 69, which Sam seemed to enjoy more if his grunts had anything to do with it.

    I take my condom from my pants, and slip it on my rock hard cock. I gently spread Jane`s tanned legs and give her a kiss, licking her neck and ears, my cock all the while flopping against her thighs. I take control of it with my hands and gently try to ease it into her glistening pussy. Normally it takes about 20 seconds of gentle persuasion before she can take me, but due to her greater than normal pre-cum it slides in easy. I leave out a moan at the thought of her extra wet pussy, and Jane tilts her head back with her mouth open. I look down; her pubes are wet from her pre-cum, and a glisten shines off the condom, now slowly dragging Jane`s lips back and forth as I enter her.

    I knew I was on the edge of cumming already; the moans in the room, the movement of Lisa`s ass on top of John, Sam had just cum and was putting on a condom, Bob and Aoife were on the floor, getting ready for sex. I could not take my eyes off of them, I wanted to see her take his cock. I got a quick glance at Aoifes pussy from behind, and it looked very tight and neat, with wisps of pubic hair.

    Then, I`m afraid to say, with that thought in my head, I could not hold back any longer. I turn to Jane, who was gently moaning with her head sideways, looking at the action, and grunt:

    "I`m cumming, uggghhh...."

    And with that came as hard as I have ever done. My thighs were shaking as I came.

    It was then, once my horniness subsided, that I thought "Fuck, we are all having sex here. Where is this night going?" I felt a little exposed, and a little dirty. I got a little panicked, I must say. But one look at Jane, who said "we`ll go again whenever your ready", made me realise that she was happy just the two of us having sex.

    Jane was red in the face and slightly out of breath; I could tell she was on her way to cumming, so I wanted to finish her off.
    My cock fell out of her, half limp, with a huge amount of cum at the end of the condom. The room was starting to smell of serious sex.
    As I went to re-position myself to eat her out, she stops me, and points over at Lisa and John, our friends. Lisa had gotten off John and started to talk to Bob. Bob and Aoife must not have had sex as a cock that big needs time to fuck a pussy like Aoife`s. Lisa was now rubbing Bob`s back and his outer thighs. Whatever was done or said, Aoife was now over with Sarah and Sam, getting a three-way going.

    It made sense now, John and Lisa wanted to have a big cock experience. John was sitting on the side of the bed, as Bob came and lay down by him. Bob`s penis looked so incredibly powerful as it lay on his belly, it looked impossibly thick.

    To be continued....
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