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    Ok. I dunno, maybe its just me, but i get turned on by public stuff.
    Like back in high school, i remember after school band practice was over me and my friends would head back to the softball dugout when there were no practices and talk.
    One day, it got a little sexual and one kid just whipped it out and pissed. Another kid followed. So i did too. (Thinking back, its a little disgusting... we pissed in the grass so at least the players did not need to sit on it haha)
    And i remember getting turned on by just having it out. Maybe its the thrill of getting caught? I dunno. But so later, my friends got picked up first, and i ended up hanging out for like 45 minutes waiting for my parents to come pick me up. I went back out to the dugout, and just jerked off right there. Record time too. It jsut felt so.. good. Same thing happened a few weeks later when i jacked off in the locker room...

    I dunno, but just the thought of other people seeing it makes me horny.
    Anyone else?
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