Fool around with roommate

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    Did you ever mess around with a roommate? How did you get started? What all did you do?
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    I hooked up with my roommate sophomore year in college. Strictly speaking we actually met and had sex the previous year. We has sex the first time 29 years ago this month.

    He was going to a different school my freshman year. My sophomore year he decided to transfer to my school. The summer before sophomore year he called me and asked if we could room together. I immediately said yes, and spent the summer fantasizing about his huge cock and beautiful body.

    The first weekend we roomed together we started to fool around. It started with a little jacking off together and quickly progressed to oral and anal sex. Any night that one of us did not have a girl in the room we typically had sex with each other; and often times also when we did bring girls back to our room.

    We both met our wives that year living in the dorm. The first night I fucked the woman that I eventually married I shared her with my roommate. He did the same for me when he met his future wife. Twenty eight years later we are still having sex and sharing our wives with each other.
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