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    robert.t.hope: ----------------------------------------
    One evening my friend and I were going out. Steve decided that we where just going to go and try and pull so that was the aim of the whole night really.

    We got to this pub/nightclub and tried out luck with a few girls, not really getting anywhere but trying none the less.

    After a few hours everyone started to get a bit more drunk and lo it became easier. My mate Steve was not much of a looker but then neither was I. Although thats not fair on me really as I've seen worse. In the end I got luck with this girl and the girl she was with wasn't too opposed to Steve. They were both about 5"10', long legs and very pretty. Mine had large breasts, but nothing too outragious, Steve was left with the smaller of the two.

    After a few more drinks and some talking we decided to go back to the hotel. Things where really starting to happen and both girls seemed interested. Steve and I had rooms that a joined however were still seperate rooms really. Steve lead Amy (her name) into his room and took Dawn into mine.

    Dawn sat down on the bed and started to take off her clothes. She had the most amazing pair of breasts, they seemed to not move at all as she removed her bra. At this point I was gaging to hold her and my 6incher was beging to be let out. She staired at me for a while and then beconded me, she took out my meat and felt it, she seemed impressed. I started to kiss her all over and touch her firm breasts, these are the best I've ever seen I remember thinking. I then started to pump, she groaned with pleasure almost immediatly and started to move with me.

    It was at this point that there was a loud shout from the other room. We were both in full swing now, however the a joining door swung open and there was Amy, naked, stairing at us. I stopped and Dawn asked what was the matter. She said it was Steve, I asked what about him? She said, its amazing he's got 11inches at least!

    I couldn't believe this, I had never talked to Steve about Sex much so we didn't know much about each other, but 11inches! Amy came back into the room with Steve in tow and it was true! He was enourmous. Amy then placed his massive penis into her mouth and started playing with it, at this point Dawn was feeling really hot so she grabbed me and pushed me to the bed. She started to really hammer down on me to the point where it nearly hurt. She started going, harder and harder and was making more and more noise until I couldn't contain myself and shot my load, Dawn cam at the same time and fell back onto the bed in joy.

    Steve however was still going, Amy was now lying on her back with Steve above her pump so hard and fast it was like a blur. She was screaming in joy and pleading for him to go again and again. Then Amy made this loud loud noise as it was apparent Steve had brought her to a close. He then removed his penis and turned to Dawn. I was lying on the bed watching him and as he moved round I saw his massive member again. At this point I felt quite in adiquate for a moment. It was at this point he moved over to Dawn and started pumping her as well. She couldn't believe it and was loving every minute of it. After about 15 minutes Dawn cam, and then again and then again and the AGAIN! On the fourth time Steve also cam with and Dawn just lay back on the bed totally out of breath.

    Steve them moved off the bed and back with Amy. By this time I'd worked my way back up to full strength and moved over to Amy to show that I was just as good as my friend Steve. I started working on her with my 6incher and she seemed to be enjoying it, then Steve moved over and shoved his 11 inches into her mouth, she couldn't believe it and neither could I, he'd only just finished off Dawn! After about 10 minutes of my pumping I could feel it coming to a head, I shot everything I had! Amy was still talking it from Steve and once I'd finished he moved in, and took her to orgasim almost straight away!! Then she cam again and again!

    I couldn't believe it, not only had I had sex with two beautiful women in one night I'd also seem my friend take them both to multiple orgasams with his massive 11 inch penis! This was a night I did't think I'd ever forget.

    Found this one a site, thought it was good for this section.
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    Think of an massive eleven inch cock fucking for fifteen minutes continuously ,he makes the girl come , and come and come four times in succession .What would happened to the poor girl's cunt ?Becoming absolutely sore .It would not be so even if ten men like us fucked her one after the other.And finally the cunt would have been made hollow in which cocks like ours would simply get lost !The feling would have been same as being fucked by a horse or a donkey !
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